Fail thread is fail, It's not cute without the skirt

We know it's good you don't have to bribe us with 2b ass anymore.

You dont speak for me, I need some more bribing.

A2 is the real patrician's choice anyways

Not /m. She may be a robot, but nothing about this thread is related to her robotic characteristics.

I enjoyed the demo but I'm starting to hate this game because I can't go two feet without seeing it. Today, I saw a Colony Drop joke and someone on social media with a moe girl profile pic asked if it was a Nier reference. Fuck this gay earth. Is it even any different from other Plat games? Gameplay feels the same. I've already Played Transformers Devastation, Vanquish, & Metal Gear Rising. What is my motivation to buy this new Nier game? Aside from gross flat Asian ass? The last Nier game tried to do some really interesting things but..


Depends on if you're a fan of Taro.
Main reason shit is even popular was because first Nier became more notable over time, and Automata gameplay itself is better compared to Cavia. So it seems be more appealing to normalfags.
If you want more madness melodrama and good music with decent gameplay this time, then go for it.

Her ass is anything but flat.

Would you a machine AI loli?


as long as tokushit and other stuff that isn't giant robot anime is allowed on /m/, this is fair game.


No, Sari is pure

>socially awkward in an adorable way
>kind and considerate of others
>just wants a peaceful life
>dirty hobo
>chuuni as fuck
>dumb like a bag of bricks

I'll stick with Toobs thank you very much.

Isn't she the best?

Silly 2B. No point in brushing the camera away when you blew up your skirt by self destructing.

Well this isn't /m/
It's /mo/




Only if she uses her male voice and tells me YOROKOBE SHOUNEN at night.