Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 2nd Season

Episode 49 - ver. 11.0

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First for best boy

Everything ends like how it started

>You're a big Gundam
>4u 4u 4u 4u

Is the Monkey going to finally do something useful ?
Will Iok do anything useful ?
Will Rustal do anything other then smile ?

How much of the ep do you guys think will be the battle? I'll guess 18 minutes followed by a 10 year timeskip

So its just going to be Mika, Akihiro, Eugene, Dante, and whoever is in Ride's Shiden vs Julieta and a lot of Grazes. Sounds like its going to be a boring fight unless Julieta brings something that can challenge the Gundams.

Is Ein kill for good? If so will Gali and Mika both get turned into potatos in the final battle?
I hope Juli puts Gali in an Ein Jar to become Vidar2.0

Why do the normalfags, fujos, Evageeks and Macross World hate Mika so much?

Are you retarded? Gaelio will do nothing more. He doesn't have a fucking Gundam.

akihiro has a nice gundam but his scissors look like ass

rex lupus looks gangly, he should have done some quadraped shit by now with how long those arms and thick those legs are

vidar was the best mech this series, lots of weapons besides

flauros would have been either first or 2nd if we actually got to see it in action transforming outside of just the OP

is this even a preview

Why do the normalfags, fujos, Evageeks and Macross World hate Mika so much?

That's a lie, tho. Those cancerous fanbases love him

Yes. You should be capable to see some frames in that storyboard.

10-15 with cuts into Kudellia and Atra, then flashforwards after a cliffhanger, then epilouge from what happened then through said flashforward.

does anyone else think orga died to late in the game?

or better, if he died after the battle, which would have been much later but everything else was done


He died way too late

Everybody in Tekkadan should have died in s1, the story would have been way better off

>How much of the ep do you guys think will be the battle? I'll guess 18 minutes followed by a 10 year timeskip

Maybe they'll go for the Dougram ending, the episode where the professor dies and everybody just goes home. Pretty anticlimatic as endings go. But no, IBO will go for a shittier ending, after all Okada hasn't yet done enough damage.

Literally this.

Meat team vs McGillis should have been the second season.

In part it's like that, actually.

but mcgillis died like a bitch?
>muh bael
lol uninspired design lasts like 3 eps and loses to a chump, absolutely nothing impressive
the only way he could have possibly succeeded was to get mika to fight for him

I dont see how anyone tekkadan lives after this
the guys going to earth to get their shit changed probably can but no one else

>Died trying to solo the entire fleet

What would be a manly way to die then ?


Sudokuing yourself by taking down dozen of ennemy MS, wrecking the ace pilot robot and blowing up two of those big ships, probably destroying even more graze along the way is a pretty good sudoku.

>ride isn't the pilot
so who is?

There is nothing new in that of course.

>That's a lie, tho. Those cancerous fanbases love him
That's not true, tho. they prefer the characters with little or no Mecha action or non-action characters, focused on Drama, SoL, Music, Slice of life, Melodrama, idol's career, Shojo, fujo, yuri and other fucking shit.


>so who is?

the only real accomplishment was wrecking the ein suit in the grand scheme of things


I already made peace with the manlet dying, but I really don't want Eugene to die on me too.

I really like these executioner Grazes. By the way, can anyone confirm if they're derived from the Ground Types or not?

Takaki is busy enjoying life after getting off the wild ride.
BTW that screenshot is from episode 7 of season 2 I think.

This. Gaelio is more than likely out now for good. His sole reason for affiliating with Rustal was killing McGillis and now it's been fulfilled. He's done unless it's for Julietta's sake.

Maybe he'll rescue her again or something after combat like he did before, but i don't see anything happening with him other than some passive epilogue bullshit.

Pretty sure that they're just repaints of the standard graze with new weapons. They're even using the standard graze thrusters in the butt/ground configuration like we saw back in the first couple episodes of S1.

He'll cry once he knows the truth about Mc if he appears in the epilogue in the hangar

>executioner Grazes
No, it's a variation of the Standard Graze, model number EB06Q Graze Schild.

>Dino barbie
Its dumb, i like it.

>EB06Q Graze Schild
Ahh, I didn't know their official designation until now.

Eugene is in the unicorn graze, Black Mechanics might be in the Riden go

>your face when Julieta and her special squad are just the Reginlaze Julia and some Graze with special paintjobs
They'll tease it as some custom or command variant because they really love pushing Graze models, its been such a weakpoint of IBO. Lack of variety, its like 10 different Graze models, some one offs, Gundams, and the ugly shit Teiwaz used.

Riden Go requires AV and black mechanic doesn't have it.

> that was all the previews
what the shit, is the episode really going to be so balls to the walls insane they cant show a few more stills without spoiling stuff?

>Literal Fedora Gundam will never be seen on screen
What a waste.

>Fedora Gundam

It's a variant of the Hyakuren.


goddamn its all checks out

There is no reasons for him live (episode 22: That is the only reason I live) now that his beloved Senpai is dead and his desire for revenge (Look at me, senpai) fulfilled. I hope he kills himself, die or arrested by the end of all of this.

One of the little kids from S1

Either the one with the baseball cap or the one with the knit hat.

I unironically like this thing.

don't forget to go to the polls and exercise your voting rights


He was ruined in s2
I don't think he had a single line that wasn't about muh leader Orga


He was barely even a character in S1, so there wasn't a great deal to 'ruin'.

That kid with one arm that Akihiro was talking to? Have to make Akihiro suffer more, last chance they got to go on about MUH HUMAN DEBRIS

Remember when he was presented like this?:

>Unhappy at having his position usurped by Orga, he begins to nurture a grudge.

>h-he-he said so himself so that means it's true!
Because Gaelio always said the truth and nothing but the truth to Rustal right?
>I found Julietta who was drifting in deep space alone somewhere in a nanomirror chaff ridden battlefield by coincidence while getting back to the ship
>I couldn't prevent him from taking the Bael
Not to mention the OOC stuff like pic related, whenever he's with Rustal he's basically always behaving like a faithful dog.


>in the hangar
You, I like you.
Gaelio always looks best when he's standing in a hangar.

In the end he's actually not that different that he was before. He just broods more. When we first see him, he's a naive whining brat. And he's STILL a naive, whining brat. He just whines about different things now.

>episode 25

>Mika not dead
A piece of shit to the very end.

>I belong where Orga is
>I'll apologize in the next life when we're reborn
Mika and Guts have been dead men walking for like 7 episodes.

God the character design is so fucking bad. Looks like Gundam:Slayers

Guts staying alive is more suffering for him than dying.




>naive, whining brat
You again? It's really just a few of us here, isn't it.
If you have so many problems with someone expressing his anguish through a bit of eye liquid, I'd suggest a trip to the psychologist or buying a book titled "how to manage my emotions". You probably need it.

>so who is?

I finally watched the last three episodes. Iok died stupidly, just like he lived; and did Julieta got AV'd while the doctors repaired her body and is going to pilot Bael now? Because that engineer woman was awfully happy.

>Iok died stupidly
No body, no confirmation.
Maybe engineer is happy with whatever happened to MS Julia or the special forces. Julietta seemed the same and we had that scene with Gali in ep 46 man.

If Julieta got AV'd it was McGillis-style and not Ein because she looks exactly the same when she's talking to Rustal in this episode.

Iok's not dead.

I need a kit of this.

>Julietta seemed the same and we had that scene with Gali in ep 46 man.
She could still have an AV port under the uniform, just like Makky did.


At least she has 1 good doujin

Is this a preview image ?

McGillis wore a high, loose colar, Julieta's is shorter and tighter so it would have been a bit more obvious if she had the surgery.

McGillis's AV is on the lower part of the spine. We see it when he gets in Bael.


I had forgot about that, though I still doubt she had the surgery. Would she have had the time to get it?

yes, previews are
only 4 this week

>only one good doujin
It's not fair.

Here you go

please tell me that says tips fedorah in japanese

Not fair is that the best girl doesn't have one, and another that's a Julieta and Luka crossover

Not even close, literally just a random string of katakana.

If you really stop and think about it, IBO has a Faustian thing going for it. Sure, there's Mika giving up parts of his body to power up Barbatos, but there's more than that.

Despite initially being afraid of Mika, Orga believed as long as he had the murderhobo at his side he could do anything, so they entered into an agreement. In exchange for following Orga, Orga would lead Mika to the place where they belong. This is Orga selling his soul to Mika, and afterwards Orga feels he has to live up to Mika's expectations of him, so they have to do crazy shit in order to move forward. When Orga is breaking down after Biscuit's death, Mika is there to remind him of their deal and push him into being the leader Mika expected him to be. Orga had to take on a badass persona, and his speeches ended up poisoning the minds of those he was leading so they all had the same expectations in him that Mika did. Orga wanted to lead his men to a happy ending, but they were all so poisoned he ended up making decisions that ended up destroying Tekkadan.

McGillis also sold his soul to Mika. Mika and Tekkadan's strength inspired him to begin his plans and throw his lot in with them. He even went so far as to sacrifice his friends to do so.

In the end they're all drinking that kool-aid of power Mikazuki is handing out, leading to their own destruction. And remember, Mikazuki's nickname is the Devil of Tekkadan.

i like this pottery

I like that interpretation. Though I'd say Choco was denied the pact. Mika is, ironically enough, monogamous for this stuff.
Isn't a faustian deal supposed to be asymetrical though? Both Orga and Mika sacrificed a lot for one another. Though Mika was always the one the devil imagery was pushed on.

Wow, I never thought of that, IBO is so deep

Cannot wait for Iron Blooded Ovaries to finally be over.

I am expecting a reversal of what happened in S1 finale.

So far we've got Gaelio killing McGliss.

I think Mika will die to Julietta.

Guts will die to 12 Grazes engulfing him, cutting his limbs off and impaling him with multiple spears.

>I think Mika will die to Julietta
How awesome would it be if Julietta killed Mika in a Flauros/Graze equipped with AV type GM?

I was hoping for Julietta avenging Galan Mossa by killing Guts, but that may not happen.


She sees revenge as something essentially bad and negative. She told Gaelio as much. It makes sense that she wouldn't suscribe to it.

i don't want him to go out and fight he needs to be protected at all costs.