How is your career forcing you to adjust to the mechanical revolution?

How is your career forcing you to adjust to the mechanical revolution?

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let them because machines are immune to political agendas


To be fair Id prefer a cute robot over someone Im not entirely sure even spoke my language and is just humoring whatever I say till their next smoke break

Software developer
Pajeets are a bigger problem desu. They work for pennies and they're terrible, angry people but since the managers are fucking kings on high and never come down they don't give a shit. Not long before most of us mid-level guys are replaced or companies just move their entire divisions out of country with just senior guys and architects in the states

I work in entertainment, so I'm not too worried

I mean sure, people can be entertained by robots, but people can be entertained by the most inane shit imaginable too. If you hustle and grab the audience by the goolies, you can get by (and the rich people who own the robots will want entertainment, too)

I draw cartoon pictures for a living. Machines replicating this sort of stuff makes no real difference considering it's a relatively common ability whose industry can already be broken into by teenagers.

Government employee on the left coast.

The transexual revolution out here has made paperwork a fucking nightmare dealing with pronouns and assumed gender shit

Its not.

I work for my state as a loan underwriter. Unless they have a machine that can comprehensively read through project binders the size of phonebooks, visit sites, contact and coordinate construction staff, lawyers, equit providers and developers, and trust enough to sign off on loans for millions of dollars of state money I think I'm safe.

machines lack the passion i have for finely cracked wheels of Parmesan. people see a machine doing this kind of work and flip the fuck out.
thank god for stubborn traditions.

>Not pictured: The robot bear having a minor processing error and breaking the girl in half
Yeah, I wouldn't trust these things. Fuck AI powered things

>Notoriously resistant
That author is such a snake. At least with today's robots you don't have to worry about terror attacks.

Nothing, really. If anything it just makes my job opportunities larger.

I mean, I'd prefer a robot bear to a local nurse. Loot at that thing, it's adorable.

East coast gpvernment worker here. Gender stuff in paperwork isn't as bad as uou have it, but we have to be super careful how we refer to various minority groups when doing demographic related things. Especially after the Baltimore riots.

>in training to be a maintenance/assembly tech for anything automation related
My job fucking relies on it. Also I will have the knowledge to start work on an exoskeleton prototype in my spare time.

Why are americans so fucking afraid of machines?

Did you faggots really take fucking Terminator as truth? Jesus Christ

This is about automation you idiot.

Family law lawyer. I know a lot of lawyers who do doc review are worried, but shit, more than half the work I do is dealing with my crazy clients and negotiating deals between spouses. That's a hell of a lot harder to automate.

>Why are americans so fucking afraid of machines?
You mean afraid like actually scared

Because I don't think that's what this is about

No. Some are afraid that there will be too many people and not enough jobs to go around or taxpayers to keep things running. Toss in the illegal immigration, job outsourcing, and welfare issues and you have one nasty catastrophe waiting to happen if things aren't handled right.

Automation is coming and no one can stop it. The job market will bottom out and so will the economy if universal basic income isn't implemented.

I work for the government, I'm already a drone

I'm a programmer. I'm responsible for all of you losing your jobs.

You act like they're not programmable or something.

>implying all immigrants are terrorists
Go back to /pol/

Americans aren't afraid of machines. Judging by the responses in this thread Americans are about as afraid of robots as they are of brown people and immigrants. They're more scared of losing MUH MINIMUM WAGE JOB than any kind of revolt.

>basic income
but then how are old and disabled people gonna contribute to society? also blacks & white people are lazy fucks who would sit around doing nothing while collecting handouts.

>but then how are old and disabled people gonna contribute to society?

>also blacks & white people are lazy fucks who would sit around doing nothing while collecting handouts.
Populations are going to be increasingly jobless as automation advances.

You realize everything about my post was a joke, right?

I don't think even the most hardcore right wing trump-humpers want old or disabled people to pay taxes

I'm gonna become an Adrienne Barbeau-bot!

I'm not quite sure...I'm thinking of either becoming a college professor, a freelance researcher, or working in my local government, and according to none of those are too likely to be automated. But who knows.

>tfw computer science major
>tfw I'm gonna do my part putting taco bell niggers in the poor house

Feels good man

I'm in corporate paralegal and soon-to-be lawyer, so nah, legal works require some delicate touch for it to be actually effective, contrary to popular believes. Unless the robots now can actually go sapience and think out-of-the-box as human did, or we go on the I AM THE LAW road where there's 65% of application falacies happens.

Social science was not something that robots excel in......

>getting outsourced by an H-1B

>Large amount of /m/ are government wage slaves.

Never would have figured.

I don't

This is as old as John Henry, possibly older. It's about the very real possibility that machines will come along and basically replace people in many jobs or drastically reduce the number needed.

It's sad, but at the same time things should already be in place to start preparing for these eventualities instead of coddling people and telling them that the jobs their grandparents and parents had will be there for them and their children.

I'm a respiratory therapist so im pretty secure. for those who dont know what that is, I'm the guy who treats patients with pulmonary and cardiac diseases and the one nurses and doctors call to put and maintain a patient on life support among other things.

I think you're forgetting that millions of jobs are going to be lost, and there probably will not be any replacement jobs for them. People are worried because corporations only care about short term profits, and they might end up having nothing.

We could either have a world where most people have an easy job that pays enough for them to get by and plenty of time for interests and hobbies.

Or a world where half of people work themselves to death for money they haven't time to enjoy and the other half starve on nothing.

We seem to be trending towards the latter. Dunno about the UBI meme but banning unpaid overtime and encouraging 30 hour weeks would be a good start.

In software engineering we are currently looking into ways to get software to literally write itself

I did say jobs would be lost though? Them not being directly replaceable, either at the moment or in thee future, isn't an excuse to not even begin drawing up the merest hint of a contingency plan. Of course I could be wrong, maybe there is a contingency plan and it's to hide out in a fortified bunker while the poors outside start rioting and looting in a wave of anger and fight with the local authorities.

It's probably going to be even harder to get people to think about this and give a damn if automation makes the things they need or want to buy cheaper overall until they're in danger of losing their job and not being able to afford such things.

When millions of working class people are put out of a job, the economy is going to stagnate unless basic income is implemented. Rich people do not spend the majority of their money, which means it is essentially siphoned out of the economy and causes rampant financial destruction. Money must be spent and products must be bought in order to have a healthy economy.

What part of that statement mentioned immigrants? You can give a point without making up a strawman to attack, user.

who WOULDN'T want a robo bear?

I'm assuming he's referring to this, "At least with today's robots you don't have to worry about terror attacks."

Basic income will never be the answer because the act of working is just as important as the reward pay from it. A man without work is without direction and agitated with way too much time on their bands; they become a perfect recipe for violence and crime.

I agree with your statement.

I am being forced to deal with automation by working longer hours to ship robotic machinery out quicker to meet the demand.

It's like we're all fucked. I'm not getting paid overtime and the company won't hire (due to lack of skillset of those that apply and lack of a management desire to actually go out and recruit those that do).

And while I see that the robots don't necessarily displace existing jobs (more of a weak multiplier of 0.95 x jobs after the robot is running for a while)...

What I do see happening is that since the robot can be way more productive, especially on shitty hot days, that the robot owners will end up hiring less new people to meet the increased demand in the future...

Now here's the kicker. Since the equipment on the robot can be so god damn complicated and proprietary, when it breaks down you'd think the robot seller would have it made? Fuck no.

These bitches are warrantied for 1-2 years after install, so there's lots of "working for free" to cause even more economic damage (broken window fallacy).

>also blacks & white people are lazy fucks who would sit around doing nothing while collecting handouts
Literally who cares when we have enough wealth and resources to provide for the entire planet at a good level of luxury

oh no some fucking bums in dirtghanistan or podunk, mississippi no longer have to eat ramen every day of their lives, i feel so fucking cheated

Nice character conjecture, but I was talking about economic fact.

That's why all these rich punks who never have to work a day in their lives go around stabbing people in back alleys just to watch 'em bleed

>he thinks some bargain basement comp-sci degree is going to land him a robot coding or engineering job
You are the English Lit or Communications of the STEM world.

Reminder: BEAR can lift a car and is designed to "help you" and "rescue people"

your degree is a joke. enjoy being on welfare user.

>retail, service and production positions given to automation put hundreds of millions out of jobs
>over-saturation higher education degrees drive wages and job placement to record lows
>masses of poor and out of work young people who avoid getting married and having children
>unending waves of immigration putting stress on social benefits
Shit is going to get really bad in the next half century. Wish I'd be around to see it.

>Start out installing solar during college
>Then manage installers
>Then selling it
>Work for company that provides financing for solar projects, speaking to these highschool dropout contractors in their own language.

I just want to keep this rock habitable long enough to emigrate to space goddamnit.

Now that sounds like a depressing career. Dealing with He Said / She said shit. You drink?

You know how they say John Henry was buried under the white house church? (No not THAT white house, to the Foreigners) well, my direct ancestor built the place when he got off the boat. Was the 1st pastor.

>production and sales have skyrocketed in the last few decades
>but prices are rising and wages are dropping
>corporations have been getting more and more tax breaks and aren't reinvesting profits because it's largely untaxed
>multinational corporations are exploiting countries around the world and crashing economies
>the richest 1 percent own more than the other 99 percent put together
Tell me why people aren't rioting in the street about this? How cyberpunk are things going to have to get until people riot? Our forefathers literally killed people like this.

bread and circuses. Drugs and meds to keep people content.
And soon Judge Dredd type policing. It's going to be literally like Deus Ex

Eh, its just hot rumors started by psych scientist that only know 1 or 2 about said professions in certain country without counting much of what we dealth with.

We trying some automated process in the field before, in the end, flesh and blood legals still must go down into the fray. Also, letting the bot dealing with client directly will cause some psychological incident, soooo....... not effective.

Well, at least they're good at answering CS call......

They are upgrading them selves at an alarming rate.

>That face

>public library
I think I'll be okay for decades to come, putting books away is a precise thing to do.

Woah, woah, woah, slow your roll, middle class. There's no point being upset with me, Mr. Moneybags. I pay your salary, remember? I'm a job creator. You want to know why you don't have any money? It's the POORS. It's the BLACKS. It's the MEXICANS. They're the ones taking all your shit. Gosh, I really wish I could spend some more money on you instead of buying my fifteenth yacht, but so much of my taxes go to propping up the lower class which you TOTALLY aren't part of... If only we had a government full of people who also recognized this and would cut the social safety programs that you TOTALLY don't rely on and and are draining your money dry while slashing taxes for myself so I can once again create the jobs I'm just DYING to make, but totally can't, because I only had two billion in profits last year. Trust me, I went to business school, so believe me when I tell you that the #1 creator of jobs in this country is surplus revenue, not demand. Did I mention the blacks and the poors are raping your women?

>he thinks we'll have books by the end of the decade
no one's going to replace you with a robot, but they might use robots to shovel all your books into a giant bonfire

>Robot Pedobear
Oh my god it all makes sense