Could someone please explain Chinese history to me?

Could someone please explain Chinese history to me?

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>United dynasty
>Multiple chuck emperors
>divides into multiple warring states
>United by powerful opportunists
Rinse and repeat until 1240 or so, then
>barbarians invade
> set up themselves as emperors
>emperors start becoming cuckish and immersed in culture
>Chinese nut up and rebel
>set up new order
Happened twice, second time republic founded under Sun Yat-sen

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What was once divided, must unite. What was once united, must divide


You should stop using that word so often m8

>Rinse and repeat until 1240
The transition between Sui-T'ang was pretty smooth actually. No multifactional parties in between. Cunts just literally hated Sui and rallied behind the Li family of generals.

Also there were only three "warring states" period in Chink Imperial History.
>3 Kingdoms
>Northern and Southern Dynasties
>5 Dynasties and 10 Kingdoms.
Arguably the Song/Jin contention could be one.

Thanks bro.

Anyone wish to elaborate about history before the Mongols and after the Zhou

>Anyone wish to elaborate about 2300 years of history.
Are you too lazy to read a book?

>"And then it got worse..."

Eternal Ming/Qing


>be a small tribe in the multicultural tapestry that is east asia 2000bc
>qin shi huang unites small chinese states thru conquest, makes his own style of writing and burns everything else
>conquer every neighbouring sinotibetan tribe, cuck them so hard they believe they are chinese too
>conquer wu
>conquer thais
>conquer viets
>conquer koreans
>conquer naxi
>conquer bai
>conquer min
>conquer zhuang
>conquer yue
>conquer tocharians
>build wall
>conquer prototurks and protomongols to the immediate north, setting off a domino effect of westwards fleeing and invading that culminates in the hun invason if europe
>keep cucking conquered people into believing they too are chinese because they use the same writing
>occasionally get invaded by steppe nomads, eventually absorb them into the empire through sheer power of numbers
>claim every bit of land that isnt nailed down, make as many maps as possible showing every known reef or seastack has a chinese fisherman living on it
>build entire floating cities, travel to asean, india and africa trading with rulers you like, and crushing anyone you don't
>conquered entire known portion of the world, dont bother with the barbarians beyond the himalayas or the seas coz those subhumans dont have anything worth owning
>just focus on cucking conquered peoples into believing their chinese for a few centuries, also move everyone inland coz nip pirates
>conquer dutch in taiwan
>crucify some portuguese in malaysia (kek)
>conquer mongolia
>conquer Kazakhs
>some fucking redhaired barbarians suddenly turn up and demand to be traded with and that the emporer deal with them as equals
>fucking uncooked subhumans somehow beat our glorious armies through dealing drugs and stealing our gunpowder tech and even let the nips do this shit too
>conquer tibet
>conquer manchuria
>conquer east turkestan

>conquer tibet
>conquer manchuria
>conquer east turkestan

>East Turkestan.
Even greater what?

Found the 0.05 yuan brigade

M8. Manchuria conquered China. Not the other fucking way around. Tibet was pretty much absorbed following the Gurkha Wars, and there is no such thing as East Turkestan. The Uyghurs were under a Mongol tribe called the Dzungars whom the Qing BTFO and took the land for their own.

I don't know what history are you spouting at.

Chinese history is a massive subject that would realistically take years to study and describe in depth.

>Could someone please explain Chinese history to me?
It's something as long as history itself.

>Conquers Manchuria.



Ill break it down for you.

By this point, the Qing were a tiny minority at the head of an empire which they called the middle kingdom. They could not even speak manchu after a while, only chinese. The Qing ceased to be a manchu polity, and was just another chinese dynasty.

Even while china was being invaded by europe in the east, the empire was making huge gains in the west against tibet, asian muslims, mongols and turks. They crushed any opposition, for example, the dzhunggars you mention were practically genocided becuase they rebelled.

"Xinjiang" literrally means new province. The qing gave it this name in the late 19th century. Thus name doesnt describe the land or the inhabitants at all, merely its status as property of the chinese empire. East turkestan is at least vaguely descriptive of the inhabitants (who are actually at least half caucasian by genetics)

Around this time, the chinese started massive migration into manchuria,which the manchus had previously been kept to themselves. This was basically an internal colonization of manchuria by millions of ethnic chinese,and today the northeast regions "dongbei" are home to several hundred million chinese,and maybe 10 million Manchus. The nios invaded manhuria in the 30s and created a puppet state. Near the end of ww2, russia actually invaded Manchuria, and kicked out the nips. For some reason I will never understand, at the end of the war the russians didnt give it to the manchurians, but to the communists to use as a base (they kept mongolia as a buffer state)

Anyway, as soon as ww2 was over and the nationalists beaten, Mao went and settled the grudge with tibet and the Uygurs, who had the audacity to declare independence. also tried to take back korea and vietnam, but we know how that ended. massive colonisation by the Han followed.

Fun fact: china still claims parts of russia, mongolia, india, and of course the entire southern sea. Just think of chinese as the borg on roids.

Infinite city spam

Of course you dont know history. You are clearly a chinese government shill, you only know what they want you to know. Your while life you have been taught to be a cog in the monolithic, overwhelming machine that is the PRC.

On the other hand, I have spent years studying chinese linguistics, history and culture, from many sides of the story, and with access to sources on chinese and surrounding country's history you couldnt even begin to understand.

Btw, what will you do with the 15 mao you have earned for your posts so far? Mai ikou gourou? Haishi ni ai chi zhu chong?

>conquer thais
>conquer koreans
>conquer naxi
>conquer bai
wew lad

Chinese history can be assumed up thus: Consecutive periods of peace and prosperity separated by chaotic warlord infighting and mass slaughter/starvation.

To put it into the perspective of Western history: Imagine if the Roman Empire never faced the outside pressures that caused it to fall, and instead it just kept collapsing in on itself and being reborn under new dynasties as it was reunited over and over. For thousands of years. Even until today, just under a different name like "The People's Republic of Rome".

That's what China is in the far East - basically an Asian Rome. A massive empire that is remarkably peaceful and powerful at its heights, but descends into the utmost chaos and devastation at its low points. An empire that expanded by the sword but integrated conquered peoples by converting their culture to that of the founders' and instituting an advanced bureaucracy - precariously balanced web of officials that keeps things in order, yet topples hard when it does fail.

All in all China is one of the most powerful nations in history, and I believe that they will return to that status at some point in the future.

You are the ultimate spinmaster. I think you study history for all the wrong reasons. I think you're too obsessed with muh Chinese pride muh Chinese powah, and you minimize, trivialize and even manipulate and alter the aspects of Chinese history that are traditionally viewed as humiliating. You need to learn to accept both the good and the bad, and don't use history to pad your own ego. As a Chinese, I find you embarrassing. I hope people don't get the wrong idea from your posts and conclude that Chinese are delusional and nationalistic idiots like you.

I'm afraid we already do

I'm not even a chink,dude

>Be Chinese
>Be delicious

We are Siamese if you please.

We are Siamese if you do not please.

>Imagine if the Roman Empire never faced the outside pressures that caused it to fall, and instead it just kept collapsing in on itself and being reborn under new dynasties as it was reunited over and over.

This happened several times in Roman history, too. The Crisis of the Third Century, for example, sort of parallels the Three Kingdoms era in China (and even happened at the same time, hilariously).

Rome and China had way too many coincidences, they're like a couple who never fucking met.

>200's BC
-Roman Republic rises in ascendancy
-China as an empire founded
>Late 200's BC and 100's AD
-Rome defeats worst enemy: Carthage
-Han China defeats worst enemy: Xiongnu Empire
>0-100's AD
-Roman Imperial Golden Ages
-Han Golden Age in China
>200' AD
-Crisis of the Third Century in Rome. Rome divided into shitty Imperial factions fighting each other
-Three Kingdoms Period in China
>300's AD
-Rome manages to regain stability under Christianity, good Emperors, tetrarchy.
-China manages to regain stability under Sima Jin Dynasty.
>400's-500's AD
-The Shittening, Western Roman Empire falls. Romaness moves to the Eastern Empire..
-The Shittening, The Sima Jin dynasty falls to infighting and then invading Turkics conquer North. Chineseness retreats to Southern China.
-The Byzantine Empire's golden ages.
-Reunification under Sui. China's golden ages under the T'ang Dynasty.
>900's AD.
-Turkic Invasions lead to huge territorial losses for Byzantines. Internal problems at home and in the Balkans.
-Fall of T'ang in China, generals fall into infighting as a century sees 5 dynasties and 10 Kingdoms in quick succession
-The Byzantine Renaissance. Much stability and sciences
-The Song Renaissance Period of Chinese history. Also much stability and sciences
>Mid 1200's
-Byzantine in Crisis from Invading Crusaders, Muslims.
-China in Crisis from Invading Jurchens & Mongols.

Chinese history summed up:
>a lot of people died

The coincidences extend even to the realm of culture. The early Chinese were obsessed with cleromancy and Oracle bone divination. The Romans were really into haruspicy and augury. The Chinese had ancestor worship. The Romans had their Lares and Penates. Really, the only thing that made Rome drastically different from China was Greek influence.

Captured Roman soldiers fought against the Chinese in central Asia at one point.

Chinese history in a nutshell:


Never apologize for not using the word "cuck."

Never trust eunuchs

You should read Han speculation about the Da'Qin, it's fucking hilarious

where is that image from? surely thats not the text?

>>crucify some portuguese in malaysia (kek)

please expand. really enjoyed your write-up, although it's a lil too memey for my tastes.

lmao, good one

you're a cool dude. how do you like your tea?

Cao Cao was right about everything.



Jing was Wu's clay


This guy here. Greatest Chinaman of all time.
>"Hero Of Chaos"
>Killing rebel scum
>Laying the groundwork for a unified china
>Could have been emperor if he wanted to

It is, this guy is batshit insane and thinks the Jews are afraid of Japanese samurai.

>Russian history

Do not make up lies. By samurai, he was referring to those who are willing to fearlessly fight back against the globalists. He was not referring to actual samurai. He specifically states that "samurai" is a state of mind and is not restricted by nationality.

His story is a tragic one.

>On the other hand, some people see how my power has grown, and realise that I have no natural trust in the favour of Heaven. They are afraid I am concerned only for myself, and that I have ambitions for the throne. In this they misjudge me, but it is a matter of deep concern.

>In former times Yue Yi fled to Zhao. The king of Zhao wanted to make plans with him against [his home state of] Yan, but Yue Yi knelt in tears before him and replied, "I served King Zhao [of Yan], just as I now serve your majesty. If I should offend you and flee to end my days in another country, I could not bear to plan against any subject of [your state of] Zhao; how much more is this true of the heir of my former ruler!" When Huhai [Second Emperor of Qin] sent order of death to Meng Tian, Meng Tian replied, "From my grandfather through his son to his grandson, three generations of my family have shown fidelity to Qin. Now I command three hundred thousand men, sufficient to raise a rebellion. Despite tis, I recognize that I must die if I am to maintain my honour, for I dare not abandon the teachings of my ancestors, nor can I forget his late majesty [the First Emperor. Whenever I read of these two men, I cannot restrain my tears of sympathy.

>To maintain the authority and majesty of the state, to carry a battle-axe and command in war, to support the weak and control the strong, to protect the small and restrain the great; these are my hopes. If my heart holds firm to the principles of action which does not oppose the nature of affairs, then why should I not be successful? And if I can indeed pacify and settle the empire, without damage to the Mandate of the true ruler, then let it not be said that success has come through the power of man, but that Heaven itself has aided the House of Han.

He devoted his life to the cause of saving Han, only to be afterward remembered and condemned as the man who destroyed Han.

...Did somebody say "Chinese Democracy?"

I feel sad now.

Why is China so much better than India?

That's debatable.

>Jindandao incident

>The Jindandao incident refers to a rebellion by a Chinese secret society called Jindandao (金丹道), who rose in revolt in Inner Mongolia in November 1891 and massacred 150,000 Mongols before being suppressed by government troops in late December.

Imagine if the government didn't stop them. No more Khan'd jokes, ever.

When the portugu3se first reach3d the spice islands, they bullied some cirty state in the straights into guving them clay and trading rights. Unbeknkwnst to them, this was a chinese tributary. The portuguese were kinda dicks to the local population, the chinese caught wind of this and turned up with a few ships and destroyed the redhaired barbarians.

They then capured them, took them back to china and tortured them for months, until finally crucifying them as a warning for other europeans.

Most people think of the Sino-Tibetan "China" when they think of China.

China as a landmass has Turks, Mongols, and all manner of different peoples, even more historically, like your Indo-European Tocharian you have in your picture.

I thought OP's pic was a Uyghur?

Nah Kindred

Pretty much.

Strong dynasty.
Emperors become weak ass hedonists that spend too much time indulging themselves and letting others govern.
China in Crisis.
Some great dynasty appears.
Strong dynasty

All these fallacies in one post

>objective statistics show it to be not debatable

What about Spring and Autumn? That's kind of warring.

China constantly conquer other countries while whining about how they are being "colonized" by Westerncountries

Isn't that legitimate?
Westerners are the ones who play the equality/tolerance game, not the East. If you're being colonized by the west, make the west capitulate under their own terms.

Your post is almost copypasta level cringe

mai yikou gourou*

I was referring to the periods of Disunity during the Chinese Empire.

In the warring states period there was no such thing as "China." The Shang Dynasty was a Theocratic Monarchy, the Zhou Dynasty was pretty much similar to the
In structure: a state composed of semi-independent feudal Kingdoms and Principalities.

While the Warring States was the disappearance of that central authority and the states going their own ways. Had the Chinese Empire not been founded, Ancient China wouldve resembled Medieval Europe.

Shang Dynasty was a spooky place in far antiquity that loved doing human sacrifices.

Ritual Cannibalism as well, if the TOTALLY NOT BIASED :DDDD Zhou historians were to be believed.

But it seemed plausible. Shang Kings supposedly ate a cooked portion of a dead enemy rival chief/king's flesh in banquets following victories.

They also loved putting faces on fucking everything.

They poo in loos.

>Had the Chinese Empire not been founded, Ancient China wouldve resembled Medieval Europe.
No, purely because of China's terrain, a large united empire would have always been inevitable.

You sure about that? Looking at a geographic map, there are plenty of terrain barriers that could have led to disunity.

The Warring states guys were concentrated in the Northern Chinese Plain.

Southern China was still pretty much Barbarian Land.


if the shang were that fucking bizarre, i can't even imagine what the xia were doing

The Shang also had Fu Hao, the woman warrior who commanded 13000 men and fought in numerous campaigns while controlling her own fief. Her tomb contained her bronze axes, along with a vast hoard of exquisite bronze vessels.

I can only imagine the strange slaughters she made with her axe, while practicing the creepy Shang rituals and magic.

Needham's Science and Civilization in China is a monumental academic work which contains tons of stuff the Chinese invented.

I just love what they had to say about Rome.

>The Kingdom of Da Qin (the Roman Empire) is also called Lijian. As it is found to the west of the sea, it is also called the Kingdom of Haixi ("West of the Sea"). The territory extends for several thousands of li. It has more than four hundred walled towns. There are several tens of smaller dependent kingdoms. The walls of the towns are made of stone. They have established postal relays at intervals, which are all plastered and whitewashed. There are pines and cypresses, as well as trees and plants of all kinds.
Their kings are not permanent. They select and appoint the most worthy man. If there are unexpected calamities in the kingdom, such as frequent extraordinary winds or rains, he is unceremoniously rejected and replaced. The one who has been dismissed quietly accepts his demotion, and is not angry. The people of this country are all tall and honest. They resemble the people of the Middle Kingdom and that is why this kingdom is called Da Qin. This country produces plenty of gold [and] silver, [and of] rare and precious they have luminous jade, 'bright moon pearls,' Haiji rhinoceroses, coral, yellow amber, opaque glass, whitish chalcedony, red cinnabar, green gemstones, gold-thread embroideries, woven gold-threaded net, delicate polychrome silks painted with gold, and asbestos cloth.

Are there any Roman documents about China of this degree?

There was a T'ang Encyclopedia entry on the Daqin.

By that time also called Fulin. Referring to the Byzantines

>i can't even imagine what the xia were doing
Obeying Dragons in Human form.

In the pre Shang era, Fu Hsi was busy interpreting the Luo Shu patterns, which mysteriously appeared on a river turtle's back, to create the prognostic wonder of I-Ching.

A strange and magic era indeed.

Fu Xi

That sounds terrible, but so obvious that I'm fucking retarded for not thinking it before.
Has there been any great civilization that didn't have really bad living standards for ~90 percent of the population?

Define "really bad living standards".

Full stomach most of the time for most of the family

Never mind that's good

it's all a farce


Mfw would you rather be a dirty village indian pooing on the ground or a dirty village chinese communist forced to eat dogs

Fug that game was great

>tfw not accounting for the T'ang or Sung Dynasty's relatively peaceful reigns

Literally the multi-century dynastic equivalents of the Clinton administration

>china's gdp gets halved in just 50 years
o-opium wars?

Shang was more a confederacy where they would co opt local clans.

The Zhou directly enfeoffed their cadet branches(Jin,Yan etc.)/consort clan(Qi) as vassals.

Shang warred against various Fang polities(equivalent to usage of Guo as a polity) to the north(Gui),west(Qiang) and the east (Ren/Yi).

The Shang era Qiang was known by the Zhou as the Rong whom they eventually Sinicized(some even used the surnames Ji and Jiang).




Are you sure the picture on the left isn't from a DARE poster?


Nixon's pivot to China: the birthing of superpower China
Carter's pivot to Afganistan: the birthing of Taliban
who created the chinese miracle? can we blame to chinese for taking free handouts from western governments? corporations transfer private western wealth to asia. millions of asians use newly acquired western wealth (transferred from public funds by US govt) to acquire and monopolize global resources including houses, land, corporations etc.

was this 100 year old and forgotten manuscript studied by Chinese leadership and used as a manual and guide to transform China into today's superpower?

You forgot the part where tens of millions die during the rebellion.

>Chinese dominate everything for all time
>Then the Qing becomes unstable in the late 18th century
>Pirate state crops up in Guangdong in 1804
>Qing can't put an end to it so they leave it alone
>Pirate state goes rogue and starts sacking European ships, even taking the Portuguese Governor of Timor's vessel for ransom
>Tin and Opium trades halted by 1810
>Euros tell Qing to fix their shit or else
>Qing can't fix their shit
>Pirates end up willingly stepping down in exchange for government positions and amnesty
>Euros decide that Qing are weak
>Cue 150 years of Euro domination and continuous civilian revolt in China
>Then the commies show up and Euros get tossed out and civilians toe the line or die
>In the 1980's China becomes less commie into the modern day
That about sums it up.