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Post your "if bitcoin drops below this number I will unironically commit suicide" threshold.

$6800 here. No joke, got my .45 sitting on my desk ready to do it. I've been reading guides on where exactly to shoot to guarantee a clean death, I don't wanna end up as some crippled retard on suicide watch if I miss.

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Just wait for the next bullrun, bro.

There's still much left to live for, user.

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Wait 2-3 years for the next bullrun and accumulate. Learn from your mistake and sell at the top and come out a winner.

Below 4000 and dark wojak biz begins

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Hey OP i know this sounds hard, but you should probably just hold.
Once people realize the use of bitcoin the value will most definately Moon, you can see this by amazon adopting BTC as a method of payment, just think when other companies start doing the same, please hold, ending it won't solve anything. think about your loved ones?

This fud is in very bad taste Rasheed, you are encouraging suicide.

>just b u're self dudebro

Stop being an autistic faggot who stares at your monitor all day. Get a life outside of your basement and stop gambling more money then you can afford. More importantly, stop coming to Veeky Forums to cry about how sad your life is.

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because I bought in at $10k. I was told it had nowhere but up to go. There was massive FOMO telling us it'd be 20k, then 30k, then 100k. I went all in, hard. I took out loans, sold my car (got fired, unemployed atm, didn't need it anymore), threw my life savings in.

At this point I'm confident that 1k is the new floor. I'm sick and tired of it. Nothing in my life has gone right. This was my last chance at redemption. If this downtrend continues I'm not gonna sit here and watch myself pathetically bleed out over the next couple of years, I'm gonna stick a bullet in my brain and move onto the next life.

also just saying, as soon as we fall below $7k out comes the maker's mark. I imagine I'll be shitfaced by the time I pull that trigger.

I'm not going to kill myself if the price of a 0.0000060606 percent share of a secure distributed software ledger drops below a certain amount of magic paper used to pay taxes in the United States


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>tfw unironically have none of those

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if you decide to do it, make sure to livestream it user

Nah man. You got played. Just have strong hands and get a new job. This isn’t good for your mental health to keep focus on it. Selling is only going to make a pajeets richer. Think about it mang. Put a limit sell at what you started at and call it good. Or wait for a rally and sell at 8.5k and call it a loss and move on

Nuuu btc nuuuu
If BTC drop under 6666 I put bag over head and throw away key >: (

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you know it's gonna go up to 20k again, just have to wait. look at the BTC price from from 2017-09-01 and then 14 days after it lost 33% value. FF to 2017-11-09 It's doubled.

You just have to hold to in order to let it adjust, believe me?
look at all the other times it's pumped and dumped, history repeats?

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Do what you want, but you can't drive lambo's if ur ded :^)

You'll be dead for the next bull run then? Can I have your btc?

You couldn't drive a lamb if you wanted to

I hope you didn’t actually do that

>He doesn't realize we're still in complacency, and the real panic won't start until we fall below $6k

Your suicide threshold is my buy threshold.

Suicide is the best coin burn

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I already have, have you?


Try not to be so hysterical in the future, OP, because I hate phoneposting like this

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ethereum is bleeding out like a fucking amputee with hemophilia and I might just follow suit

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The more I lose, the more I feel at peace.

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lmao if you get bart'd