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First for Noble CHADs support!

Attached: NobleKnightBrothers-MP15-EN-ScR-1E.png (308x450, 389K)

Say something nice about him

Attached: 1518630716043.png (549x800, 31K)


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Fuck you Konami

Attached: VenomBoa-TF04-JP-VG.jpg (544x544, 61K)


is that starving venemy dragon? would be cool if he is

Do it yourself, Tripfaggot

>Noble Knights

Attached: 1465091371165.jpg (480x360, 73K)

Starving Venom Daily Dose Dragon
Pendulum Effect
>All posters must respond with "Thanks doc"
Monster Effect
>Administers dosage

First for Goukis

Attached: 1521679549112.jpg (1280x720, 70K)

>-You can only use 1 of this card name's (2) and (3) effects per turn, and only once that turn.
Whew, that was a close one. Wouldn't want to turn Cyber Dragons into a pet deck now would we?

picture is way too small to get a clear read of the text or else i'd make an attempt

it's the upgrade, lethal dose

You'll be crying when the new support makes them T-1!

Memes aside, I picked up the deck like 2 months ago for like 80$ and it's pretty fun desu~

I THINK its materials are 3 DARK monsters. All I got.

Did somebody say dose?

Attached: 68f_0.png (700x965, 30K)

oh shit, that's even better. they better not fuck up his entire field negation effect

Attached: StarvingVenemyLethalDoseDragon-EN-Manga-AV-NC.png (200x427, 80K)

It has five fucking effects so, here's hoping.

why'd you think it's purple and green

Thanks doc

If Rei is Dark and her suits are both Fire and Water, does this mean that in the future they will make a Light girl with Earth and Wind suits?

Hertz + 1 GS + Machine Dupe + random LIGHT monster = CDI, CDN, & Sieger or Genius + Cyber Dragon

Pretty decent, if they don't want you to search Power Bond, at least you can OTK with the Xyzs. The Machine restriction on Hertz is as much as a kick in the balls as it was with Drei. CDI + Pleiades is a lot better if you can't OTK on that turn (plus it'd be a pretty decent first turn board when they make you go first).

tl;dr Ash the Dupe, never let Nova hit the field

Attached: 1505670102413.webm (640x480, 2.8M)

>we are still doing pointless restrictions in the year 2018
Why does Konami have such a raging hateboner for anything GX?

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Also Future Fusoin bait if someone is still hard pressed trying to do something with that card

When will we learn what the new support for Neos, NK, Mekk, and Cyber Dragons Is? Do they release the details ahead of time?

>implying pointless restrictions don't add to the gx flavor

We already saw the Mekk support and 2 of the 3 confirmed Cyber Dragon cards.

So soon then? What was the Mekk Knight card? Was it good?

CYHO-JP061 Seiibutsu no Kioku/World Legacy Mekkmory
Quick-Play Spell
You can only activate a card with this card’s name once per turn.
(1): Special Summon 1 “Mekk-Knight” monster from your hand or Deck in face-up Defense Position, but it is returned to the hand during the End Phase. You cannot Special Summon monsters, except “Mekk-Knight” monsters, for the rest of this turn.

Attached: Capture.png (1038x726, 1.12M)

vjump, and the set, comes out in 2 weeks

Too small my dude.

This is literally killing me.

V jump is not going to contain reveals for a set that comes out prior to release day.

2 weeks in Japan or here? I thought it was releasing in july?