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Tfw no qt elezen gf

i want to have passionate sex with minfilia's mom

please reply to me with tips on how to get a xaela gf thank you

>Tfw dead inside and wish I could find happiness and meaning in life

How's your day going /xivg/?

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Go home, Thancred. You're drunk.


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Kill me!

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wtf is this shit

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Would you consider becoming my catwife?

this catboy is really cute


>tfw have a c@girl harem
damn it feels good to be me

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I would give this moonie a catbath ALL over his body

cheers i'll drink to that bro

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it's been a while since we had depression hour
who /depressed/ here and why?

xth for middies!

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I would be a terrible wife

im sitting in group therapy rn waiting for it to start shaking because i had no sleep and starting my fast until sunday now
i want it to be saturday night so i can go full drunkorexia mode again

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a wild ebin has been found

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i feel nothing about anyone or anything and despite faux-narcissistic assertions the only self-worth i have is typically directly tied to being wanted, needed, or loved, all of which are feelings i can rarely if ever reciprocate, and so i give up on me and try to find purpose in doing my best to make sure nobody ever has to feel the way i do

or alternatively, seeking elezen healwife!

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why would anyone want to be your new gf just to get dropped in 2 weeks like the previous one?

can i be your male lizard healwife?