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>Recommended VR Applications/Games 2018

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>Good spawn worlds for VRChat

>Full-body with KinectToVR guide

>Minecraft pastebin

>Socks containment thread
>Where our degenerates left off...

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TOS is probably worse than ENT tbqh

I dunno how you guys do it, I've had 1 1/2 hours sleep and I feel like death

Vote in the vivecraft poll fags.

Reminder that homosexuality and transgenderism are mental illnesses.

and that doing it with futas is ascending

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Reminder that no pleasure on earth is greater than making someone else's cock cum with your tongue.

whoops wrong one
if we go by science, then sleeping at least 3 hours is better than anything under it, because of the deep sleep phase that hits there. so 1 1/2 hours is unhealthy and you feeling more tired than before is normal.

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I've tried fucking anything at this point, and I figure I might as well just post this here:

I want to add a Property to an animation.

Every time I do, it simply doesn't fucking happen.

And it always only fucking happens when I try to add the Property into the hand/wrist hierarchy, I can put it on the forearm, the shoulder, fucking anywhere but the hands, and that stops me from adding any items into my hands.

Been posting this on the official Unity forums, and it seems like I'm literally the only one on the entire internet that has this issue.

It's not a bug in the Unity version I use, I've tried several versions with the same issue.

Can anyone tell me what the fuck's going on before I rip my hair out?

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Hello friends. I just purchased a Windows MR headset and am going to set it up later today. My question to you is, what is the fastest route to full on degeneracy?

never underestimate standard shader

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Try hitting record and activating the object from the inspector panel is the only work around I can think of. Unity can be fucky, I know that it doesn't let me move me model around if I have a marker prefab enabled on it so I always have to disable it to test dynamic bones.

Give settings.

Honestly no fucking idea. Have you tried deleting everything and starting from scratch?

I would love to have gotten 3 hours or more, unfortunately I woke up for no apparent reason and couldn't get back to sleep

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Give settings pretty please

fap till exhaustion, usually helps
a shame tho for that fucked sleep cycle, hope you get some more soon

all i really did was turn smoothness up, try it

ur all a little gay

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Friendship ended with CubedParadox. Now standard is my best friend

for you

What were you thinking that should happen by activating the object after hitting record? It doesn't record the activation/deactivation of the object.

As in an entirely fresh project, or the dreaded complete reinstallation of my PC?

Make an abyssal avatar.

>It doesn't record the activation/deactivation of the object.
It doesn't? I assumed it would since it records almost everything else, RIP.