OmiseGO And Vitalik Buterin Donate $1 Million In Crypto To Charity For Ugandan Refugees

>OmiseGO And Vitalik Buterin Donate $1 Million In Crypto To Charity For Ugandan Refugees

Based OmiseGO and based Vitalik.

Feels good to be part of this financial revolution that is changing the world for the better.

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Thank god ether is crashing.

>giving money to Niggers
Could have burnt it, would have benefited more people

>1 million in crypto
so basically 0 real world money
whats next, WoW gold for HIV africans

I don't think IOTA will be happy to hear about this.

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/pol/ is triggered hard

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Unironically this, burning money would decrease the amount of money in circulation making your money appreciate in value.

Can someone give me a logical reason as to why NIGGERS and REFUGEES even deserve money in the first place? Someone please tell me. That UGLY, ANNOYING ass motherfucker needs to take his nigger guilt and shove it up his fucking asshole.

Triggered /pol/cuck confirmed.

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I like the sound of that.

>mfw subsaharan niggers dump and crash eth further

>donate 1million in ETH to refugees
>it's worth 500k the next day

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>people who are not part of my tribe deserve the fruits of my labor

>no logical reason given
>thinks there's nothing wrong with giving niggers free money

>give little faggot kid nice balloon
>pop it right away in front of little shit
never stops being funny

>muh tribe


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Nobody likes niggers, user.

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giving shit to niggers is like feeding rats. the fuck is wrong with moneyskelly. maybe he feels a bond as they all have aids.

>wants logical reasons
>debates in Veeky Forums over racism

You need to go back to /pol/, maggot. The regulars of Veeky Forums sold in december and wait for you to fuck off again.

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>people aren't tribal in nature

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i think i'll stay, seeing as i have more money than 99% of this board. you should be thanking me for gracing you plebs with my presence.

A Jew... there's a Jew in here guys

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This is the reason why you will stay poor.

I dont care if I make business with Wang, Miller or Jamal.
I dont care if the person I do business with has a dick or a pussy.
I dont care if the person likes dick or pussy or even if he/she touches children in his/her free time.
I dont care if his/her skin is black, yellow or even blue.
I care about money.

>still denying race realism

this is why you are poor

>Believes you can do business with niggers

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jews do the exact opposite and are wealthy enough to finance and distribute the propaganda thats turning your father into a trans-black androgynous tranny
keep at at it, goodgoy

so how much have you made so far

>he thinks hating rapefugees and niggers is a strictly pol thing
You have to be 18 to post here.

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>sold in December

You a fucking tard m8

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>so how much have you made so far
Medium five figures.
Okay for me to pay all of my student loans and balfway through my flat.
Considering I started with about 500€ mid 2016 and only went into a handfull of foreseeable "moonings" (ETH, ANS/NEO and WTC) before cashing out in december, I think I did very well.

oh yeah
I started with $1 and made $100,000,000,000
bought btc in 2009 and sold december 2017

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I was going to say great job, but I'm seeing that you're the nigger lover in this thread. Tell you what, to save a little money since you'll probably blow it all you should get a nigger as a roommate. Let me know if you're still a nigger lover after.

Wow really? Man, you're so lucky, I envy you. Well done sir, well done. Much respect.

low life /pol/tards getting mad while smart people are continuing to do smart things :)

lol only 50k? stop being so dramatic () you pretentious retard. you're still a pleb.

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