Anyone else feel like they're learning a shitload about markets from all this?

Anyone else feel like they're learning a shitload about markets from all this?

We gonne be pro traders.

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trading in a non regulated market is similar to playing roulette

what if everything collapses

Then you've had a once in a lifetime experience.

great attitude

regulated market are for kids anyway
>momma, I got scammed

I learned to sell in December from now on

"Hodl" is not an investment or trading strategy.
"Trading" with bart patterns is not trading but getting rekt.

Seeing the whole market is about to blow up is about rookie-level of trading. But okay - keep larping being a professional trader.

Nonregulated markets are for my entertainment.

If that's the case it will probably be my last experience too.

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This whole thing doesn't give you any insight into the nature of a speculative frenzy?

What is there to learn? Every strategy is just risk management, and could be good for bad depending on the market

i'm not saying I got scammed, i'm just implying that trading these crypto markets is like playing roulette. NO TA works; it's all bullshit and wishful thinking.

the only realy value you cn rely on, is the price.

if you don't already know what you're doing then you're a fucking idiot

>hodl is not a investment strategy

Yeah apart from those who invest in dividend paying stocks you mean?

t. Sub 75 IQ

Oh yeah. I can't wait to interview with a big finance firm and talk to them about Bart Simpson market behavior

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It does. But I lack to see, how this gives somehow practical experience as "trader".

Go short, get rekt by bucket shops dictating the price.
Go long, get rekt by bucket shops dictating the price.

"Hodl" and "buy and hold" are not the same, brainlet. For (among others) exact the same reason you wrote yourself. Dividends and other rights that come with stocks make "buy and hold" actually the only method to consistently profit from the stock market.

Sorry, mistook your post as offensive not as question. Bit crancy today...

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Spend a few months in crypto then move on to forex

Shit will seem tame and like free money

>buying something and holding it and buying something and holding it are not the same, brainlet
wew, lad

Why he wanna blow his chin off

I learned to take profit.
Too bad I only learned this after there was no more profit to take.


I'm definitely learning a lot. The stock market is basically the same just much slower. I've already used with stocks and it works too

It's a suicide market

- voting rights
- dividends
- obligation of the company to disclose important informations
- significant liquidity because of at least somehow ascertainable value of the company
- executives can be held accountable for their words and actions

- metcalfe's law, if you are lucky
- memes and keks
- all is fine, bro

The difference is so essential, you will not even get a shitty internship if you cannot tell the differences.

lol I'm not reading that shit.

... can people really not read that whole post by just glancing at it for half a second? Like I didn't even need to think about reading that post ... are y9u serious?

I'll give you a run down;

I read a book about stocks so I'm better than you.

Well thats the gist of it anyway

kek, summarise it in a word