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If you want to become good at game design you should study the greats.

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Got holstering in, outlines for grabbing stuff, zombies with physical animations (IE you can punch their head, they take damage, and are physically knocked back like a ragdoll but maintain animations)

Also improved weapons so they feel better and a few other things

I need a better level design workflow. For now I have a plugin that generates random dungeons, which im in in vid related, but it's not that good. I think I want hand crafted levels anyway.

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This looks like an extremely shitty asset flip.

Remember that this is OUR site now
If your game doesn't further OUR purposes then WE will take countermeasures and you will regret going up against US

ad they are?

What stands out as the most shitty aspect? The level itself is just quickly made crap so I can test things, anything else I can reasonably fix?

it's some low effort VR shooter with completely generic environments and enemies.

you'll end up in a video like this.

Spreading the glory of furry art

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My issue with this is he ain't even cute. Okay the other issue is the game looks like ass when you're actually playing it.

I'm working on a deck-building RPG. Cards come in different tiers. Some cards multiply damage, some deal damage. Higher tier damage-dealing cards make lower tier damage dealing cards an active liability since the lower tier cards could be multipliers that deal a higher amount of damage overall by multiplying the damage output of higher tier cards. How would you go about solving this while still enabling tier 1 synergy between damage dealers and multipliers?

I have no idea what the problem is

My issue is that the only girl in his game is an old hag.

Like I said.

Rate my Fully Procedural Slime Animation(tm), /agdg/.

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looks good

anubis is pretty cute. the only problem is he's also degenerate.

i thought you were pretending to be from neogaf

just make it like snake except with micro organisms. become the biggest amoeba you can until you become like the blob and eat the entire earth.

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It's neat but is the way it can't totally fill out corners by design

I wonder how gooey it would look if rendered with metaballs/circles

That actually looks pretty good I guess, with some VFX flare it could be really cool

shit taste desu famiry

I'm sorry for not liking my bitches saggy or (male).

Tier 1:
Damage Dealer 1 - Deal 1 damage
Damage Multiplier 1 - Next card deals *2.5 damage

Tier 2:
Damage Dealer 2 - Deal 2 damage
Damage Multiplier 2 - Next card deals *3.5 damage

Once you have access to tier 2 damage dealing cards any tier 1 damage dealing cards are a liability since tier 1 damage multipliers can deal way more damage by multiplying tier 2 damage dealers


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Thanks senpai.

agar.io 2.0 here we come babyyyyy.

It's just a bunch of triangles, so I guess yea.

I'll post a video in a sec of what it used to look like.

What's VFX flare? All I can find is lens flare which I desperately hope is not what you mean.

I wonder if the sweater is a blend shape or if it's bone controlled

Blend shape.

Here's what my old demo looked like. It really did lose some bounce since then. I think that might be because on the old version I was preventing collapses by using these giant beach balls on the edges, which essentially doubled the edge weight because there were two game objects right on top of each other.

Brb gonna try to get the bounce back.

Attached: old version.webm (960x540, 2.77M)

>What's VFX flare?
I mean in the casual sense of "make it look cool" with like shaders or particles or something to smooth it out and make it look more fluid.

any reason you've made your own mushroom 11?

When is the appropriate time to reveal a project/start blogging about it?

Two weeks before launch.

Oh. Flair. Yea if I'm hit by another divine bolt of lightning I'll look into it some more. I got the initial version of this by simply coloring vertices by their array index, so very little effort into this polish so far.

I really enjoyed Mushroom 11. Wanted to play it more but it has very low replayability for me. I also got kind of sick of the lack of choice in where the new nodes grow in that game, so I went for the complete opposite approach with this. Mushroom 11 is a rigid body controlled by deleting nodes from the outside, and my slime is a soft body controller by expanding from within. Kind of amusing.

Pretty much as soon as you can, stealth launches are a bad idea unless you're a really big name.

when you have anything playable and its not a totally ugly piece of trash

how far do you take the Single Responsibility Principle of SOLID ?

like, just thinking of Pausing the game. Usually i would do it in a single script and adjust music/sfx/character state/UI, but even that gets messy

but do you do each of those things inside their own script? like:
> musicState
> sfxState
> characterState
> UIState

and inside the game manager you call pause which notifies everything else to adjust?

c on f usion

Ah, so I was referring to rendering like this- paperjs.org/examples/meta-balls/ (also pic related)
So you render your blob into a buffer, blur it and re-render pixels which are >0 (or any smaller number value)

Looks like interesting solution you had there

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3 years ago

Oh shit that's what World of Goo used isn't it? Thanks man, I'll write that down.

Aggydagger's Alpacalypse uses metaballs to render lava blobs, can try asking for more details.

I set timescale to 0 LMAO

i'll leave you to it..

I'm having a method called on a Monobehaviour before its Start method even when I force it to occur earlier through a custom script order. Any idea what could cause that?

Oh yea I saw PHI's video on that. I always wondered why things like that looked so good but had such weird physics to them.

i just don't know guys
i mean it works but it actually doesn't
if i send the group to mine instead of them individually stockpiling the wood someone else is gathering it and he can wind up with about 100+ wood on him at a time making it extremely exploitable if you know the trick
the problem with this is they only try to find a deposit site after they reach a certain threshold (30 wood)
so some could wind up with 10 or so wood and just hold onto it and continue mining throwing what they mine onto someone else
meaning if the player never checks he could be missing out on loads of wood

how the fuck else could i handle this logic?
im fucking lost tbqhwyfams

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If i made a procedural model generator, should i sell the generator, or generate a bunch of models and sell those?


You should publish a paper if it's something new.

pausing in my game is simple
all updates are done from a central update function that calls all the relevant systems, an if statement just checks if isPaused is true and doesnt update any system if it it.

A paper won't pay my rent. I want money.

generally the models. Otherwise you would have to design a licence for the generator properly

>people shitposting with your game

get job?

anubisdev quit being a fag and add more girls


>get slightly negative feedback
>instantly drop game

he's got one. two won't kill him.

They would actually

more like
>get no feedback
>instantly drop game

The salaries aren't worth it.

I could just sell the generator as a unity asset.
Though i think you're right, selling models instead of the generator would be more profitable.

nevermind im a fucking idiot
i fixed it

Try sell the models, if it does well you could hold off with the selling the generator while the models build up hype for it

how the fuck would a "model generator" generate models that dont look like garbage

>get no feedback
>secretly kind of happy because social interaction even online makes me nervous

Sell the models while not telling anyone its generated and pretend its your own work.

How do I make sure that my game doesn't get an obsessed stalker that ruins any discussion on it

You have to generate the model generator in such a way that it only generates the models you want it to generate.

Only way would be to make it as bland as possible.

Autism can't latch onto 100% mundane.

I've taken online deep learning courses with Udemy, it's easier than you think

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You can't. Just roll with it.

>spreading furshit
Luckily you'll all die of aids eventually.

use source engine.

drop- and restart a new- game faster than you can pick up stalkers.

Does Unity's MoveTowards not do what I think it does? You can go right past it?

Enemies have a cone of vision with distance and angle attenuation so they can see better if you're closer to the center of their vision, basically a spotlight formula. It's multiplied by your current light level and there's an awareness accumulation system, guards have Patrol, Curious, Investigate and Chase states based on their current awareness of you.
I'm still tweaking the numbers and fixing some stuff though, the guards don't look down when close to you so they lose track of you if you crouch.

I don't like things shining everywhere either and usually disable that if I can, but I need a way to differentiate between valuables and clutter. The living room is very bright so the stuff tuned for darkness looks kinda weird.

I'm adding an interact button so you collect stuff instantly, I like the idea of having to maneuver around to get what you want without making noise but yeah it feels sluggish and will get old, I will make it so that guards notice missing stuff so you still have to take some care.
Everything is placeholder graphically speaking, I might tune down the chandelier light and turn up the guard vision to compensate, or darken the furniture.

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If my target is at 0, and my value is at 0, and the delta is -1, it still goes to -1?

>tiny variations of bicep sizes on a premade skeleton
woaah its like hitting random in an mmo

the complete darkness in that shadow doesn't look right.

How do you guys stay motivated to spend so much time on games that no one will ever play?

>doesnt have 2 cones for both eyes