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>Document compendium: Contains official (ex-canon) DnD 3.x variants and a fan made DnD 5e version! Also contains the official Warcraft Chronicles volumes 1 and 2.

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I like elves. I like void elves. I like them all. Anyone else?

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all elves are nice and special in their own way
fuck the Horde and Alliance, the real factions should be trolls and elves vs. titanforged and wildmen

I like all elves, but High Elves were a mistake.

Nightborne make the best qt3.14 companions

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Best warchief coming through.

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Aren't they emaciated though?

>tfw BFA won't have garrison followers/order champions to be bros with
feels fucking bad


I want more stuff about the Kaldorei purging Zandalari shits and maybe touch on their dark troll heritage more since I really like the troll magic evolution angle.

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I like elves before WoW ruined them.

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>tfw you will never have telepathic bro meetups where you bring your harem along
>tfw you will never have a Kaldorei keep built like Ironforge

Gone, but forever in my heart.

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It's all Varian's fault. He's the one who stopped Thrall from finishing Garrosh off because he wanted his slice too. Taran only butted in when it looked like RvB was about to ruin everything AGAIN.

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Metzen is a good guy, but not a great writer or a painter.

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>didn't pay the masons thus letting the Defias be born
>built statues of himself while his people starved and were attacked by criminals

Name a worse king than Varian.

>I like elves
Draeneis are far more superior though.

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>Alliance pallies have to kill Lady Liadrin
Just twist the knife.

In all honesty I think his sketches are pretty good, with some practice I'd be able to replicate his style but overall Metzen does some pretty good stuff IMO.

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>no more Thisalee
>no more Minerva
>already lost Soulbinder Tuulani
Blizzard can't keep getting away with it

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Based Orgrim.

Also, what are peons supposed to be? A smaller breed of orc, enslaved by their bigger kin? Orcs unable to go into battle, but still kind useful? Retarded orcs?

Finally a normal knight's set. Pure sex.

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peons are orcs that are either retarded or too physically deformed to fight. For some reason there's enough of them that they can form a labor force

The first looks like a slightly modified version of the WCIII footman plate. Just swap the belt and give him a Lordaeron shield and he's a dead ringer for the cinematic model.

So "Cycle of Hatred" and Med'an are not canon according to Chronicle?

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>be warrior
>no shitty waifu follower
>only real hardened warriors follow me into battle
>oh and only madmen will unironically waifu Finna Bjornsdottir
Feels pretty good

Yep. And that's a good thing.

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Thisalee Crow is a hardened warrior and a top tier waifu though

I don't get it.

Do Druids' personalities often reflect in their shapeshifting? Like would a more rebellious or fierce druid be more likely to be a Feral druid, for example?

I honestly can't. I don't think there's been a single character more damaging to the lore than Varian fucking Wrynn. I'd say I'm glad he's dead, but the damage is already done, and even his death only served to blow more smoke up his ass.

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I really like Metzens artstyle, Samwise not so much

I think he and Garrosh are the characters who damaged the series the most. We could have gotten Legion earlier but instead we had to suffer through faction autism and orc dicks everywhere.

Just another shitty fapbait.

Thisalee Crow is a feral druid because she likes to get her claws dirty

Garrosh was awful, but at least he didn't constantly upstage everyone around him. Hell, Wrath even showed him as an idiot who sent you on a suicide mission that Saurfang had to bail you out of. It was obnoxious, and jarring compared to his TBC characterization, but at least he was flawed.

The only character who was ever allowed to know better than Varian was Anduin.

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Elves should just surrender to their primal needs and cravings and just be the qt 3.14 heal sluts for their orc prot warriors and tend to their needs, sexual or not, Elves were just born for it desu