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Looks like it would be uncomfy on long trips

it's designed for trips to starbucks and back, bud

All bikes were designed for that, friend

Might hop on one of mine and go to get some coffee in a few.
Gonna be a gorgeous day

I like this guy's gay little hip pouch thing. I usually ride with a lumbar pack but I'm always afraid it'll fuck me up in a crash by getting hung up on something. What kind of gay bags do you guys wear?

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I have a jacket with pockets

Keeping shit in my pockets bothers the hell out of me.

That's literally what they're for man lol

>pet cats
>finish coffee
>wipe bike off
>ride all day
Life is ok

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It's fine for papers or money but keeping a phone or wallet in there bugs me.

>that guy that uses his pockets

how else would you stealthily scratch your groin

I try not to bring my entire wallet. Just ID and bank card

U should see my adv buddy. His jacket is like a bag of holding

>buy a set of roadtec 01's because the angel GT's are shot
>phone call today
>sorry user they're still not here, but I'll call you next week when they arrive, I'll have them express shipped to your house
>meanwhile a perfect set of road 5's are available
Should I just buy the road 5's instead?

It's not as stealthy as you think. We know.

Alright lads, which new tyres for my new FZ6?

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shinko hook up

shinko reactor II

Can't do it, the brand name sounds like ham in my language
But honestly, they don't even have bad reviews

Lol. In my neck of the woods only niggers/street Rossi wannabes use those tires

But they're not even cheap, a rear 180/55/R17 costs like 150€, I could get a Michelin Road 4 rear for that

It's easy to find um second hand on cl or fb marketplace
Niggers gonna nig

holy fuck you poor bastards, dont cheap out on tires

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What's wrong with being poor? :(

>second hand tyres

why do people do this?`I don't even trust the relatively okay tyres on my used bought bike

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>2nd hand tyres
>2nd hand motorcycle tyres
Wew lad

To each their own my man

New bike, thoughts?

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Nice! I like round headlights

Me too! I was thinking of making a switch to dual headlights for max 80's look. But I want to keep it stock for now.

Sweet. You do you boo boo. Looks comfy as well

say that to the cheapo wiping out because he bought second hand tyres

My first/previous bike was pure UJM, so I wanted a similar size/seating positon.

You still lean a bit forward tho.

don't forget to lubricate your tyres so they don't dry out over time

I have before. But I can't make people buy good tires. Only make stern suggestions.

works best with WD40

Sexual. How long on it until you start to hate the seat?
I've legit seen people put car tire shine on their bikes. Funny/sad at the same time

How do I make webms that aren't too big to upload here? I bought a camera yesterday and recorded about 90 minutes of riding

>I have before
wiped out or bought used tyres?

motor oil works wonders, you get easily +2k miles more out of them

Use webm for retards.