>drunken snaptchats

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everyone that posts after me is gay faggot

why do the ad's on this site keep advocating i mate with asians?

>gay faggot
a bit redundant there buddy

cunt. i smirked

apparently, because you're a gay faggot

fucken yeah buuudy

Redundancy is emphasis, you gay homosex goblin

like you wouldn't

emphasis? emphasize deez nuts!

my team, yeeeeah maaaaang

either you pricks are all ausfags or you are all USfags - ti e wise i can't decide what's worse - of it's you nvm

It's the ausfags, but don't worry they are going to pass out soon

/deenz/ nuts

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that'd be nice, i've been up since yesteerday. rape me?

sardine detail

It's my favorite fishy from Runescape :)

i'm more of a command and conquer red alert 2 sorta guy. but yeah runescape

Same reason that every time I try to book a flight it assumes I'm looking for a trans-continental flight

I played Starcraft Brood War for most of my life, only because I grew up in Korea

man i'm already outta here,m why the hell aren't you??

C&C RA2 forever. i've moved countries, states, etc and will onl;y ever live C&C RA2.

Toba-sensei is my spirit animal

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who Australia here>? or where are you - cunts?

Yep, once you find "the game" it's your #1 game forever.

I miss when game boxes were big

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huuuugh fuck yeah man medal of honor underground on PS2

Post current time where u are and whether or not you're drunk

>8:43 AM

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New Zealand but I just ran out of beer


8.43. of course

sorry to read that mang, options?



cry about it? idk, go to sleep I guess. thanks for your sympathy

hello brethren

been drunk since i woke up. fuck steve smith cheating cunt

hey man -acdc on the ears, bourbon on the gullet. what you doin?

Australians need to go to sleep

I suck dick.

7:51 and I'm on my way aaaaannnnd my sponsor is taking me to breakfast and a meeting at 10:30.

piss off cunt

make him work for it legend