When will the most coin miners stop mining, because it isn't anymore profitable?

Is there some website where you could track it?

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I thought they already stopped with BTC.


Disgusting mutant child

Why would anyone want a kid that doesn't look like them?

ADN still passes regardless of the facial configuration.

loled hard at that la creatura

Ask all the white guys marrying asian women.

because sex feels good to make mistakes and """"society"""" kinda accepts it. What are you a racist?

the age of the mutt is upon us. this is a good thing though low iq low status whites will be filtered out of the gene pool. natural selection, but you dont die you just become a nigger with significantly lower iq.

You know that there's a positive correlation between racism and low IQ right?

Which would you choose vs. the orc goblin at the top?

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Personally I don't give a fuck. I'd marry an Asian girl if I loved her. I don't really care whether my children look like me superficially.

>You know that there's a positive correlation between niggers and low IQ right?

Yep. Blacks have lower IQ on average than whites. That doesn't change the fact that racists have lower IQ on average than liberals.

Why so many blonds look asian

I Agree, that might be a link why blacks are so racist.

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That child is absolutely putrid lol
I refuse to answer your question

Racists tend to be pretty dumb regardless of what race they are themselves.

That's why pretty much everyone in science, academia, business, finance, entertainment and every single powerful industry in the world is liberal. Racists tend to be low IQ, low income, low education blue collar workers.

Probably because she's half-japanese

>You know that there's a positive correlation between racism and low IQ right?
Not true at all. That's just a line continually reinforced in the media to make sure the steady mass immigration into the west is accepted with no criticism.
You'll have a hard to explaining your pseudoscience to the Japanese. Who want absolutely racist by your standards. Theyare a first world developed country with pioneers across a range of different subjects. Great nation.
But good for you for being a pawn to the political establishment and continuing to think you're somehow thinking you're creating a better world by "ending" racism you absolute fucking cretin.
Don't bother replying I am leaving this shitty bait thread.

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She's Estonian you stupid fuck.

Most Japanese people aren't racist.

t. someone who has lived in Japan


Spotted the coalburner with a mullatto mutant child

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>don't be a racist
>mix with other races
>eventually the population becomes low IQ due to mixing with lesser races
>they become racist due to low IQ
really made me think

You obviously don't understand the difference between correlation and causation. This is probably due to your own low IQ.

Racists tend to have low IQs. That doesn't imply that having a low IQ causes you to be racist.

>he fell for the japan meme

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