>boogie will never undo the damage he did to himse-


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boogie please fuck off

Didn't you injure yourself doing it fatty?

he got surgery because he didn't have the willpower to stop eating 3500+ calories a day

won’t it be funny when he still dies in less than a decade and all the of the money and effort he put into it will all be for nothing?


He actually did kek

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5k+ minimum

Who gives a fuck. The people who post in these threads have just as many mental problems as he does but there's no surgery for being a miserable fuck.

That is how much he was getting from mayo only



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Fuck off with this meme. He was eating vanilla pudding in that jar, not mayo.

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Well that changes things!

man why the fuck doesn't this fat larping faggot go on an extended water fast and finish this crap? He loves the attention his faggoty ass gets, he doesn't give a crap about actually getting fit. someone gas him asap


wow I take back everything I’ve ever said about boogie

how is this fat retard Veeky Forums related in any way?

He serves as a reminder of what we could all become if we suddenly decided to be a greedy lazy gluttonous slob for the next 40 years

Boogie nooooo!



dont forget the prophecy

because he is /ourguy/ and he is making it

just learning to /fast/ is free and doesn't require expensive surgery to get the same or even better results. Boogie is a pussy.

What prophecy? That boogie will die during surgery? Yeah that didn't happen. Stay mad you delusional fuck, it's over. Boogie is going to make it.

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no one cares about this fatass for fucks sake

>needs surgery because he doesn't have the willpower to eat right himself or do anything for that matter without outside intervention
>constantly attention whoring for patreonbux and deletes criticism, even when constructive
>literally gets cucked by a black guy and pretends nothing happened
>verbally cucked by a feminist at vidcon and he wouldn't even stand up for himself
>anytime a political issue comes up he buries his head in the sand and pretends to be a moderate
"Check it out anons, he's the next Chad Thundercock right here!"
Even the fat people I have met aren't as pathetic as Boogie.

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