Today is the greatest day of my life. I have finally accumulated 1M LINK

Today is the greatest day of my life. I have finally accumulated 1M LINK.

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Congrats on your soon to be $10.

Sell now and rebuy at 10 cents.

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Why dont u just burn or donate ur money instead? No one will use link useless tokens in real life. Its over. U have 170k invested in somehing that wont be used. Just give me ur money user ill do better with it i promise.

Grats homie, enjoy being very wealthy.

>being this deluded
It was just a meme bro hahahaha

I just bought 1k LINK. Felt pretty good about it till I saw this. But congrats anyway user

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got the same feeling bro

I am planning on using LINK. Need it for a decentralized oracle service for an OTC exchange bot across chains.

No middleman, straight peer to peer using multisig transactions where one of the signatures is created by mr Link himself.

Every link marine stack looks like shit next to that

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future billionaire

so so stinky

do you think its possible to fake a blockfolio

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It's also completely possible for an user to accumulate 1m LINK. Soon after ICO there was a confirmed 800k user, and a couple or 400-500k ones. I imagine people with that much money have better things to do that shitpost constantly though.

You think someone would do that? Just go on the internet and lie about their portfolio?

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i doubt link fags are that desperate at -16%/day

I mean. That doesnt mean anything. Anybody could put that on their blockfolio. But if you have 300 grand just in LINK... youve more than likely already made it in life, and really dont need to humblebrag on this ethiopian goat raping forum.

This is what true deluded belief in the project looks like. Ive even got my grandmother buying link.

This is my only crypto holding. Plus .01 eth on trezor for transfering my 20k link out WHEN the time comes. 1k+ link. The 5kish on my binance gets sold at 40 dollars and pays off my home and mine and my spouses debt and gives a comfy bit of padding for savings.

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How does it feel to be this dumb?

Im up, bitch. 900 dollar total invested into crypto. Has been as high as 32k. Currently 7800. Minus like 300 worth thats grannys.
Im quite comfy desu.

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Heh, your blockfolio is fucked up too. Why is this happening?

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I first bought BTC at $600 in 2014 and it immediately crashed. Be prepared to hold and you are going to make it.

Cost average down if you still have fiat ( I dont because fuck that scam coin)

Think again
T. Millionaire

Lol, I'd feel embarrassed if I posted how much money I dumped into the LINK token like you.

His grandma knows. Such a sweet old lady. I wonder how she's holding up?

I ain't gonna make it I'm afraid. I knew you need 1 million+ to make it

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>Download blockfolio
>introduce a buy order of 1 million link
>put komodo in too. Might aswell shill my shitcoin
>this is 100% real because no one on the internet would dare to LARP

You've lost over 11 thousand dollars by holding some worthless piece of shit token. You're a retard in denial.

your grandma's a fag

Hail, the new 5star general. May you lead us to glory and victory.

As Luitenant General, i would like to cordially invite you to our battlefield. And hope for fruitful debate and discussion. Sincerely,

Condolences user

Eh if I lose all 20k I'll be fine. If all else fails I work the next 40 years like every other commonfag and hope my safe index funds make me 3%