Define the Holy Spirit in ten words or less

Define the Holy Spirit in ten words or less

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Usher of the righteous ways.

light of the world

a term referring to god's divine power that was incorrectly taken by christians to literally be an entity in itself which later led to the concept of the trinity

The Spirit of God

Like Casper the Ghost.

God is unto himself, though? He doesn't need no external; force if he is himself that same force.

And Jesus is the prophet to such, surely?

God's farts.

You become a child of God.

I'm surprised spooks haven't been mentioned yet.

Veeky Forums is full of illiterate edgy atheist liberals.

Are you really surprised?

does the trinity mean there are three gods in christianity? don't some christians worship mary as well?

>I'm literate because I believe in magic!

Spotted the materialist/humanist libtard.


Just as water can be liquid, solid, or steam (a trinity)
Just as there is space, matter and time (a trinity)

You have God the Father, the omnipotent, omniscient creator.

You have the Son/Word, the physical incarnation of God into His own creation as Jesus the Christ.

Then there is the Holy Spirit, basically God dwelling within you. It's the gift of salvation.

Yahweh's Stand

I burst out laughing at you when I read that.

Not as much as I am.

How does it feel that your worldview has been destroyed and debunked years ago?

I find it satisfying knowing you're wrong.

>don't some christians worship mary as well?

Roman Catholics do.

Bible-believing Christians don't.

>How does it feel that your worldview has been destroyed and debunked years ago?

By who?

Kent Hovind?

Literally tons of documentaries, articles, scientists and exposés.

It's well-established that darwinism is a fraud.

are u mad that he destroyed ur darwinian cult?

I saw a documentary once about aliens.

What we know as 'aliens/ufos' are infact demons and fallen angels of scripture.



I can't take you serious anymore.

I wasn't taking you seriously to start with.

Try to be more subtle with your bait next time.

I'm impressed you can tie your shoelaces tbqh family.

You can tie your shoelaces, right?

Jesus. God. Both. But also neither Jesus nor God. Amen.


# roman catholics in no way worship Mary I have no idea were you get that

Living Love between the Father and Son/giver of grace

retarded dove, I dislike him

The holy spirit is like the finger the turns on the light switch of God's will,

Catholics believe Mary was without sin, the greatest and most holy human being to ever live. Because she was the mother of christ (aka god) She is in a way the mother of all humanity because God created humanity. She is seen as the perfect role model who all Christians should strive to be.
As for the trinity, Jesus is the son of God but he is still God. God/the trinity exist outside the confines of time and space, meaning they don't have to play by the rules of our world, meaning they can be 3 in 1.

>Just as water can be liquid, solid, or steam (a trinity)

Unless you are claiming you boil God to turn him into the Holy Casper this is just silly.


Stupid, senseless, ridiculous faggotry. I can dig a lot of Christianity, but the Trinity is so fucking stupid it boggles the mind

I don't know what you mean, it is pretty simple.

It is the love between the Father and the Son.


both correct


The comforting counselor sent by the Father and Son.

>and Son


I like his runes, do they glow when he casts a spell?

The Holy Ghost/spirit is Jesus on earth and men.

Holy Wisdom, female part of the Trinity


yes, take care

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Proceeds from the Father through the Son, done through prophets.

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As great as God, and greater than the Son

We wuz Kangs an sheet

(think about it)

And meaning that retards claiming she is the Mother of Jesus but not the Mother of God need to be schooled in actual Christian theology. Not Reverend Bobby Joe's sermons on why the Triceratops' 3 horns is a Satanic lie against God.

Holy trips confirm

Jesus sent the Spirit upon his Apostles. John 20:22.

Pretty sure that isn't what the Filioque is talking about.


Why does the Father look like a

The Advocate who sanctifies to allow entrance of God's will.

The divination of Jesus led to the trinity. Given their embrace of Hellenism, Christians had a hard on for the number three so they through that in there, which also made the concept of "jesus as an individual but still god but not that god but still the one and only god" more palatable.

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A divine mystery that can only be accepted by faith as it is a pure contradiction.

The problem of that reasoning is that its either polytheism or modalism. A molecule of water cannot be steam,liquid and gas at the same time. You can have steam, liquid and gas existing separate but that is polythiesm. You have one molecule of water that exists in these different states at different times and you have modalism.

St Patricks analogy illistrates the other common flaw when it comes to understanding the trinity, the idea of the members being like leaves on a clover, which fails as an individual leaf is just part of a clover not a full clover itself.

This desu, I always imagine Casper with a halo.

The Spirit, to breathe, breathing, life, consciousness, wisdom/ light.

>shitty diagram from the late middle ages

The word for Spirit in Hebrew is female. It’s not blasphemy but canon.

Which edition of the Bible should I get in English? I have one shitty translation in my native language, but its literary qualities are poor, to say the least.

Th'Holy Roman Empire is neither Holy, nor Roman, nor'n Empire.

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The diagram isnt all that accurate as God encompasses requires all three members whilst each member cannot be another one.

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>he posted it again

How does antimatter fit into the trinity then? It's clearly supposed to be there.

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the ghost god shoots at you to possess your soul

God’s thought.





Well, Holy Spirit is what gives Priest his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds galaxy together.

It's a bird that doesn't do much.

>let's just move the goalposts and make it so that God is impossible for humans to understand, test, or verify
every fucking time

It's whatever I fucking want it to be you fucking fag

One God split into three individuals, but they're not separate individuals since they share the same God-essence, but they're not all the same exact thing as each other despite all being equal to God since each has their own independent nature while simultaneously all sharing the same nature with each other in the Godhead.

Basically God's so great that he violates Euclidean principles, which he himself created to uphold the natural universe in the first place.

>I don't get it!!1
>It's too complicated!!11
>Dumb God down for me pls!!!1

> God is literally impossible to understand
> But religion knows everything about him!

>hurrrr dumb it down for me pls!!!1

not him but this is a shit tier argument desu. What you should be saying is that we don't claim to understand God and the mystery of God is a fundamental tenement of Christian theology. Posting le Fedora meme is just making you look retarded
t. Christian

He literally wants us to dumb down the mystery of God. Why are you defending spiritually empty atheists with a primitive mind who think the physical realm is all there is?

Also, where do you see a fedora?