Historical QTs Thread

Evelyn Nesbit, 1901

Ethel Barrymore, 1901

Genevieve Lantelme



Nellie Bly





me on the right

Venetia :')








Would take them out to dance at the ball.





I don't know the name, but one the zar's daughters, the one that doesn't even look like she belongs in that time period



Manlet on the left is the only one with his priorities straight. He has points docked for the camel toe though.

She was one good-looking woman.

Just goes to show that age gets us all. If we're lucky that is.

Nose is just a bit too big for me.


not so great. She looks like a man. Love the suit and the alligator bag though.

>spelling it "zar"
>not knowing the Romanov sisters by name
>"the one that doesn't look like she belongs in that time period"

Fucking hell, are you 12?

Anyway, I'm guessing you're talking about Maria. She was the hottest out of them.

Goddamn I have a curly hair fetish. Why did they go out of trend.

showin off that tummy

eva green?

gross hookers

Let's be honest he's pretty good looking.

Best boy

>In 1906, White was murdered by millionaire Harry Kendall Thaw over White's affair with Thaw's wife, actress Evelyn Nesbit.

>During the show’s finale, "I Could Love A Million Girls", Thaw approached White, produced a pistol, standing some two feet from his target, said, "You've ruined my wife",[12] and fired three shots at White, killing him instantly. The crowd's initial reaction was one of good cheer, as elaborate party tricks among the upper echelon of New York society were common at the time

That's a hell of a show

>inb4 glorified cheerleader


Everybody go home...


butthurt feminist detected

Why is she sweaty? Was Hitler in the room? She turned on?

>believed that butch dykes were a modern sjw phenomenon
>believed it wasn't shit genetics
Didn't think they were ugly cunts in the past.

Doe she have a penis?

that nose


Kusumoto Ine

Half German, half Japanese. First female doctor in Japan.

>Beatrice pls respond
What a beta he was

You realize Nellie Bly was an actual social justice warrior? She's famous for exposing the condition of women in insane asylums of the time.

Okay. Virgil we get it. He's in his own personal heaven, fucking a made up Beatrice.

Stop shit talking him bro.

>pretty good looking
Voltaire was neither pretty, nor good, nor looking.

>no love for Livia itt

i tought it was florence

Cynthia Curzon/Mosley

She was plain in a cute way, perfect wife material, and never had any loves in her life than her husband of her entire life, neither before or during the marriage

she was 8

>try to look for historical qt 3.14s, but i only have historically significant people in my folder and that means no women


oh wait, my humor folder....eww


I won't lie to you, Veeky Forums, I fapped to this photo. Sarah Bernhardt was a goddes.


Like wine.



I'm not gonna lie, I always thought she was cute.

How could this ugly son of a goblin get so much pussy? I mean, he was like 50 when he fucked the algerian girl...


>you will never brutally murder 4 princesses who lived off the misery of the russian people like filthy leeches

Lazy eye.

Cannot be unseen. Maybe that's why he was such a beta, he was secretly insecure about his eye...

Charisma goes a long, long, long way. Most think the secret lies in riches and status. How do they forget how often the charming man gets it for free?









Shame she got stuck with bad company

That's the first real wt in this thread.


>social justice warrior
Wow I guess that word lost its meaning



Also a brilliant woman


OP has a very peculiar taste in women.

Irene of Athens

It does look like her with those eyes

dat stache beard combo

She was a sloot tho

The ultimate girl next door desu


too young

mistress material

Can you imagine how many loads the NSDAP honchos blew for this pic and others like it?

So, Camille Claudel is probably the most attractive woman this thread. But back in the day, she would have been considered average at best.

An angular face wasn't celebrated in the 19th century, and prominent eyes and lips were considered grotesque rather than beautiful. A lot of vernacular sources describe such women as froglike.


Do people say it to be edgelords or something? Anne Frank's kind of ugly reaching up to plain on a good day.

All these bitches can get in line behind her.

All the paintings and descriptions of her imply that she was 10/10. I'm sold.

No Jackie? Wtf.

worth watching Ragtime again just for Lizzie's goodies

>Nearly 100 replies
>No Joan

>bell bottoms
>magnum PI 'staches
>tight as fuck shirts
it's the early 1970s at the earliest

The only true 10/10 there has ever been.

At best, on a good day, 6/10.