Let's talk about Medjugorje

Let's talk about Medjugorje.



Been there once on a pilgrimage some years ago. I had my doubts and I still do, but... ...I don't know. There is this rocky hillside where Mary supposedly appeared. The place had a certain... ...aura, if you will. Like if it was graced by the presence of something holy. Or maybe it was just my mind playing tricks with me. Who knows.

Herzegovians taking stupid peoples money.
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>Herzegjews jewing people

Not official and probably will never be.

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it was pretty well known to be a scam at the time, a drop among a ton of other such crap tabloid papers obsessed about, as years went by ppl started taking it more and more seriously and today's generations are completely bluepilled it's real

>it was pretty well known to be a scam at the time
[citation needed]

A piece of propaganda used against the red menace.
As if we needed the Holy Mary to tell us that -isms are shit.

You don't seriously expect online citations from 80's Yugoslavia? You can hardly find those about pop culture and politics, let alone about marginal stuff like this. Yes, there was actually a life before Internet.

So you were talking out of your ass then. Got it.

No, I was talking from my experience because I lived at the time at the country where this was happening. You are talking out of your ass.

>I lived at the time at the country where this was happening
No you didn't.

I'm going there in September but I don't know why it's significant or what happened there anyone want to enlighten me please

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The Vatican is supposed to rule on it soon. I guess we'll see, won't we?

I do love the way Mary comes down into the world and spooks people, frankly. Guadalupe, Fatima, Lourdes, Akita... she likes to reach out and shock us with displays of wondrous power. Medjugorje, if confirmed, would be another case. I'm willing to believe, but I'm a good Catholic and so will follow the Church's ruling.

Google's your friend famalam.

>guys I saw the virgin Mary I swear
Why do people actually fall for this? Genuinely interested chrustbcucks please explain yourself.