What was the point of Anglo and German anti-slavic sentiment?

What was the point of Anglo and German anti-slavic sentiment?
Wasn't the whole Europe dominated by Indo-Europeans anyway?

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>it's a Craniometry thread

>Not being a Phrenologist


Northern Europeans can be racist even to other whites.

>Phrenology pseudomedicine
>This board is dedicated to the discussion of history and the other humanities

It is history though.

19-20th century was full of german-anglo memes about (first) Teutonic Race, later Aryan race and now Nordic race.

The first sentence in the OP is history. The second one isn't.
Let's address the first question:
>What was the point of Anglo and German anti-slavic sentiment?
(Pseudo)scientifc racism


I blame it on the France
They spended a thousand years shitting on Germany and England to the point that they devoloped deep Insecurity problems

>comprehensive list of slavic accomplishments

What confuses me most is all those German maps that declared Ireland, or most of it, to be Teutonic just because they spoke English, which didn't even happen until the 1850s

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Cute spook. Discrimination against Slavs is not based on racist fairy tales, but racist fairy tales were invented to justify discirmination against Slavs.

Superiority complex despite the fact that poorfag Brits look like monkeys as well.


Becuase a ragtag band of slavs beat the teutonic order over a frozen lake.

The Battle on the Ice is literally just a meme. It was a small, insignificant battle with both sides taking about about the same losses. The only reason people remember it is the Soviet propaganda movie. What's ironic is that the army consisted mainly of Danes and Estonians, and only a small amount of Germans.

Actually, that is a very interesting way to look at it.

IIRC, the Battle On The Ice happened way before the Soviet Union was formed, and the Novogorod Republics (I think that was the group that fought the Teutonic Knights) were the few relatively unconquered places in Russia to begin with.

I could have said that the Russian Slavs were hardy, paranoid and a bit not right in the head after centuries of being the Western equivalent of Qing China. They're like rednecks, is what I'm saying.

Actually it's because the German interest in colonizing the East coincided with the British interest in opposing Russia, leading to anti-slavic pro-Teuton circlejerk in academia.

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honestly all I want to know is why different ethnic groups developed different jaw shapes and features, like native americans and high cheekbones.
All I know is epicanthic folds apparently help against wind.


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Germans thought Indo-Europeans originated in Germany and Slavs were all mongrels

It actually turned out to be the opposite.


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that picture doesn't really relate to what you said

I don't get it, practically all teutones died when the Romans decimated them in the cimbrian wars, they aren't a race anymore

The image explains itself, are you really this thick?

It relates completely to what he wrote.

Germans thought a lot of things. They thought Poles are subhumans compared to them, but modern science already proved that pooles have the most PIE genes in them and Germans don't even compare.

It's exactly what he said and you are unwillingness to process something so simple because it goes against your preconceptions only goes to show how dumb you are.