Avoiding WW2

Give me credible scenarios in which WW2 has been avoided.

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French and UK don't pussy out when Hitler comes to power.
RN blockades German coast, French send troops to Rhineland.
Hitler is cucked.

Stopping Germany will only limit Italy, but Soviet Union is out there and can be still agressive. Not to mention stuff in asia.

In case of Germany
This would be enough.

hitler stops after austria
hitler stops after sudetenland
hitler backs off from poland

i don't tend to overstate the role of one man in history but he was pushing and shoving the whole way

no germany means no guaranteed war between the soviet union and a capitalist power(allies or germany take your pick)

this means that any war with japan is only a regional conflict and is not WW2

1. France enters Germany when they invade Poland. - Jodl said war would be over in 1939.
2. France and UK invade Germany when J. Pilsudski said they should.

It doesn't

There's no way Nazi Germany and the USSR exist side by side without war past 1943

Germany wins World War 1

Problem is that isn't really a credible scenario unless France and the UK mobilise much earlier. This requires a very different political system in France and that might be hard to get

> any war with japan is only a regional conflict
Not even that, Japan required a European war to keep the British occupied while they took their colonies. Without the Nazis there would be no Japanese Indian puppet governments, no bombing of Australia and certainly no expansion into Soviet territories. Imagine the full force of the British Empire, not tied down in Africa and Europe, the whole reason why Japan was so successful was because the Brits dragged troops away to fight on the other side of the world while their homelands were captured.

if WW1 didnt happen

>alternate history

literally all it would to is for the eternal anglo and frogs to not pussy out and actually enforce versailles/no policy of appeasement for hitler


Get rid of hitler.

Just give Germans everything they want.

pointless. Not only was there no reason to immediately limit Hitler at the time, Hitler was also extremely popular in France and the UK. if they tried to limit him when he started his war plans, the war would've been about the same.


maybe. Then some retarded radical would've just risen in France, which was more racist and culturally arrogant than the Germans were, and hated jews/Gypsies even more. To this day France is the most racist European Nation.

Also, Germany did technically win WWI. They advanced the most and got the most land. But with the new style of war, it bankrupted them.

inevitable. European Empires were reaching a tipping point. They had run out of easy money (shooting civilizations that didn't have guns and taking all their wealth) at this point, and their entire economy was based on expansion. WWI was a train track built into an orphanage, and everyone on the train was like "GO FASTER AND SET THE TRAIN ON FIRE AS WELL"

someone else would've risen to his place. Hitler wasn't the cause of WWII. WWII was inevitable.

The only way to prevent WWII was to make France and the UK not be so oppressive after WWI. Hell, the Middle East is still a warzone because of France and the UK fucking it up after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Germany just went through teh same thing.

>Also, Germany did technically win WWI
/his, ladies and gentlemen!

Integrate Germany into a proper collective security alliance in 1910. Wait until the first SPD-chancellor or a revolution happens (chancellor is more likely). Germany will be reformed and resemble England much more than anything else.

Poland doesnt decline the anti-bolshevik pact with germany

>Also, Germany did technically win WWI. They advanced the most and got the most land. But with the new style of war, it bankrupted them.

Explain please, I am curious on your viewpoint.

jesus why do you encourage him

yep. A few hundred modern fighters, attack aircraft and tanks would have royally fucked the Japanese in Malaya for example.

>Poland doesnt decline the anti-bolshevik pact with germany

Treaty of Versailles isn't shit, american banking is regulated and the great depression is avoided.

Dolfuss' assassination attempt fails. Mussolini now comes to his aid, formally denounces Hitler, and the European axis is never formed. Don't know if it would stop WW2 from happening or it would just delay it or something.

Not avoided, but if France had invaded in 1939 it would have been a fuckload shorter. Almost the entire Wermacht was in Poland, they could have forced Germany to capitulate.

Presuming Japan never attacked Pearl Harbor or the Philippines is it ever possible that the US would have joined the war?
Would the US be concerned with Germany taking over the entire Western Europe and most of the East?
Would the US be concerned about Japanese attacks on British colonial possessions?

Getting rid of the Eternal Anglo

France supports decisively the republican side during the spanish civil war.
With an allied spain, blitzkrieg in western europe becomes a suicidal plan that hitler wouldn't try.

Or maybe he would.

Soviet Union was hopeless and Stalin was fearful of Western militaries. WW2 was what turned the Soviet Union into a military power. They were extremely weak even in 1941.

Not that I agree with it but Pat Buchanan wrote a book basically blaming Churchill for everything


>Create own national currency free of world banking
>suddenly world war

Hitler was the last sovereign ruler of Europe, anglo cowards were slimy globalist banker shills.

because he knew he was at war with the synagogue of satan aka globalist debt slavery, there was no way they would leave him alone so he struck first

Honestly Hitler had one good reason to invade Poland and that was the Danzig Corridor. Poland's reliance on France to save her started that war. If they would have allowed Germany to obtained a thin line of passage into Germany in exchange for the lands Poland Seized in Czechoslovakia the war would have never bugun. Also Rudolph Hess was a crack pot and his modern day supporters are really idiots.

Albert Einstein builds a time machine, goes back in time and shakes Hitler's hand, which is just enough to prevent him rising to power.

But then Stalin invades Europe, luckily the Allies push him back. The Allies determine that a regime change would cause mass unrest in the Soviet Union, and in order to gain both support and stability in the region, the victorious Allies name Alexander Romanov, a distant relative of Tsar Nicholas II, as the puppet Soviet Premier. Romanov acquiesces to the Allies' demands at first, though he builds up the Soviet military for "defense purposes" – a cover for an intended invasion of the United States of America.

The United States is caught completely off guard by the sudden massive Soviet invasion of the United States, with Soviet aircraft, naval vessels, amphibious forces, and paratroopers coming in on both the East Coast and West Coast and with the majority of Soviet ground forces coming in through Mexico, which had recently voted in a communist government. The USA attempts to retaliate with the use of nuclear missiles, but Yuri, leader of the Soviet Psychic Corps and Premier Romanov's top advisor, uses his mind control to manipulate the personnel charged with launching the warheads and leaves them to explode in their silos.

During the lengthy war, Albert Einstein builds his prototype Chronosphere, a device with the ability to teleport troops anywhere in the world.

The Allies then proceed to use the Chronosphere's teleportation capabilities to take an Allied strike team to Moscow. Once in Moscow, after enduring attacks from nearby Soviet bases, the Allied forces destroy the Black Guard defenses around the Kremlin and then teleport in a strike team led by Special Agent Tanya Adams to capture Premier Alexander Romanov.

Let Hitler do as he pleases without declaring war on him. At some point he'll clash with the Soviet Union, but that's not a world war.

Pushing all of the blame of WW1 on Germany might have been a tad too much.

What is it about Germany that just made people despite it so much?

Was it the unification of it?

Is a central powerhouse in Europe really so dangerous?

If Russia had never fallen to communism then it wouldn't have happened as well.

Judging by how the Bolshevists tried a revolution in Germany


Britain doesnt go full retard at Versailles and actually allows France to dismantle Germany

"This is not a peace. It is an armistice for twenty years"

Foch in 1919, upon seeing how kind Versailles was with Germany

Don't let Kaiser Wilhelm II fire Otto von Bismarck
boom, two WWs avoided

What even led him to do that?

Well, Germany did most of the fighting and damn near won the war, so naturally when it ended they were to blame or at least hated the most. Nobody was going to really shit on Austria or Serbia for a war that saw most bloodshed from and by the Germans.

By making the Treat yof Versaille Brest-Litovsk tier harsh and truly dismantling Germany would have prevented it.

>Well, Germany did most of the fighting and damn near won the war, so naturally when it ended they were to blame or at least hated the most.

I think it also had to do with them doing most of the starting

Otto was doing some political power play to smash the socialist elements in Germany and Wilhelm was like "I just became emperor, I don't want the first big event in my reign to be you provoking a violent collision with the liberal aspects of the country." Bismarck thought he was bigger than Emperor and Wilhelm wasn't having a recalcitrant chancellor.

Contrary to a lot of public opinion, Wilhelm wasn't an idiot. He was just stubborn and prone to fits of "intellectual extravagance." Where he would get big ideas without fully understanding their implications.

>Pushing all of the blame of WW1 on Germany might have been a tad too much.
>things that literally did not happen might have been a tad too much

With the way things were going it was inevitable the US would enter the war, but you're looking at at least a year, maybe even two before the US actually joins. Lend Lease would be cranked out in full, actually excessively so since most of the war materiel would simply go overseas to be used by the Brits and Ruskies since the Americans wouldn't be using them.

Still, the reason the US entered the war against Germany was because Germany declared war on the US. Had Hitler denounced Japan for the suprise attack and said lots of pretty words to America he could have still delayed their entry into the war by at least a few months. If nothing else, the North African front, and by association, fall of Italy would have been delayed. Probably would not have had a significant impact on the war but it would have given Germany some extra breathing room.

I actually wanted Europe to unite under one flag. As it is right now EU is too fragmented for their own good. Brit leaving EU might be a step in the right direction.

God who gives a shit about belgium. We should have perfidious albion'd that dumb neutrality shit.


Alright, this is my wet dream.

>Germany at the height of the great depression elects a Calvin Coolidge equivalent
>says no to Versailles
>revamps the military
>liberalises the economy and the banking sector
>notices the threat that the Soviets pose to freedom and forms a defensive pact with Poland

>sooner or later USSR tried to invade Poland and eastern Europe
>Germany gains the west's trust for opposing communism despite ignoring Versailles
>the west curb stomps communism in the USSR creating an earlier Putin-style strongman dictatorship
>Germany gains back some pre-WWI territory from Poland as a reward for defending Poland's territory
>no cold war

The socialists of Veeky Forums will hate me for this but I don't care.

>The only way to prevent WWII was to make France and the UK not be so oppressive after WWI.
Except at that point Germany had defaulted and france was no longer an issue.

>if hitler gets the rheinland he won't do shit

>if hitler gets austria he won't do shit

>if hitler gets sudetenland he won't do shit
>well shit

>if hitler gets the corridor he won't do shit
>sounds great lad

If Germany was partioned completely after WW1 desu

I don't hate you but I did feel a bit nauseous reading that.

>Also, Germany did technically win WWI. They advanced the most and got the most land.
are you fucking retarded? do you think life is a video game? next you will tell me they won the war because they captured the flag

>If Russia had never fallen to communism then it wouldn't have happened as well.
you can blame the Germans for that one too

>no reason to immediately limit Hitler at the time
What about the fucking Treaty of Versailles?

The BVP throw their votes behind Wilhelm Marx, getting him elected instead of the elderly Paul von Hindenburg, in the 1925 German presidential election.

or, alternatively Thalmann drops out in favour of Marx as well.

Had Hitler died in one of the many assassination attempts prior to the war, then his heirs would have pussied out about Danzig.

>assassinate George Clemenceau

that's it

You've still got Poincare who is even harsher

They where weak but if the military had been given time to recover after the purges, which I would argue Stalin would have gone for at his first opportunity, ie in our timeline non aggression pack with Germany. I imagine it might be around '45 that they would recover enough to stage a major invasion at least of central Europe or the Balkans. Which is what happened anyways I guess so what are we gonna do.

I guess if Marx never lived it would also never come to war.

Why exactly was Stalin so adamant in spreading Communism?

How many countries today are still socialists?

It feels like it swept over the entire world, dragging down most smaller country with it.

I like it because then it would take away the socialist failure that was the bureaucratized police state of the soviet union. maybe we get a country with its fucking pants on to lead the glorious revolution.

Hitler sell a painting

Hitler keeping within the borders of Germany.

Germany wins the WW1.

Just like Germany winning the Franco-Prussian War prevented WW1, amirite.

Avoiding WW1

Frederick III doesn't get cancer

remove russia

sweden ally poland

germans pussy out

Balkanise Germany to 1648 levels and prevent reunification militarily