Who was the single most important person of history, Veeky Forums?

Who was the single most important person of history, Veeky Forums?

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Paradoxical question open for too much philosophical memery.

>Julius Caesar obviously
>Well, than Caesars parents were obviously the most important

Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ


Your mom.

No, seriously, that is the most important person in history for you because she didn't abort or throw you down the well.

Now you shitpost on anime sites.



Seriously tho it was Napoleon

John D. Rockefeller

Unironically Caesar


Mythochondrial Eve and Y-Chromosome Adam.

Jesus Christ, the most important (even non-christian countries adopted the Gregorian Calendar)

Alexander The Great, the most badass (and real scholars know that he wasn't gay or bisexual)

Adolf Hitler, the most controversial


She's getting seriously fat lately.

Cyrus the Great

>She's getting seriously fat lately.
she's a feminist


Why do people keep posting stirner everywhere?



>She's getting seriously fat lately.
Good. It give me a boner.

>She's getting seriously fat lately
Just wait until she dyes her hair blue and gets a shitty t*mblr haircut

Jesus, Josephs wife's son


I'm waiting for the day she lets a surgeon attach a penis and starts calling herself Alfred

Muhammad. Without the slightest doubt.

Define "important".

*bold and beautiful






That Bishop who talked Attila into leaving Italy.b his name escapes me.

Not Bishop

pope leo the i

The first human beings. Without them, none of this shit could happen.

That's the one. Attila would have dropped a hot, steaming log right in the middle of the temple of Vesta

I hate Christcucks, but I actually think it might be Jesus, whether he existed or not.

Christianity defined the identity of Europe for like 1.5 millennia, and Europe would go on to conquer the world and install that identity to every person on Earth.

Not to mention the fact that Islam rose because of how popular Christainity got.

Other people that can compete with him would probably be:
Isaac Newton (probably the most important contender)
St. Paul (if Jesus is actually made up by him)
Siddhartha Gautama
Zarathustra (considering Zoroastrianism gave most of the ideas to Judaism which would later be made into Christianity)
Kong Fu Zi
Cyrus the Great
Alexander the Great
Julius Caesar
Sargon of Akkad

>A spook

t. Me

Only real answer, everybody else matters as much as they matter to me, the most important person.

Anyone telling you otherwise is just spooking you.

t. solipsist


would someone kindly explain this meme to me?


The single most important person in the history of mankind is the mitochondrial Eve, probably.


In the world of ideas:

In the world of action:


>all these anons thinking jesus actually existed


An unrelated note: Marx/Adam Smith.

Gavrilo Princip because he started World War 1.

Fuck that glorified terrorist and everyone who respects him as a national hero.

Literally ISIS tier.

are you saying that jews are rectally buttblasted over a person that never existed? Epic troll desu

This tbhfam

Cyrus, Alexandre, Jesus, Mohammed, Genghis, maybe Charlemagne are contenders.

t. Fran├žois

the first ape that was a man

Each and every one of them, as they are all responsible for creating this present moment.


Warlord, conqueror, founder of a top religion, foundation if the islamic culture and empires.