Who dressed better?

Who dressed better?

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Any more dumb questions?

Who's the guy on the right? Are you including the Ottomans or something?

thats Peter the Great you idiot

Constantine 2bh

Molding the armor into the shape of musculature always came off as a little tacky to me

>having taste this shit

Byzantine Empire had god tier aesthetics.

Augustus was a handsome man

Augustus has some killer calves 2bh

Is this bait?

>curved sword

Shitty bait desu imo lad.

If no bait, that's Constantine XI Paleiologos, last Byzantine emperor before they got buttfucked by the turks.


>don't talk to me and caesar's son ever again


>just turk my shit up fampai

Gee i wonder who wins


Take your disgusting fucking mongoloid self back to fucking /pol/ you absolute fucking waste of life. You fucking refuse!

The Byzantines adopted the Turkic Saber. Even had a local design based off Turkic Saber logic called the Paramerion.

Niggas tend to forget Turkics were in Byzantine armies.

One looks like a god ascended from the heavens and the other looks like a regular soldier with a fancy hat. Like I mean come on its not even fair.


>curved swords


>Changing technology to meet new requirements
>Not Roman as fuck


Isn't curved sword originally from Persia?



Nope. Well forward curving swords were used by Iranics.

But the Saber is a Turkic Invention. It's origins ultimately lay in the single edged swords their on and off enemies - the Chinese- used: the Dao. Popular with regular soldiers and cavalrymen for its slashiness, the Turkics gave it a curve.

Augustus dressed better.

But neither of them had the swag of THE HAMMER

Why is /pol/ such a fucking boogeyman on this board? Act like a fucking adult. Just because someone doesn't like "left-wing" ideals doesn't mean they're a /pol/ack.

Avgvstvs looks patrician as fuck even in his armor.

>talks about Dao
>posts Han Jian

I get what you're saying because it's largely true; the scimitar is kebab meme was only true past the 15th century. But that's a Jian you posted nigga.

I think it's hilarious that scimitars are so ubiquitous with Islam that there's one on the Saudi flag but the actual armies kf Muslim powers into the 14th century had largely straight, cruciform swords and loved some of those made by European smiths.

If you want a good example of this as the Royal Ontario Museum there are a bunch of cruciform swords from the Damascus arsenal in the 13th century with some being captured Crusader arms and others local produce. The Roman armies who faced early Muslim ones would have had similar armaments.

Also Augustus was pretty swag but aren't both statues none contemporary?

>But that's a Jian you posted nigga.
It's a dao. You know how I know it's a dao?

>Single edge.
Which is - literally- the meaning of the word dao: "single-edged cutting tool."

Huh cool. I guess in the Han era they really liked their long straight swords.

I wonder when it developed into the later curved Dao that became the inspiration for the Turkish saber, paramerion, shamshir, scimitar, and szabla

You don't understand: the Turkics gave it a curve. A notion that the Chinese didn't think of before because not all of them were mounted steppenigs and the two handed sword was more versatile for their style of war.

When it came back to them held by invading or raiding steppe nomads in the 900-1100's or so, they began thinking: "Wow, that's actually a good idea. Ouch, stop slashing me."

>Implying you can reason with libruls.
Just let them live in their little bubble, reality it's going to hit them like a bus someday.

>your armor will never tell the story of your legacy

Augustus was a pimp


>You will never charge side by side with your emperor against the turkish hordes in a last attempt to save the city, the marvel of civilization, which your ancestor built and defended it with their lives

>that baby riding a dolphin
What in the fuck

well he was a literal patrician from two patrician families and adopted into another fám


The Octavii were Plebs m8

>called the hammer
>portrayed with an axe

>you will never surround and shell a kafir city to rubble then storm it heroically with people from all the nations of the great ottoman turkish empire, bringing the updated version of the one true faith to them

>he didn't pick Augustus

Turk identified

>you will never be a haiduk, living in the mountains and raiding the passing turkish merchants, then distributing his goods to the local christian people

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