What is your opinion on Muhammad (PBUH)?

What is your opinion on Muhammad (PBUH)?

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he sure did like fucking 9 year olds

Best proselytizer in history.

I feel like Mo was some of the more unique religious founders out there.

There's way too many ascetics, wilderness preachers, turn-the-other-cheek types as founders of religions.

But Muhammad? Fuck no.
>Im oppressed. Im taking my autism away from here.
>Im oppressed here as well. Fuck you guys, you asked for this.
Warlord and Major Religion Founder. No one else in history was like this.

Extremely effective leader/poet
No matter what you think of it as doctrine, the Qu'ran is beautiful. Listen to it chanted sometime.

>everyone wants peace
>muslims want to kill everyone and everything

im glad they got owned by the mongols

I frankly don't care. History is filled with way too many conquerors anyway for me to cry over people his movement killed. But the fact that he established a lasting religion makes him different than most of them.

>im glad they got owned by the mongols
Nice meme history. Many Mongols converted to Islam and the post-mong years of the 15th to 17th Centuries of the Middle East was a second Golden Age consisting of 3 major empires.

>you will never ride with the golden horde and burn down baghdad

God you muslim shits need to be slapped around every now and then

>hurrr quran is beautiful

>I'll completely avoid addressing the content of his post and try to offend someone who is obviously not a muslim by insulting islam...heh heh heh that'll prove'm wrong

His biography as per the Islamic tradition is almost certainly made up or at the very least wildly exaggerated. He most likely led a monotheistic 'revival' movement in Arabia with Jews and Christians under his banner and did not actually intend to start his own religion.

What does PBUH stand for? Person who Breaks Underage Hymens?

Me too user, Often just have it on in the background while gaming.

Personally listen to this one. quranicaudio.com/quran/5

Hey, remember how the Middle East was the center of the world from the dawn of history up until Islam came along?

Peace Be Upon Hera. He was a secret Greek pagan

I wasn't aware Rome is in the Middle East.

They had a good run immediately after. Really the Islamic world wasn't total shit until the fall of the Ottomans.

I think it's hysterical how a dude can start a cult by simply saying that he was visited by an "angel" while alone in a cave. Ranks right up there with "he died for our sins" on the batshit crazy scale.

Just another example of how fucking stupid we are as a species, and shows how shit like scientology can exist, and will always exist in one form or another.

Fun fact, in the quran there is a story where Muhammad rides a flying donkey named lighting to Israel.
This is what muslims actually believe

Is the fun part where you realise this isn't in the Quran at all?

This is the true Veeky Forums tier response. All others are crossboard memeposters.

are you saying the night journey didn't happen?
why is Jerusalem a holy place then?

I'm saying it's not in the Quran.

>"Hey guys, I was meditating in a cave when the angel Gabriel appeared to me and told me that I'm to be gods personal messenger......no, I was alone, nobody else saw him.......no, nobody can come with me when I talk to the angel, I have to be alone.......listen to this and obey, because it's coming from god."

Seems legit....

It was good enough for Mosses.

not to mention Jesus

Jew V.1: The followers of bullshit spewed by Moses.
Jew V.2: The followers of bullshit spewed by the supposed followers of Jesus
Jew V.3: The followers of bullshit spewed by Muhammad.
Jew V.4: The followers of bullshit spewed by Joseph Smith.

Will the Jew nonsense ever end?

I think not.

>rewrites history

The Middle East became the center of the world AFTER Islam arose.

and yet, here you are, 1400 years later and possible on the other side of the globe, hearing and talking about him.

Seems like God knew who to talk to, eh?

Also, to the shitposters.

Muhammad was promised to be wed to Aisha when she was 6ish. Dates and records were not kept until well after the prophet's death, but this is the estimate based on sources.

They wed when she reached puberty. That is the only fact we, without a doubt, can be certain of. because this was the common practice in Arabia, and most of the world, for most of human history.

We also know that people did not reach puberty until later in their lives. girls would not start menstruating until 14-16 years old until modern history.

Muhammad's first wife was also 40 when he was 25. Aisha, was probably 14-16 when they actually consummated the marriage. Aisha was also the daughter of the most influential politician in Arabia. She was going to marry someone important and older, no matter what. Her life was actually much better marrying Muhammad, than marrying the chieftain of a tribe Abu Bakr (her father) wanted to make peace with. She ended up being a teacher, and even led and army during the first Muslim civil war after Muhammad's death (Muslims literally started fighting each other the minute the prophet died).

Isn't this a history board? Why so many people believe in meme history?

The absolute pisser is that Mohammad knew it was satan when it happened, not Gabriel/Jibril.

I get tired after 7.

>I don't care that my "holy man" is an illiterate psychopathic murderer and schizophrenic demon worshiping pedophile; I like him because I was born muslim,

I thought it was peanut butter and honey.

Yes, Operative #82, we muslims are just like you gamers here in the west, with your video consoles and hand held controllers.

It's a holy place because God made it a holy place. It is a muslim holy place because they lied about Mohammad going there. And ascending there to heaven on a donkey named lightning, apparently.

After cutting the moon in half.

No need for any "gods" to talk about historical figures, user.

We talk about Plato, Euclid, Caesar, Arminius, Xerxes, and Darius from time to time too, and they all came long before Momo.

They'll be talking about L. Ron Hubbard and Joseph Smith long after we're gone, sadly enough.


Pick one.


Pick both

That's just as dumb as the Gabriel story, user.

The Golden Horde was muslim tho.....

Married at 6.
Married at puberty

Pick one.

When the truth is dumb to you, you have bigger problems than can be solved on a Sri Lankan spice trading board.

>tfw islam destroys everything it touches
>tfw it's destroying europe now as well
feels bad man

>religious bullshit

Choose one.

Pedo war criminal

Jerusalem is holy to muslims because muslims used to pray towards Jerusalem.... And also The Prophet Muhammed Prayed there with every prophet sent to humans since the dawn of man.

married != consumed marriage

Get the fuck out of my board /pol/ and take your fucking generalized history with it, jesus fucking christ

We can literally never objectively discuss Islam and its creators without a bunch of fucktards jumping in and ruining it with their post-modern political views on a 1500 year old religion

Rubbing your dick between a 6 year old's legs at age 54 is okay though, yes?

t. mohammad

>Raping 6 year olds used to be cool.

That's right. Polygamous marriage were used very frequently to support the wifes and daughters of your fallen comrades.

An illiterate man wrote this? God wrote this.


That thumbnail tho :(

just your average muslim

Veeky Forums buys into all the memes surrounding Islam hook line and sinker yet insists that critics of Christianity hold a PhD in Theology. The sad fact is that Reddit is vastly superior when it comes to discussing religion

One of the worst men in history, the Antichrist, Satan's general and a barbaric uncivilised war criminal.

that was beautiful.

Find a single comment about the age of Aisha before 1800.

Mohammed fucks babies and is a nigger

>Veeky Forums gets mad at pseudo /pol/-christians
>Veeky Forums humors pseudo /pol/-muslims

What does Veeky Forums mean by this?

>Lie twice
>Beg the question

What did he mean by this?


Most muslim scholars agree that they married when she was 6, and that they consummated when she was 9.
Do you claim to know better than them?

Is there someone I could quote on this?

This. Muhammad originally thought he was demon possessed. It was his wife who convinced him that he was a prophet.

>The sad fact is that Reddit is vastly superior when it comes to discussing religion
So why don't you go back?

Veeky Forums is a well-known Reddit colony now.

He wasn't any of those things

>Muhammad was a pedophile
>People are unironically applying moral judgement to someone who lived ovet 2000 years ago

Christ, I'm not defending his actions but this is what the Romans and Greeks literally dis. Hell we even glorify it at occasions (boi pussy). Why is Muhammad the targeted one when plenty of conqerors/cultures have rapes/bedded underage kids?

>inb4 Mudslim

>who lived ovet 2000 years ago
are you from future?

Yes, he's from the future where Islam is the dominant religion of the world and those who insult the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) are dealt with appropriately

What scholars?

He was all of them. He is in hell right now.

Thanks for this

Fat pedo warlord.

Hadith were a mistake

OP's mistake is to start the thread by asking people's opinions. What is even more saddening is how these opinions didn't have any signs of attempt to be a high level of discourse.

A bright and resourceful man, who was able to transform the world with only a handful
desert barbarians, and found the first universal civilization. Who was able, alone, to boot up the decrepit sedentary world of its lethargy and fear, and promote one of the greatest human revolutions.

I find the fact that much of the Koran holds Jewish folklore as fact, the even the Jews do not believe to be true, as quite damning to it's legitimacy.
Muhammad being a merchant son would have heard these myths many times, and outright included them as holy history.
Such as the Jewish folklore that stated during the flood the giants were too tall to drown, so god boiled the flood to kill them by opening an "oven" I forget the name of. Had a specific title and everything.
Now, even by religious stories that's just stupid and inconsistent. But nevertheless the Muslim version of the flood incorporates a shorthand version of Jewish folklore stating the water came down from an oven. You will find no mention of an oven in the Torah or Bible, conversely. Just one of many flaws with Islam just from a historical view.

You sound like a huge faggot

Second generation Muslim teenagers tend to be very assimilated into western culture

Except they don't, and second and third generation immigrants end up becoming even more radicalized than their parents.

What are you talking about? All of my Muslim friends barely even talk about religion

The Romans were not pedophiles at the time of the republic so you can be sure they weren't in the 7th century.

Even if they sometimes betrothed their daughters early to older men, they wouldn't consumate the wedding until they were around 15 or so, and once again, that was more than 700 hundred years before Muhammed.

So if he did indeed (which is not sure), fuck a 9 year old girl, it would have been seen as disgusting by Roman morals of the time. Not only that, but you'd think a "prophet" getting revelation from a god would know better than to stick his dick in a just pubescent (if even that) 9 yo kid.

>but what about my anecdote?!


>Such as the Jewish folklore that stated during the flood the giants were too tall to drown, so god boiled the flood to kill them by opening an "oven" I forget the name of. Had a specific title and everything.

I don't recall such a story being in the Koran, nor does this criticism sound like it comes from a historical point of view rather than another religious polemical one.

It's just the opposite in the UK at least. Only 20% of Muslims aged 55+ want homosexuality to be illegalised, but the percentage gets higher in the lower age brackets, with it being 75% at 16-24 years old

Well, I guess it's different in Canada.

This is a common mistake people make. There's no sliding scale of religious radicalism i.e. their parents were not radicalized in the first place. Radicalization is a direct result of assimilation into western culture followed by a rejection of one's place within it, rather than a failure of assimilation.

Older generations of Muslims are less radical and more traditional, while younger generations are susceptible to radicalization which is a completely separate phenomenon altogether.

Irrelevant semantics. The kids are radicalized and the parents are not, so the kids are more radicalized than the parents.

It's not irrelevant, the original point was about assimilation. Radicalization is not the opposite of assimilation (that would be traditionalism), but a negative reaction to having been assimilated.

He was just another warlord and he raped a child.


It is only due to a quirk of history that he became famous, he was born at a time when Arabia was developing economically and had become a power of its own, making good use of cavalry like the Mongols. If he didn't exist some other warlord would end up being the founder of some political entity that would go on to spread throughout the crumbling Roman and Persian Empires.

Your insistence about there not being a sliding scale is untrue. 1st generation immigrants surely faced adversity and challenges when trying to assimilate, as do all immigrants, but they didn't set off and commit crimes against that nation. They still got "close" in the sense that the forces that encourages radicals today was likely encouraging them as well, but they resisted.

Each generation of immigrants has likely faced some sort of negativity in their efforts to assimilate. The difference between the generations is that the latter generations are far more likely to become radical. Therefor, the kids are more radicalized than the parents.

>Your insistence about there not being a sliding scale is untrue

Yet there hasn't been any evidence to the contrary. Generational gaps are not indicative of any kind of sliding scale, just an 'is-not' relationship. You also missed what was said about assimilation - it's not about the difficulty of the process, it's the end result. Radicalization was never an issue of struggling to adopt Western norms and find one's place within a normal Western society, thus it has absolutely nothing to do with the experiences of the first generation of Muslim immigrants. Radicalization comes about after full assimilation, when the children of immigrants have grown up fully assimilated into Western culture, but reject their place within it.

The great mistake everyone glosses over in assimilation debates is that assimilation is the target goal that leads to happiness, and thus a counter against radicalization.

Pederasty was THE Greco-Roman national sport. I don't know what you're talking about.

Anyone else read about the story where a caravan left Aisha behind when she looked for a piece of jewelry she lost? A guard brought her back to Muhammad but his rivals spread rumors that she cucked him with the guard.

Muhammad literally is recorded as having a NTR breakdown over this until Allah assures him that Aisha was innocent.

>pedophilia and rape are bad
>"individuals don't matter, it was inevitable that someone would do the same thing" leftist bullshit
back to tumblr

Muhammad existed, but most details of his life are debated and mixed up in the myth making of early Islamic civilization. His biography is the result of some hundreds of years of sectarian and theological argument, and an entirely new field of scientific history is created centuries later in order to collect and rationalize his biographies and sayings. It wasn't imposed from above and there was no conspiracy then and now people use words he never said, in a context that never existed, to legitimize behavior he could have never understood. You can always tell who are Veeky Forumstorians and who should fuck off back to another board or to a nonexistent /rel/ by who starts arguing points of history directly from hadith like they were chronicles.

This is a very retarded opinion, my dear. I will not even get into your abyssal anachronism, which is ridiculous in any case.

It is difficult to apply the definition of "warlord" for someone who has developed one of the most stable, durable and efficient systems of human history.

It is too easy to gather a bunch of riders and set fire to the world. The Huns did it, the Mongols did it, and countless people before. There is no merit in it.

Now, with a band of riders , conquer not just 1/3 of the known world, but the hearts and minds of its inhabitants? Erecting a virtually indestructible civilization, continuously expanding, penetrating the remotest parts of the world, converting to its cause the fiercest foes, and regenerating from complete ruin as if nothing had happened?

Very few have a legacy minimally close to Muhammad.

This, Aisha didn't seem to become a broken shell because she had to sleep with a 40 year old man.

She became the most faithful and educated Muslim of his wives, and even stayed a political force until Ali defeated her faction at the battle of the camel.

It helped th at Muhammad let her keep a remnant of her childhood with her after marriage. She still played with dolls with Muhammad sometimes playing along and had friends her own age still be allowed to visit. She even got along pretty well with his older wives, even when they knew Aisha was the favored wife.

Despite probably sticking his dick between her thighs at 9 and sexing her at 11 he seemed to be a good husband.