Assuming the European Bank would decide to decorate their currency in a more imaginative manner than bricks and mortar, the portraits of which historical persons would you put on Euro banknotes? The persons need to represent the history of European civilization and hold an influence that is not limited to their own respective national culture.

Keep in mind you need to have something of a proportional representation for the different regions of Europe, different cultures and ideally different periods as well. They should be of different vocations and professions and come from diverse categories (i.e. politics, culture, art, philosophy, music, etc). Bonus points if you squeeze in women. Also no Hitler pls.

You have seven places to fill (for notes from €1 to €500), but the order and value of the currency is not an issue.

Non-Euro here.

Intellectuals and Artists will be your best bet.
Shit like Da Vinci, Plato, Voltaire, Kant or some shit.

Pretty neutral and pan-european as opposed to slapping one of your kings or generals on the bill.

My own choices:

>Jean d'Arc
>Friedrich the Great
>David Hume
>Edvard Grieg
>Emile Cioran

>Europe is Germany meme

5. Alexander the great



50. Galileo

100. Newton

200. Immanuel Kant

500. Plato

Oh shit, I forgot Brits are not in the euro, replace Newton with Copernicus.


>Emile Cioran
>on a Euro banknote
As a Romanian, this triggers me.

Newton is very very English. Maybe someone like Francis Bacon had more cosmopolitanism appeal at the time. Also wrote in Latin.

>british people
>on euro bills

Because he wrote mostly in French n shit?

The artistic trends which expanded through a fair bunch of the continent are already pretty much apolitic and pan-european.


t. time traveler from 2020


Still Romanian.

>Mansa Munsa
>Syuleiman the Great
>a penguin
>Muhammed :^)

Johannes Gutenburg

Civ V pls

Julius Cesar
Albrecht Dürer
Francisco Goya
Jan Sibelius
Milan Kundera

Good Goya

>Milan Kundera
Oh shit forgot he's still alive. Make it Vaclav Havel then.

Havel deserved the noose if anything, fuck out with that bullshit.

Cry more tankie.

could Scotland vote to stay in the EU as an autonomous region?

>wrote a big book titled "I'm not listening because this hurts my feelings"


I think that's kinda the plan.

To cover all the realms of magnificence and the most countries possible
Da Vinci

Fairly retarded post.

Did you even watch the whole thing.

I'm not a communist.


>mediocre playwright
>collaborated with the STB
>"celebrity dissident" focused on by western press so the commies couldn't hurt him while people like Cibulka were literally tortured
>refused to jail the commies after '89
>his own country fell apart during his presidency
>pushed for the bombardment of Yugoslavia

What does fucking Tesla have to do with the euro? Serbia is not in the eurozone and the guy spent most of his life in the US anyway.

>pushed for the bombardment of Yugoslavia
>implying this is a bad thing

He became the go-to meme scientist for some reason.

t. Albanian

we cant really do that, because shit countries with no contribution (like Poland) would be mad that they are not represented

all 6 of the original countries may choose one of their people. Then for the 7th bill we have a random black refugee.

Caesar, Alexander, Charlemagne, Napoleon, Bismarck, Victoria, Isabella

He was born in Croatia. Croatia is in the EU.

I like the idea of different countries putting their own portraits on bills like the Euro already does with symbols on coins.

In that case for my country I would pick
>Wolfe Tone 5
>Brian Boru 10
>Michael Collins 20
>Padraig Pearse 50
>Hugh O'Neill 100
>Bram Stoker 200
>Kevin Shields 500

From Poland you can pick Chopin and Copernicus.




Bono would get there before Kevin, alas.

*from France and Germany


Still not in the Eurozone. That's like Russians putting a Polish person on their currency.

Diogenes would fit better.

Get somebody who actually did his most important work in Europe - Dolivo-Dobrovolski or Bohr(if you want le meme scientists).

Replace Goya for Cervantes.

Didn't knew that.
Then it can be Copernicus or Kafka instead of Tesla.

That's all fine and dandy for Italy/France/Germany, but who the fuck are you gonna put in for the cultural lightweights? The first choice in most fields for the baltics or say even Portugal and Belgium would be much worse than the big guys' third or fourth choices.

Might as well have more than one face per banknote:
5€: Socrates/Descartes/Kant
10€: Vivaldi (or Verdi)/Mozart/Sibelius
20€: Dante/Schiller/Wilde
50€: Michelangelo/Picasso/Rembrandt
100€: Pasteur (or Lavoisier)/Kepler/Lemaitre
200€: Marco Polo/Magellan/Cortez (or whatever third explorer, can't think of anyone)
500€: Da Vinci/Goethe/Aristotles

Holy shit it's so hard to keep italians and brits out of this kind of lists.

I feel like Beethoven would look good on a banknote.

Third explorer can be Francis Drake.

It's already the god damn anthem of the EU. Can't hog Ludwig like that.

>Francis Drake
It's a fucking brit.

Yeah there's no way this shit's ever gonna happen. Every nation is gonna want to have its own figures on the notes.
We should just do as we did with the coins, every nation has its own version. Maybe put in categories for every cut, like:
5. patriot
10. writer
20. musician
50. painter
100. scientist
200. philosopher
500. leader

For example, Italy:
Michelangelo (fuck da Vinci, he's already got the 1€ coin)
Giordano Bruno

Well, might as well do this for Finland

5. Eugen Schauman
10. Aleksis Kivi
20. Jean Sibelius
50. Akseli Gallen-Kallela
100. Mikael Agricola
200. Jaakko Hintikka
500. Urho Kekkonen (this'll probably trigger many, but the 500 won't probably be around for long so whatever)

The EU is the new Rome so
>Julius Caesar
>Constantine Palaiologos

or switch a few around idgaf

>Includes Cuckonen
>Disregards Mannerheim

Given the EU's policies, this is the only plausible list so far.

The fact that you call him Cuckonen is why i chose him. Besides Mannerheim is overrated and steals too much credit from other commanders

>no da Vinci because coins
>puts in Dante
You're a fucking moron aren't you?

The bills represent the periods of European history in architecture so I think the people should reflect that.

5= Antiquity
20=High medieval

Marcus Aurelius
Albert Einstein
Clovis I
Casimir III
Bartolomé de las Casas
Auguste Escoffier

From Krautland

>5. patriot
>10. writer
>20. musician
Wagner, since Beethoven is already in the anthem and Salzburg is currently in Austria
>50. painter
Only one I call recall is Ernst
>100. scientist
>200. philosopher
>500. leader
Frederick the Great

>new Rome
>doesn't even have an army of its own
yeah no

Can you find seven notable figures from Cyprus?

From France

>5. patriot
Jean Moulin
>10. writer
Victor Hugo
>20. musician
Hector Berlioz
>50. painter
Claude Monet
>100. scientist
Louis Pasteur
>200. philosopher
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
>500. leader
Charles De Gaulle

>Milan Kundera
well that's a name I didn't expect to pop up on Veeky Forums, ever

People here read books senpai

From Spain
5. Rafael del Riego.
10. Cervantes.
20. Manuel de Falla.
50. Velázquez or Goya.
100. Ramón y Cajal.
200. Séneca or Averroes.
500. Carlos III (Suarez perharps).

>tfw no banknotes with mortars

this. Leaders are too controversial, you usually don't become great leader without triggering some people abroad.

Cultural figures can be just as controversial tbqh. Imagine putting Dostoevsky on a Russian currency without someone going muh misogyny muh antisemitism.

Leaders are ok if they are long enough dead. For example no one would mind Ceaser, not even the french.

Adolf Hitler

Julius Caesar

>no Simo Häyya

Jesus Christ on every note

All of the above bar napolean

>Julius Caesar
>Alfred Nobel
>Queen Isabella I of Castile
>John Paul II

Literally perfect, come the fuck at me

mannerheim was nothing but foreign imperialist, traitor of his country and people and cold-blooded murderer.

>john paul II on the 500

He isn't culturally or historically important desu

Socrates (symbolize ancient foundations, wisdom-seeking)
Leonardo Da Vinci (art, imagination, complexity of "Renaissance man")
John Amos Comenius (education)
Erasmus of Rotterdam (humanism, tolerance)
Marie Curie (progress, international collaboration, gender equality)
Albert Schweitzer (compassion, equality, humanitarian involvement)
Alberto Barbosa (multiculturalism)

...What ever you say man.

- King Leopold II of Belgium

- Francesco Franco

- Oskar Dirlewanger

- Vlad the Impaler

- Pius XII

- Hernan Cortez

- Johan Cruiff

Damn son careful with all those edges

>Using soviet propaganda

What about Charlemagne?

>John Paul II
>Marie Curie
But Poland isn't in a Eurozone!

I would love to have Vlad the Impaler staring at me on the 500 bill

So there are 7 spots to fill, and they should all be people whose importance resonates across all of the West. I'd nominate:

- Charlemagne (700s)
- Oresme (1300s, science)
- Columbus (1400s, exploration)
- Leonardo (1500s, art)
- Descartes (1600s, philosophy)
- Bach (1700s, music)
- Napoleon (1800s, politics)

I think that's a decent balance between time periods, and also a mix of countries. Of course it doesn't include any East Europeans or women, but I don't think you could do that without blatant tokenism.


>no EE
Triggered, change this now!

images of people of haram. all future eu currency will only have geometric patterns and the crescent moon on them.

>not combining historical people and architecture

Most of Eastern Europe isn't in the Eurozone anyway.

Oops wrong one

Country-specific bills pls.