Did female vikings participate in the raping?

did female vikings participate in the raping?

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In reality they were viking futas

Revisionist scum, all vikings were actually viqueens - the men stayed at home while the women did all the fighting.

What the fuck did you think happened? Only the viking women raped.

Yes. They were just on the receiving end.

That image irks me more than it should.


They would raid coastal towns and fuck young males up the arse.

>still being a misogynist

female vikings existed in large numbers, why are you surprised? If the harshest environment on the planet produced the world's strongest men shouldn't it also produce the world's strongest women? Get over it you gamergate loser

I want a viking woman to roughly take me

Yes, they probably enjoyed making young Christian men give into lust by force.

No they did not.
Knowing women lack of combat capability is not hating women you moron.
Women were not involved or anywhere near equal to men In combat.

>did female vikings participate in the raping?

Only the black ones.

Look, just cut to the chase and give me a fapfic or something already

I honestly can't believe anyone fell for a bait this obvious

Meh bored at work keeps me entertained.

>harshest environment
>harsh at all

Being raped by a strong raider bitch is my fetish.


ITT: fanfic.

I see no fanfic here

someone post a fanfic about mighty viking women raping the meek Christian men so I can nut

They didn't even participate in the fighting. Lay off the hollywood.

literally can't find one on sexstories.com

>viking women raping the meek Christian men
mfw vikings got their ass kicked whenever they faced a real army and not old priests.

muh Valhalla


Most of the time, they had their hands full with managing the holdings of their husbands. You could make a case that they did their rapings using economics rather than with sex, but then you have Grunhild the mother of kings.

Guess I'll have to write one up. Gimme suggestions and ideas.

I don't think they were claiming that women are just as good as men. Women being weaker doesn't mean female vikings are an impossibility.



make the subject of shieldmaiden'/s affections 18 or under


Give her boots with heels of some sort.

Don't care about age, but make him a NEET monk who just finished memeing with snails.

Do it user,but make it historically accurate

Fucking this. Do it user.

>tfw your young, tight arse will never be forcefully penetrated by a qt viking futa

Fun fact:
When looking at skeletons of Vikings, women are actually more masculine while men are more effeminate.

>Skelleterne afslorer en anden forskel på os og vikingerne: Mænds og kvinders ansigter lignede hinanden mere i vikingetiden, end de gor i dag.

>»Skeletterne fra vikingetiden er faktisk vanskelige at konsbestemme. Mandekranierne er lidt mere feminine, og kvindekranierne har været mere maskuline, end de er i dag. Det gælder selvfolgelig ikke alle skeletter fra vikingetiden, men generelt er vikingetidens skeletter svære at konsbestemme,« fortæller skeletforskeren.

>Hun forklarer uddybende, at kæbepartiet og ojenbrynsbuerne hos vikingekvinden ofte er kraftige, mens vikingemandens kæbeparti og ojenbrynsbuer er mere feminine, end forskerne er vant til, når de konsbestemmer skeletter fra andre perioder.

When you write this, make sure to give it to us you memer.

this so much.

big, strong women who can kick ass are so fucking sexy.

>women are actually more masculine while men are more effeminate

this seems to be a repeating theme with northern european men

>tfw no high test vikingfu

How often did vikings sell other vikings into slavery btw?

~2000 years ago

> This is what happens when people watch "Vikings" instead of reading history.

How's this so far?

You scrambled behind the pillar when the door burst open with a crash. If only you had time to put out the light, but the noise sent you tumbling from your easel out of instinct, fearing the abbot had found you scribbling away at the margins again. Not short on stupid bravery you chanced a quick glance around the corner only to dart back into hiding, a cold sweat running down your neck and into your palms. Just what in God's holy name was that? The distant rousing of screams sent shivers down to your knees, and you held them tight to keep her from hearing them knock. There was a woman in the scriptorium with you, and no matter the armor or warrior trousers and tatters on her you knew by terrifying instinct it was a woman.

Was it a raid? Was she a raider? You tore at your scalp as if the panic could tonsure you. But none of it mattered when you heard her snicker, then laugh that womanly, pleasant, terrible laugh. "What is this, a hare? With an axe?" she snorted, the words clenching you with burning embarassment. Of course she wouldn't understand, a plebeian, a heathen, a woman. Not even the abbot understood. Even the other monks, on and on with their snails! Stupid and brave, you jumped to your feet and lifted your shoulders and pointed with righteous indignation. She just stared, blinked a few times, and let a wry, confused smile creep across her cut lips. And in the end there was a sword at your chest sending you scrambling backwards and onto the floor.

Bemused, she just stared with fascination at the idiot who went on and on about his rabbits. You even blushed and looked away, not only in shame but in a sudden fit of admiration for such a cute expression. Until, that is, she started snickering, burying her face into her sleeve. That was your chance to scramble away, but she was faster, and put her heeled boot down between your legs pinning your long robe to the floor. That's when she gasped, and dared you to close your legs with her sword hovering against your knee and prying them apart. Pushing tight against your robe was all your lust bared shamelessly for her to see. You squirmed and yelled at her to get away, but with another step she pinned your shoulders to the floor as well, her heel sliding up your chest and up underneath your jaw. Forced to look up at her sneering face, you felt her sword tap your cock gently, and watched her giggle as it bobbed and strained against your robe.


That's a no then?

I haven't read it yet
hold on

fuck this nerd masochist rape fantasy shit make it a fucking tavern brawl that leads to an orgy


>remove Lutefisk

Gonna have to wait your turn, other anons wanted their monk MC.

Please include foot play

Don't normally write foot play, but how's this

Whether it was her heels digging into your throat, her giggling, smiling face staring at you, or the threat of her blade so close to your manhood, your cock couldn't help but stiffen even further and fence boldly with her sword. Suddenly there was a tearing sound, and you shivered at the touch of cold steel against your naked erection. Finally the laughing stopped, this tie replaced with a pleasant gasp of surprise as she looked down. Removing her weapon from your crotch the woman tapped your cheek this time with an odd order. Unable to resist, but cursing her with every quiet, hitched breath, you helped her pull her feet from her boot. Relieved to find her weight off your throat, you nonetheless choked on your breath as you leaned forward off the ground, following her feet dancing its way down your chest and over your cock. The first word of protest had her tease the tip of her sword at your lips, and the first jerk of excitement had her tease the tip of your cock with her heel, rolling the hard member in small circles before sliding her foot down the length and underside, pushing it against your stomach.

Nobody speaks that snow patois

She's too fat

C-continue, you are doing the Lord's work.

>remove Lutefisk

everyone can agree on this

This should be it for the footsies, though I might stop here anyway. I'll save this and pick it up for another rainy day if I remember.

Soon her sword drifted away, her attention rapt and honed on the dance of your cock under her foot. While no where near as bright as yours, the warrior woman's cheeks began to glow as well, and the heat surged right down to her toes, pinching at your foreskin as they curled and kneading the underside of the sensitive tip whenever her heel rolled down the excess skin. You again launched your feeble tirade, though not every word was so hateful and pointed as you uncontrollably mewled under her playful foot. But she did take offense, and taking hold of your scalp she pulled your face into her crotch, and demanded such crude obscenities that your poor cock couldn't help but throb in excitement. Your hands clawed at her ass, biting into her trousers, and pulled them inch by tight inch down her hips as she began to stroke your shaft with the ball of her foot and her toes rolling foreskin.

>tfw no viking gf to femdom you


>Tfw no viking qt raider will ever rape you

1000 years ago yeah. Probably.
Harshest place on earth? no.
Among the top 10 harshest places that were inhabited? yeah, maybe.

Hvorfor oversætter du det ikke til engelsk, de fatter det jo ikke?

>Among the top 10 harshest places that were inhabited? yeah, maybe.
Scandinavia is nowhere near the top 10 harshest place in Europe, let alone the world.

"Scandinavia" 1000 years ago meant Denmark and the warmest parts of Sweden and Norway anyway.

>female scientist

Well shit what a surprise.

It's not harsh because of the environment, it's harsh because there are Vikings everywhere and they think their way into the best afterlife is fighting and killing.

If anything, how nice the environment is just causes there to be more murderous Vikings.

yes they used wooden strap-ons there is document about it somewhere on the internet.

>so much backtracking


>tfw you will never get killed by qt viking girl
>tfw she will never open your belly with a knife
>tfw she will never put her freezing feet into your belly to warm them up





Tacitus talked about a northern Germanic tribe where women ruled.
So Sweden Yes was already a thing thousands of years ago.

And how he described Finland was basically a hunter gatherer society.


Just then as you and her were lost in the moment, as quickly as it had come it vanished as the abbot opened the door and the portly man demanded she-viking to relent. For he did not consent to such acts in the Lord's Scriptorium. She turns around pants around her ankles and charges at the Abbot. The Abbot with inhuman speed dashes toward her like lighting. She stabs him straight through the gut. The Abbot slumps over, dead, mostly. She returns to you but you attempt to scramble away as snails are slowly making their way out of your pockets. It is at this time as you hold your snails that you see the Abbot begin to jiggle, first his tummy, then his flabby arms, then the multitude of chins that were once resting beneath his face begin shaking violently. By the power of God he exclaims as he rises, floating in the air two inches above the ground. He begins to gain mass, shaking ever more violently hes becoming larger and larger. She is visibly struggling to resist his gravitational pull. soon all the books and lecterns are drawn to him like magnets, his mass putting the quantum relativity of the sun to shame. As she flies towards him at the speed of sound you find that the only thing keeping you on the ground is the snail brigade that has made a chain of snails around you and coated you with their slime.
As she draws near the Abbot lifts his robe and she is impaled on his five foot donger. Straight through the midsection. The snail slime isn't strong enough, you begin to feel the pull of the large Abbot who is now bringing the longship out of the sea. Soon you too are impaled. You watch as the Abbot grows and grows attracting Saxons from across the Sea and Celts from Ireland.
So big, so holy.

And so it was, The Abbot of the of Lindesfarne became the Isle of England.
The end.

it kinda does

Please finish actual story and put it somewhere. This was 2hawt4me.

1000-2000 years ago it was actually a lot warmer and the climate was closer of modern day northern france than today's scandinavia

No. There have been a lot of periods of warmer/colder weather.
It was possible to bring armies from Sweden to Denmark over the sea, due to it freezing over (there are both accounts of this from the late medieval period, due to the Little Ice Age but also from earlier tribes walking over the seas).
Also, global temperature doesn't indicate local temperature. It snowed yesterday/tonight here in Sweden as an example, even though this winter has been kinda warm.

Also, it is worth noting that the debate is contrasted to the Little Ice Age and they claim that middle medieval period (1000-1100) could have been as hot as today or 1-2 degrees hotter, in some parts of the world. It is still debated whether it was truly global or not.
It is worth noting that the Swedish temperature has gone down to -20 degrees celcius in Småland as an example (relatively far down), -30 degrees in other places, really cold winters in Götaland has been around -40 and the coldest temperatures in Norrland has been down to -50.
Saying that Sweden wasn't dire due to relatively "warm" weather is silly when the winters may drop down to -20 C.

>Saying that Sweden wasn't dire due to relatively "warm" weather is silly when the winters may drop down to -20 C.
and what's so harsh in that? it's like that for like a month or two a year, no big deal since you can just sit inside and keep the fire burning. and i live in north, it's even less so in skåne or denmark that were the most populous areas during early medieval. most of the time it's just as warm and at midsummer even hotter than in south.

If you're going to revise the claim from: "it was warm when the vikings lived" to "winters aren't bad" is kinda ridiculous.
First of all, you're making a harder claim to defend.
Secondly, all it takes is a bad harvest to wind up in starvation mode during the winter. Winters can be very long and the period of no food production may be much longer than the long winters.
You cannot compare you contemporary access to resources like bananas imported from some Amercian subject.
They didn't have potatoes or modern crops, the same kind of heating we have etc.
I don't argue that vikings were hardened due to rough winters or anything. I just state that living in Scandinavia was considerably rougher than other places. In fact, the idea that nations progress due to rough climates is eniterily backwards. It is nations with a lot of wealthy resources that enter rapid growth and development.
Sweden is basically prosperous because the fall of Rome enabled Sweden to enter the medieval period (as an independent Christian nation) and development of agriculture from like 1000-1600 and caught up with the rest of the world perfectly in time with the renaissance.
So basically:
TL;DR: vikings were degenerate savages living in a hard environment until they became cultivated enough for you to not starve during winters.

>If you're going to revise the claim from:
i'm not. it still was warmer back then. even modern winters aren't really bad and at around 900AD they were even less so. öresund freezing so that army could cross it on foot was really, really extraordinary event. little ice age was completely different and happened over half a thousand years after the viking age was over.

>all it takes is a bad harvest
and no. that's exactly the reason why nordic food culture is so different from mainland europe. southerners were completely dependent on wheat but since the harvests were (and are) small and scarce this far north local cuisine is based just as much if not more on fish and dairy products than rye, turnips and barley.

My point is that even if it was more rare it could still happen.
Let's say we have a four periods with average temps (example): -10, 0, 10, 0. Then average temp is 0 degrees.
Let's say all periods increase with two degrees:
-8, 2, 12, 2. Then the average temperature has increased with 2 degrees. The winters become shorter etc., but it doesn't mean that it was somehow a good condition for agriculture etc., which will enable a more stable food income than basically hunter-gathering methods (not saying they were hunter-gatherers).
I was a bit too hyperbolic because I am tired of viking circlejerks, quite literally considering the fan fic above.
I might respond more properly when I'm on my computer and can look up links/facts.

Also, it might be worth considering why the North has such a low capita per area compared to like Britain which is better suited for agriculture.

that's exactly the reason. scandinavia couldn't provide that much population but that doesn't mean that the life was any harder for the ones that it could. more like opposite, less mouths means less things to worry about.

scandinavian settlers aren't viking user. there was a lot fo scandinavian female SETTLERS, not vikings.

Yes. I am aware, I referred to "the vikings" as the settlers due to it being called "vikingatiden" (which is misguided).
I remain agnostic about whether there were female raiders or not, but I consider it a possibility.

I find this inference a bit misguided.
Isn't it sound to assume there is a correlation between how hard it is to maintain a life in a place and how mant will survive/settle there, and vive versa?
Some people may judge that harder places are livable, but they will be in the minority, not solely becase of the available resources but the extreme sacrfices some people are ready to make, or having to make due to being pushed further away.
It seems like your assumption would ultimately lead, if we use it universally, that all cultures have it equally easy?

it's not any harder. it's just less abundant.

There are many reasons to why people might live in rough environments. Your argument doesn't make any sense if you actually think about it.

but scandinavia isn't a rough environment.there are hard places too, but scandinavia isn't one of them. getting food out of the ground is just as easy as anywhere else, you just get it a bit less so you can't feed that many people with it.

for you

Seriously, is this what you are arguing?
>It was harder to live there so less people lived there so it was as easy to live there as anywhere else.
It is retarded since it can be applied to any harsh environment, also it still assumes that it is hard to live there.


but it isn't harder to live here. it's not about what it takes to get food, it's about when you can do that what it takes. in mainland europe you can get two or even three harvest's per year but here it's only one. but amount and difficulty of labor to get that one is roughly similar.