Homogeneity in Japan and Postwar Guilt

While post-imperial nations like the UK, France and Germany have gone entirely multicultural, Japan is still pretty much homogenous and ethnic in its identity. Why is it the case? Doesn't Japan, being a similarly democratic and progressive society, have the same type of postwar guilt as European nations?

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Japan is not homogeneous and what the fuck does it mean for a country to be "ethnic"? Go jump off a bridge.

1.5% of their population is Korean/Chinese though.

Because guilt culture is a white thing.

20% of the population of Germany is of non-German background.

Bullshit, India is constantly guilted for treatment of muslims and christians

The whole idea of "Germany" is absurd and has caused nothing but trouble since 1870

Because they're not cucked except for sexually.

Do you think they care?

>the answer may surprise you

And they'll eventually assimilate into the Japanese mainstream. Japanese took in Korean and Chinese refugees in the past and they mixed in.

Fuck no. They were a noble culture before the war and a degenerate one now, but they still have no place for outsiders.

The Chinese are hardly people, so war crimes against them don't really count

>Post-war guilt
What does Japan have to be guilty about? They were just creating an Asia for Asians only. Besides if they weren't punished severely by the US or any other foreign power this definitely means they didn't do anything wrong.

You're assuming that "postwar guilt" - by which I assume you really mean "white guilt", which you didn't use to avoid being written off as a retarded /pol/lack - is what caused race-blind immigration policies.

Half chink here from the mainland. Taiwan is the true China. China is an environmental and cultural blight on the rest of Asia

It literally did. It might have been constructed post hoc but it's absolutely about the experience of WW2.

>They were just creating an Asia for Asians only
>"Asian race"

>Japan is not homogeneous and what the fuck does it mean for a country to be "ethnic"? Go jump off a bridge.

he didn't say that the country was ethnic, but that their identity is ethnic, meaning that in order for them to consider you to be Japanese, you must actually be ethnically Japanese.

you guys are alright
don't go to manchuko tomorrow

It wasn't imposed on them.

Textbook revisionism, the entire Chinese dickwaving contest over several disputed areas, and the rise of the Japanese extreme far-right nationalists (of which fucking Abe is one) is proof against.

And while Japan is largely homogenous, they have other cultures. In fact, it took them up until recently (give or take 5 to 10 years) to recognize the Ainu as an indigenous people. There's also the Koreans and Chinese, and interestingly enough, a few 2nd-generation Japanese from BRAZIL HUEHUEHUE and Filipino expats.

>2nd-generation Japanese from BRAZIL HUEHUEHUE
The fact that Japanese-Brazilian is thing just goes to show how random history really is.

Japs dont give a fuck the same way that Americans do.

>it's absolutely about the experience of WW2
Where's the proof? Hell, you couldn't even include brief reasoning connecting WW2 and race-blind immigration policies.

1. Why were race-blind immigration policies implemented two to three decades after WW2 if your claim is correct? Why was there such a delay? Was it the joos?
2. Why is there no corresponding result between the victors and losers? Ie, you identify both winners and losers among the countries that developed race-blind immigration policies.
3. Each country had its own particular experiences in WW2. It's dishonest to completely neglect to identify what their experiences had in common such that there was widespread movement toward race-blind immigration policies among such countries.

>far right nationalist

Not really. You do know that countries like Brazil and Argentina received millions of immigrants in the XIX and XX century, right?

The allies didn't really give a fuck about all of the genocide imperial Japan committed since it wasn't against Europeans, so they didn't feel the need to brainwash the Japanese with anti-nationalism.
If the Soviet Union had conquered Japan, the situation would be very different.

because japan is based nation with lot of 'spooks', 'spooks' such as honour, devotion to nation and emperor, and obsession with tradition, and purity is what makes japan great in the first place

literally one of the spookest nation in the world

The Emperor was forced to deny his divinity, cut down it's extreme nationalism and American pretty much ran Japan like it owned it for some time and controlled it's development.

The fact that a society like Japans simply laughed at that author and his buddies that wanted to reinstall the emperor as ruler is proof of that.

Japanese capitalism is structured differently than in most Western countries and has been struggling along o.k. and has at least remained industrialized

>Another case in point: does capitalism require plutocrats? The classic capitalist answer is that somebody has to own productive assets with a view to maximizing their profit, some of those who do will succeed brilliantly, therefore somebody must be rich.
>But the Japanese see this as wasteful, so their system is designed so that corporations, in essence, largely own themselves. Even when there are nominal outside owners, corporations are managed so that the bulk of the wealth generated by the corporation flows either to the incomes of present workers or to investment in the future competitive strength of the company, making the workers and the company itself the de facto or beneficiary owners.
>Most corporate capital in Japan is owned by banks, and the banks are principally owned not by shareholders, but by other companies in the same keiretsu or industrial group. And who owns these companies? Although there are some outside shareholders, majority control is in the hands of the keiretsu’s bank and the other companies in the group. So in essence, the whole thing is circular and private ownership of the means of production has basically been put into the back seat.

>The political economy described above is the product of thinking that originated among Japan’s colonial bureaucrats entrusted with the industrialization of Japan’s colony of Manchuria in the 1930’s. They published their Economic New Structure Manifesto in 1940 as a result of their experience of the inefficiency of traditional capitalism as a development strategy. In the short run, the elite Zaibatsu capitalists of Japan vetoed their ideas, but in the long run, partly as a result of the American occupation’s assault on the big property owners, a product of their New Dealers’ conviction that industrial concentration was an abettor of fascism, they were able to triumph.
>One way to describe the Japanese achievement is to say that they have achieved what the Nazis wanted to achieve but didn’t, largely of course because they were mad serial killers obsessed with a lot of things other than economics. Ironically, Asiatic Japan comes closer than any nation on earth to what Hitler wanted. It is a socially conservative, hierarchical, technocratic, orderly, pagan, sexist, nationalist, racially pure, anti-communist, non-capitalist and anti-Semitic society.
>Of course, it would be unfair to describe contemporary Japan as Nazi-like in any of the senses that are notorious (though one cannot help observing that she has never been contrite about her WWII actions the way Germany has.) More correctly, the architects of the Japanese system learned from their disastrous experience in WWII that the kind of society they wanted could not be achieved through a totalitarian predator-state and they calculated that it could be achieved through the forms, though not the content, of liberal democracy, which is how Japan presents itself.

>half chink
>les supreme gentleman
Taiwan is no more "true China" than Japan is like some austists claim.

This journal is trash-tier.

>Bought into the Co-prosperity Sphere meme

>she has never been contrite about her WWII actions the way Germany has
Japan is one of few countries that apologized officially and repeatedly for their war atrocity and colonial rule. Has U.S or Russia apologized for Vietnam or Afghanistan? U.K for India?

Yes, but they laughed at Mishima because his coup attempt was terribly organized, it was like a poor man's February 26 Incident. It wasn't because the entire population of Japan suddenly did a conscious 180 (they were simply compelled to follow the anti-imperial line just like how they had been compelled or forced the imperial line for most of their lives).

I think the problem is that the apologies were always followed by some high placed asshat doing or saying some shit that is at the opposite of the apology. If only they stopped electing kuk politicians everything would be better already.

>in order for them to consider you to be Japanese, you must actually be ethnically Japanese.
From a few anecdotes I know, that actually depends. For example people who run "JAPANESE ONLY" shops don't necessarily make the distinction between being ethnically or legally Japanese and ethnically non-Japanese can have the same reception ethnic Japanese get as long as they are Japanese citizens. On the other hand, naturalized people might run into certain problems on the level of some governmental services. Also, a stereotypical white and blonde foreigner can be spotted in the forefront of the masses of heroic & legit Japanese who just want to make Japan great again depicted in the pages of a certain infamous nationalist propaganda manga.
So it varies from person to person once you go beyond the initial question of appearance.

They were degenerate before m8, now take off your "trilby" and sheath that karana.

That one?

"Let's reclaim Japan. WITH NAKED. MUSCLED. YOUTH." I'm sorry, but even I'd be laughing until I ran out of air.


It's coming to bite them in arse now. Trying to engage in neo-liberal economics whilst maintaining a very low immigration intake is a poor mix. Along with an incredibly huge ageing population, they have an extremely poor birth rate, they're the only first world country to experience deflation, income is falling as housing increases and they barely have any youth to work in manual jobs. Their population is also set to fall bellow 100,000,000 very soon. Bad times ahead.

Words mean nothing.

Let's ditch the whole Yasakuni thing. I'm Chinese and we have ancestor qorship and respect for the dead and all, and to be honest, war criminals aside, the only people who kick up a fuss are fucking South Korea and China.

However, one cannot deny the fucking textbook revisionism (it's getting only slightly better), the fact that the current LDP panders to the extreme far-right (some would even say are that far-right), how Abe fucking got is reintepretation of Japan's Constitution (I'm not denying that it had to be done, but Abe has always wanted to reform the Japanese military and has denied the Rape of Nanjing), and the existence of people who deny the military history of Japan at even the highest ranks (yes, the aforementioned far-right) and that even the fucking boatfucker game about WW2 ships as girls has a vocal far-right minority because the majority of boats you can fuck (you can't fuck the boats; that's just hyperbole) are IJN (they complained about the fucking IOWA put in the game) may not seem like a lot of evidence, but they happened and it sure as hell does not reek of contriteness and actually being sorry.

>boatfucker game about WW2 ships as girls
sauce nau


Oh geez.

Look up Kantai Collection. I think there's a /jp/ thread on it.

>my imperialism is better than their imperialism because no whiteys allowed

Isn't Japan mostly just in denial about all the fucked up shit they did? That seems like another form of guilt - if they didn't care, why not acknowledge it?

>They were just creating an Asia for Asians only.
>Attacks an Asian country first
10/10 Liberators.


>and has been struggling along ok


Japanese history treats China the same way Bible Belt history treats the Native Americans.

>we love asians you guys
>kills more asians than any other nation in history

Except its not just China though. Korea and Southeast Asia is included.

Not really. "Bible Belt History" acknowledges that the US killed tens of thousands of Americans through massacres like Wounded Knee, they just dress it up with "muh manifest destiny". A decent number of Japanese flat-out deny atrocities like the Rape of Nanking.

ITT: PRC-endorsed revisionist history.

Fucking damn it.

I'm from Singapore. These things are reported by the news. I have thrown out the yasakuni bullshit for CULTURAL REASONS. ANCESTOR WORSHIP IS ASIAN TO BEGIN WITH, WAR CRIMINALS OR OTHERWISE.

I don't give a fuck about PRC revisionism. The Rape of Nanjing fucking happened and Japan has gone on the record to DENY it. John Rabe fucking existed and there are pictures of the event and numbers and shit.

The historical revisionism of the Japanese is also A REPORTED THING. As is Abe's ambitions. IN 2006.



>being this butt-blasted about a low-tier b8

>that image
Jesus Christ

Kinda have to be, since I was born in a former Japanese holding. That shit happened.

whats ur opinion on lee kuan yew respecting japanese DISHIPURIN during the occupation if not so much the level of brutality employed

>John Rabe
a Nazi who tried to stop japanese from massacring civilians
I am confused

i think his and others' rhetorical point on citing John Rabe was that the Jappos were so brutal even the GNATSIES were saying hey man, can you tone that shit down a notch?

European paternalism at its finest.

On a related note:

Do you think "white guilt" and all those memes are modern and date from the debacles of the 20th century, or are somehow inherent to the Euro mind?

My point was that John Rabe existed and was there during the Rape of Nanjing. He sent reports back to Nazi Germany about the event.

The point is, he existed. As are actual pictures and news reports about the event. I may have been implying the whole "tone it down"part, but my intention was to prove that the event existed and was NOT PRC revisionism.

You are going to have to quote me on that. I have not read about that in his own memoirs.

LKY was employed by the Japanese forces and some might say he aided them. Me, I see it as a man who has no qualms to do anything for survival.


>Doesn't Japan, being a similarly democratic and progressive society, have the same type of postwar guilt as European nations?
Japan's culture is not a culture of guilt, but a culture of shame.

Just Google culture of shame Japan for more, there are tons of things from blog posts to books on the subject.

Do 2D nip boatgirls rape Chinese women in our contemporary times?

...2D Nip Boatsluts don't fucking exist.

And most IJN warcrimes involve machinegunning shipwrecked sailors or abusing the law of the sea, so there.

Considering that they're the byproduct of the opposite of white guilt (doing whatever the fuck you want to non-whites and thinking that they should be grateful because you know what's good for them), no it's not inherent to the Euro mind.

>I think the problem is that the apologies were always followed by some high placed asshat doing or saying some shit that is at the opposite of the apology. If only they stopped electing kuk politicians everything would be better already.

Not really, Chinese government do not properly want an apology (had plenty) or reparations (had more than enough) they want a sworn political enemy to direct the hatred of his people, Japan is no saint but most people in this very same thread have fallen for PRC propaganda (i.e. the famous revisioned history textbook was not even an official academic textbook)

It doesn't matter though, if Japan had conducted itself impeccably China's attempts would have borne no fruit. They're just adding fuel to the fire.

>While post-imperial nations like the UK, France and Germany have gone entirely multicultural, Japan is still pretty much homogenous and ethnic in its identity.

Because East Asians are pretty huge into the dominance of their home cultures. The most multicultural of them you can get is China, and even that involves that you fold into the Han Dominated culture.

Furthermore Japan's empire is short lived and lacked universalism. They didn't teach their language to whatever subject peoples they had and their former subjects eventually grew into developed countries anyway (SK, Taiwan).

Anglo-Franco-Spic cultures were global cultures thanks to European empires policies in those lands.

So not only does culture in Japan discourage immigrants, only a few immigrants even think of moving to Japan because there's little commonality with their culture to the one in Japan.

Tl;dr yet again, its the Eurofaggot's fault.

>if Japan had conducted itself impeccably

How? Literally how? There are more than 120 million people in those islands, you cannot expect for everyone to behave in a way that would not offend chinese/korean sensibilities, ww2 was 77 years ago, why expect sincere concern over war crimes from a 80s or 90s nip.

>Fuck no. They were a noble culture before the war and a degenerate one now
t. clueless

The edge. Can almost hear linkin park playing in the bg.

Go away, Morgenthau.

No one gives a shit about what a bunch of contrarians do if the official line talks and acts in the opposite direction.
It's like you've never encountered this thing called politics before. The Chinese and Koreans, as separate from the politicians, aren't butthurt about turbo right wingers saying the usual retarded shit, they're butthurt about the Japanese government's ambiguous and from time to time pandering attitude towards them.

This, Japanese Capitalism operates within a context of social duty rather than one of absolute self-interest, so instead of rich Jews (Wall st. execs, capitalists, whatever word you want to use) distributing all the wealth to the top 0.5%, the wealth generated by private enterprise is actually distributed comparatively evenly among those that actually helped generate it. While people like to bitch about Japanese work culture because of how demanding it is, if you manage to carry out what the company sees as your rightful duty, they genuinely take care of you and don't leave you in the lurch like other Western companies do whenever they need to cut costs. This is why so many Japanese love their system despite its rigor and strictness; it treats them like they're a member of a family that admittedly has a lot of responsibilities, but in return they are protected and cared for. Contrast this to American companies where employees are seen as disposable resources to be laid off and outsourced at will. This just goes to show that for any nation's economic system to work for the good of its people, it needs to have a strong culture of communal identity and obligation to operate within (and I would argue that this is why Marxist socialism failed, because it simply isn't human nature to be able to identify with and act towards the common good of an abstract conception like class as strongly as one is able to instinctually do so for their nation).

>strongly as one is able to instinctually do so for their nation
The concept of nation as we know today didn't even exist until the 19th century

But people certainly are capable of identifying strongly with it, aren't they? Yes, nation states didn't properly exist before the 19th century, but people have always identified deeply with their own native culture and traditions, so once someone finally said "hey, we should make states based around this identity," there's a reason it caught on so strongly. It was the obvious successor to the religious identity that came before it and was subsumed within it.

>a bunch of rocks in the middle of the ocean will finally have a sustainable population
>this is bad, better let in Abdul and his friends

More like Zahng and his entire fucking village.

Regardless of which illiterate foreigner is let in, the message is the same
>fuck your national identity, think about the money

Which is also why they're investing so heavily in automation.
>dude you NEED dumb foreigners as workers lmao


IIRC the queen has apologized for India before. Hell, I heard they're putting a Gandhi statue in parliament.
Japan didn't hold onto their colonies very long. What do you expect them to do? Invite Manchurians,philipinos and Koreans over? None of them were forced to assimilate to Japanese and Shintoism. They just became a democracy and went along with their lives.

They probably took a glance on where europe was heading during the beginning of the mass-migration of economic migrants and realized it's not such a good idea

Multiculturalism in itself isn't the problem, it's when you mix inbred/lesser genes and (islam/african) cultures with civilized cultures

Japan basically did to chinese people what Nazi Germany did to the Jews. Except they never apologized for it.
Also, it is a well known fact that asian ethnies don't really like each other.

Yeah because Japan is doing great at the moment.

You might want to look up "sarcasm", user.
Its doing alright.

He's right through.

What you're saying is completely unfit to modern economy.

Imagine if shareholders of whatever company would see that their shares' worth is stable that is it isn't declining in value nor increasing in it. They would wait for a while and then sell the shares instantly because lol, they could buy gold instead and it would give them more profit than those shares.

Give Japan economy few more cycles of minimal crisis-minimal prosperity fluctuations and they'll reach the point where macro-economically they're "stable". Which means that the banks will want their debts back and won't allow them to borrow on margin anymore because well - they'll never have a chance to cover them.

Our economy is growth-oriented. Growth stops -> stock market, investors, bankers etc. panic.

Their nation will still be their nation in 20 years, children born in 2020 in Germany will be more non-german than german, most other western nations follow the same path which will ultimately either lead to civil war or genocide of the native population and then a rapid stagnation into african/middle eastern living standards, until they plow themselves into another war because they intepret their holy book differently

Either way Europe is fucked, eastern asia isn

Japan is NOT doing alright. They have a serious fear of falling into poverty and Abe has spoken about the need to maintain a growing birthrate. They cannot continue on the path they are now unless they truly want to collapse economically.

you do realize that a growing population is a bubble waiting to burst

>Who cares about having a stable, safe, homogeneous society, I need my shekels!

If a country's PM is incredibly worried about it and taking as many steps as he can to try and keep it at 125,000,000~, then there is obviously something wrong. A large population works with economies of scale. They need a large population to continue to make the industries that fund their entire economy.

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That doesn't work here, cunt.

i'd much rather let my population & economy stabilize for some time than converting my nation into the local firework & beheading department

But isn't it amazing how you can know someone is Jewish just by reading their posts?

>inb4 I'm not a joooooo

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And that's why you don't run a country.

yeah like come on it's 2016 it's time to blow your nation up senpai

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