Kitnyot is now kosher for Passover

Kitnyot is now kosher for Passover.

Also, why don't Christians celebrate Passover?

You don't Jews celebrate Yulenight? It's the day one of the three aspcects of god was born.

Only in the conservative movement not in the Orthodox movement and really this is only a matter of importance to Ashkenazim because the rest of us aren't that fucking stupid to do this in the first place.

>Also, why don't Christians celebrate Passover?
We call it Easter, with all the double symbolism involved.

Because we're not Jews and we're not Abrahamic, your people managed to shill their way to making Christianity Abrahamic.

That's paganism

Why don't Jews celebrate Easter?

>not Abrahamic
original christianity was, christians then sold out to a point where their religion had become so warped that it is a husk of a religion

America will cut aid to Israel if we celebrate easter.

Jesus changed Passover into communion.

Threadly reminder the Hebrew Bible part of the Old Testament has nothing to do with Christianity.
Oh and YHWH =/= God

>Jews celebrating a literal pagan holiday
>Jews having a bullshit tryhard "aspect"-based notion of god

Fuck this triggered me hard. Either you're retarded or a good troll.

>We call it Easter, with all the double symbolism involved.
Ok, then how come Easter bears literally zero resemblance to Passover as it's described in the bible? Half of the traditional foods for Easter are Chametz.

[spoiler]Oh right Christians are just pagan subhumans LARPing as Jews[/spoiler]

>traditional foods for Easter
Honestly not sure what you mean by this

Most places have various cakes and special breads for Easter.


There are rules in the bible describing the observance of Passover, retard. You can't eat leavened bread.

Do you not know what symbolism is? Are you unaware that a wholly separate event is being commemorated?

There is literally zero textual evidence in the bible that would convince any rational human being that Jesus wanted his followers to willfully disobey the Lord's commandments.

So your claim is that, because Christians celebrate a holiday symbolically duplicating the function of Passover within its own function as the central holiday of Christianity, Christians should follow Jewish ritual codes on Passover? This sounds unfamiliar to me. The Old Law was not abolished, only fulfilled. This fulfillment means, among other things, that Christians don't have the same dietary restrictions you do. Your thesis ("Christians LARP as Jews") is just wrong, it's based on your own perception of Christianity. is basically empty of criticism, you started out hostile, though.

Christian refusal to follow biblical laws has nothing to do with textual evidence and everything to do with slovenliness.

No amount of rhetorical back flips will convince an outside observer that Jesus wanted his followers to stop posting the laws of kashrut.

Sorry that you've been completely cucked by priests though.


>Do not think I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets, I have come not to abolish, but to fulfill

>For truly I tell you, until Heaven and Earth pass away, not one jot or tittle will by any means be removed from the Law until everything is accomplished

>Therefore, anyone who sets aside the least of these commands and teaches others so shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whomever practices and teaches these commands shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.


The actual reason is that post-Paul Christianity was marked by a deliberate efferot to remove traces of Judaism, in contrast Pre-Paul Christianity tried to keep Torah laws.

Christians changed their holy day from Saturday to Sunday, stopped eating kosher, stopped getting circumsized. Paul would even deny the Old Testament was inspired by God and claim it was written by angels instead.

Wow. Christcucks completely btfo by Jews ITT.

>christians then sold out to a point where their religion had become so warped that it is a husk of a religion
Hardly, Paul immediately changed it to a hellenistic based religion. It wasn't a slow and steady process of losing values. "Original christianity", as a subset of Judaism, would have probably died out were it not for Paul reshaping it for gentiles.

What do you think selling out means, precisely?

>jew holidays

>Christian holidays

Lets have fun and eat food and give presents and goodwill to all men

Bonnus: >muslim holidays
>lets starve ourselves like our pedophile warlord did

So pretty much Christianity is superior confirmed

Ramadan isn't a holiday though.

This is the Muslim holiday
>Let's give ourselves diabetes and give each other gifts of money that our parents will just pocket.

>Christian holidays


>Jews complaining about secular followers of their faith.
Oy vey.

Shut up. Last Christmas you religiousniggers made 200+ post threads out of bitching WHY US WESTERNERS NO RELIJES NYMOR ;_; stop pretending to be not affected.

Yeah, calling Ramadan a holiday is like calling Lent a holiday.

They aren't.

True, but as a famous Jew once said "Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?";)
We are all facing similar challenges, and i believe the Almighty has His reasons for allowing faiths to develop in certain ways.

Is Judaism all that different from Christianity anymore?

I mean, love and compassion seem to be a much bigger deal in mainstream Judaism now than they were in the Old Testament accounts. Rabbis and synagogues basically parallel ministers/priests and churches. I'm not trying to say "omg guys you know the abrahamic religions are all basically the same" but how is this shift accounted for in mainstream Judaism? How would a rabbi explain the main differences outside of lack of belief in Jesus' divinity?

When it comes to reform Judaism they're basically like their weak-protestant counterparts, think the Anglican church. Basically a secular humanist club with leftover cultural trappings, whether or not anyone actually believes in that man on the cross is irrelevant.

Orthodox Jews are still quite different however. They have the law, the law is basically everything. The focus isn't nearly so much on love and forgiveness, those are secondary if anything.

Jesus' message is also a little more than "I'm god". The essential message of Christianity is that man can't live up to God's will and needs atonement through pure grace. This runs counter to Judaism, it essentially says you cannot live up to the Torah and to not even try. Jesus might not have said this directly but that's the common Christian interpretation. The law was basically a test that humans were always going to fail, it was just to prove a point. That's a huge rift between the mindset of both religions.

As for the Muslims? More similar than you'd think. They're just as legalistic and similar to the Jews, aren't as dour about human nature.

many """"""""""""""""""Jews"""""""""""""""" don't even celebrate passover

>Christian refusal to follow biblical laws has nothing to do with textual evidence and everything to do with slovenliness.
Eh, I dunno. Most of us goys agree that Jewish guidelines for what to eat and wear don't make sense.
>No amount of rhetorical back flips will convince an outside observer that Jesus wanted his followers to stop posting the laws of kashrut.
Why would an outsider need to be convinced?
>Sorry that you've been completely cucked by priests though.
Sorry you've been cucked by the Talmud.
And yet St. Paul and 2000 years of tradition interpret this to mean something different from what your heresy wants it to mean.

The assertion is that St. Paul corrupted the original teachings of jesus to make the religion more palatable for goy. The fact that there is now 2000 years of tradition to back this corruption doesn't mean that it wasn't in fact a corruption.

>The assertion is that St. Paul corrupted the original teachings of jesus to make the religion more palatable for goy.
I know the assertion. There's no good reason to think that's true.

Well except the reasons given in the thread. Like how jesus doesn't say anything about abandoning the law but Paul did.

I dunno.

Purim is basically "party hard and get shitfaced because a hot Jew woman saved us with how good she is at sex and her adopted father figure doing good by the king" the holiday.

I... can't even argue with that.

(Don't beat me about the simplification of the story of Purim. I know it's more than that.)

Really only 3 holidays are about genocides, Hanukkah, Passover, and Yom Ha'Shoah. Of those, only Passover is considered a major holiday, and Yom Ha'Shoah isn't universally observed.

Oh, right, I forgot that Christians only have 3 holidays so that might seem like a lot.

Jews have a lot of holidays. Like, several every month. And Jews also have more months than Christians.

Theologians decided that those laws were specifically intended for Jews, not for everyone. This happened when the apostles were still around.

>Paul said Y, and Jesus didn't, so Y can't be true
This is just weird to me.

When I've heard Purim described to me, it just sounds disgusting. Aren't you just celebrating the slaughter of goyim?

>Ancient death cult marketers decided that it would be easier to sell messianic Judaism to people who know nothing about Judaism, rather than people who have been educated in the messianic prophecies that Jesus didn't fulfill.

Yeah that makes sense.

It's the slaughter of one goy.

Haman was a guy who wanted to hang all the Jews for no good reason. He was hanged instead, and it's a celebration (among other things) of the legal execution of a man for attempting to mass-murder hundreds or thousands of people.

Haman and his family and political supporters.

It was even sanctioned by the king of that time.

>Haman and his family and political supporters.
No, just Haman.
>It was even sanctioned by the king of that time.
Yes, it was.

I'll clarify, jesus explicitly said that the law should still be followed.

OK, but what about what St. Paul and millions of others have said? Isn't the spirit of the law more important than the letter?

Can you claim to be a follower of Jesus when acting against his explicit wishes?

What does a Jew who has rejected Christ know about Christ's explicit wishes?

I didn't realize that accepting Christ also gave you 2nd grade reading skills.

How do you read and think "Jesus wanted us to stop following the law?"

Quibble about how many people died aside, Purim sounds fucking awesome.

A lot of it has to do with the fact that I was raised in a Catholic household and went to a Catholic high school. I believe certain doctrines, and I'm not inclined to just reject them because an anonymous Jew is butthurt about the fact that Christians are free from observing petty laws about how many times per meal you have to wash your feet or something. At no point in my life have I found a good reason to think that tradition is irrelevant or that St. Paul 'corrupted' the original teachings of Christ.

>I'm brainwashed and lazy
Thanks for clearing that up for us.

>>I'm brainwashed and lazy
I bet you're a Zionist, too

I'd never touch the stuff.

>why don't Christians celebrate Passover
probably because too many holidays hurts the economy.

unlike the impious jew, we christians celebrate passover every sunday. We have our own seder and's a pretty MASSive rite in our faith.

Do you eat bread most Sundays?

>holy day

Lent and Ramadan are holidays. The religious just observe them differently: some with indulgence, others with self-sacrifice.

>tfw when jew converting to orthodox christianity
>tfw when get to eat dank mazta ball soup with family and go to church with fellow christians
>i get pascha and passover
best of both worlds to be quite honest family