Is this Veeky Forums-approved?

Is this Veeky Forums-approved?

Yes, though it can be slow as fuck sometimes.

Yes, though this is truePaul Giamatti is too based
Favourite scene is when the congress votes to declare independence

This is probably my favorite historical show.

Watch this instead, OP.


But they're both good

The scene where Hamilton gets owned is goat

>Hamilton gets owned

Ah, so it's revisionist history then.

Let's put it this way, I haven't watched an HBO shot since this.

I've only seen two HBO series, John Adams, and Rome. Everything else HBO has done is fucking awful.

no. it's very historically innacurate

Seeing as John Adams literally went against the constitution when he was president because people called him fat, no this is not Veeky Forums approved.

>Everything else HBO has done is fucking awful.

The hippest of hipsters.

>Band of Brothers
>Generation Kill
>The Pacific

shit taste desu senpai

>band of brothers
>fucking awful


Is this Veeky Forums approved?


Also for anyone who's interested

>There were initial plans to conclude the series with two TV films,[4] but those plans never came to fruition. In 2015, talks resumed between HBO and Milch, and in January 2016, HBO green-lit a script to be written.

watching this right now

it was great when i saw it when it first came out its fuking great now

everythings great in this, the period piece work, costumes, the acting, i cant gush over it enough

Fuckin' A+ Awesome

Jesus h Christ

>Someone's only seen the musical

Fuck yes. Any idea if Olyphant is involved?

>Band of Brothers
>The Pacific

'Masters of the Air' is supposed to be finished in the next year or so. Last info I've seen was from December when the script writing was being finalized and they've already recorded the vet interviews. I have high hopes, the budget is insane and Tom Hanks has made some encouraging comments. Since the source material is from one book, like BoB, people who didn't like the Pacific for being disjointed will probably enjoy this more.

>Everything else HBO has done is fucking awful.

Boardwalk Empire was kinda okay.

My favourite scene is when he visits George III. One of the most daunting scenes.

Is this Veeky Forums approved?

They needed to abridge some stuff to keep a reasonable time limit, I can forgive that

It's a good idea to take everything about the revolution with a pinch of salt if the country of origin is America.

I believe there is a French production which is very historically accurate.

>I've only seen two things, all the other things I've seen are terrible

The series does a good job of portraying Adams as a lumpy hotheaded toad of a man who nevertheless had tremendous virtues and greatness. Adams is maybe the most flawed of all the Founding Fathers and the show does a good job of showing this.

Or at least it shows that he's not pretty the way Washington and Jefferson were, and he never tried to be.