Was she relevant as anything more than a meme?

Was she relevant as anything more than a meme?

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no, French military superiority was more important but either way, pissed of brits which is always good

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Hello, leddit!

What do you mean by meme? Anything more than a rallying point and morale boost? Jeanne did provide some military leadership, but this was less "tactical genius" and more her being a zealous crusader fighting in her eyes what was a holy war, and thus completely wiling to throw men into meat-grinder battles other French generals would have shied from.

They needed hope, a symbol, supposed evidence that God was on their side, and ultimately a martyr


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So my dad (we are English) was trying to buy this field in France of this 80 year old French guy because the field was surrounded by our land. This guy was renowned as a bit of a loner, and whenever my dad approached him he just kept refusing to sell. So anyway we got a local who likes us to have a chat with him and ask him why.

Joan of Arc. Joan of fucking Arc. This guy refuses to let any English own his land because he's bitter about the bonfire we held 600 ish years ago. Ignore the fact that my family wasn't even living in England then, ignore the fact that even if we were it would have been incredibly unlikely that we would have had anything to do with it. Ignore the fact that it's even more petty than black people demanding apologies for slavery.

So OP to answer your question, not only was she a meme, but she's still even a meme today.


Literally a relevant meme

look at the one in red at the back he looks familar


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Good. I'm tired of English people buying houses in the countryside. Stay in your shitty rainy island. The 100 Years War is over and you lost. Get over it.

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Meh, where we are we just provide a way for old French farmers to raise enough money to retire and we spend money in local shops and restaurants that would struggle without us.


The historical Jeanne was a meme. Fought in two battles, of which the second one she was little more than a cheerleader and rallying point.

The French were getting crushed until she came around

Figureheads can be important

This is a French saint

Morale is a big part of war, you weeb faggot

She was hugely relevant.



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Honestly, if I was a French nobleman I would have married Joan and sired many sons upon her.

That is fucking amazing and I don't care if it's a legit story or not.

Part of Joan's immense cult of personality was her chastity. I imagine the people of that time would think you were sort of a deviant. Akin to saying that Mary gives you a boner and you'd like to take a row.

Well probably not that bad but still.

Joan couldn't have been a warrior maid for her entire life. When she was done I would be waiting, ready for her maidenhood and to plant my seed.

This is not how it works.

Her trial transcript is quite a read. It basically has the English Inquisitor bombing her with extremely detailed questions, and her answering "I don't know" almost every single time.
It also has some very moving parts such as this one:
> "And if I were condemned and brought to the place of judgment and I saw the torch lit and the faggots ready, and the executioner ready to kindle the fire, and if I were within the fire, yet I would say nothing else and I would maintain unto death what I have said in this trial!"

And of course everyone's favorite:
> "Of the love or hate God may have for the English I know nothing, but I know well that they will all be driven out of France, except those who will die here."

her coming around coincided with reforms to the military.

>and her answering "I don't know" almost every single time
Those are really artful dodges to questions where a direct answer would be heresy. Jeanne was quite a clever girl to be able to dance around him like that.

>tfw she was declared a saint within a century after her burning

The Church got it right in the end, like they always do.

If I'm not mistaken, you're talking about France's military switching from feudal levies to a professional army? That in itself was a good step, but it still wouldn't redeem the fact that France was losing pretty much every battle to the english. The French had no problems in terms of numbers. They almost always outnumbered the English in the field. However, they were completely unable to beat the English longbow/infantry tactics, which is why they kept losing. Switching to a professional army wouldn't have fixed that. They needed better leadership rather than a bunch of rowdy nobles doing whatever they wanted to, and fighting essentially without a coherent plan. Joan of arc brought that unified leadership and cohesiveness that the french needed

>The trial record contains statements from Joan which the eyewitnesses later said astonished the court, since she was an illiterate peasant and yet was able to evade the theological pitfalls which the tribunal set up to entrap her. The transcript's most famous exchange is an exercise in subtlety. "Asked if she knew she was in God's grace, she answered: 'If I am not, may God put me there; and if I am, may God so keep me.'"[70] The question is a scholarly trap. Church doctrine held that no one could be certain of being in God's grace. If she had answered yes, then she would have been charged with heresy. If she had answered no, then she would have confessed her own guilt. Notary Boisguillaume later testified that at the moment the court heard this reply, "Those who were interrogating her were stupefied."[71]
Sorry for weeb image, it's the only type of Joan related stuff I have handy.

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