Why does Russia seem to constantly start trouble throughout history?

Why does Russia seem to constantly start trouble throughout history?

It doesn't.

Maybe since WW2 ended, but hardly "throughout history".


Remember that one time when Russia was going to remove kebab once and for all but perfidious Albion and frogland stepped in to stop it?

Russia is the misunderstood anti hero the world deserves and saves the world from degenerate western decadence

literally the whole 20th century was about keeping russia down

They lag behind Europe in social development by around 50-100 years. Always did, that makes them somewhat an outcast and unpopular with the other Europeans.

I never realised just how small Europe is if its only 1000km from Brittany to the Czech Republic

wow... leaving out the non-eu countries... also, the great dane isn't norwegian, it's -- surprise surprise -- danish

EU is for poorfags and freedom haters, EFTA is for real men!

>Mother Europe holding the flag of the EU

Now that triggers me greatly

What great power doesn't start troubles? Just try to name fucking one.

Actually, to give you an idea, from the South of France to the North of France is a little more than 1000km

>UK pushs for EFTA after de Gaulle vetoes them in the Union cause he knews that Brits gonna Brit
>Left EFTA when they can into the Union
>UK blacmails the Union

>Tatars Invade Russia
>Poles Balts and Swedes invade Russia
>the Turks invade Russia's Ally
>Swedes Imvade Russia Again
>Napoleon Invades Russia
>Germans Invade Russia
>Germans invade Russia AGAIN
>Wow Lads the Ruskies are so evul

West euros are arrogant pricks and east euros are forrest niggers just one step above gypsies.

The United States.

>dominican republic

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You misspelled Germany.

>Poles invade Russia

Sure they trotted around Moscow, but there was never a plan to invade Russia. Commonwealth wasn't conventionally expansive and the senate didn't support the early 17th century expedition, cutting off troops.

Invasion implies large scale occupation, at it's worst a Polish fraction wanted to coopt Russia into it's socio-political system and, eventually, a union. Religious differences and personal convictions made it impossible.

As for Russia , it's an expansive empire, It has a weak point at the western border, the European Great Plain. It naturally tries to push the border further away from it's core territory and Moscow itself. Also if they can they'll grab an access to the Northern Sea so their navy can't be contained. Meaning eventually Scandinavia will be targeted as well.

Every country has started trouble constantly throughout history.

>Falling for the obvious bait

Gee, I wonder why they didn't want Russia to capture the Bosporus and thus have access to the Mediterranean?

Two steps.
Above gyppos there are cockroaches.

As long as the Turks get destroyed then it's fine.

Also why isn't Turkey a giant Roach on the map?

>Why is Russia always contesting the dominant global system???
>Why can't they just be nice cucks and accept the Eternal Anglo as their master????????

This, pretty much. Whenever the Russians brew things up, it is usually because the rest of the world is, or is trying to, eliminate them from relevance. I mean, hell, Obama called them a "regional power". Terrible move, I can't tell you how pissed off that made my Russian friends. They didn't care much before, but now they're out for blood, to the point of calling for outright war with Ukraine and the Baltics.

Well ukraine and belarus should never have been independent anyway so we might as well let them take it

t. Putin

lol theres nothing in serbia

UK, China, Japan, Italy, Canada

>even the oversees territories get icons and flags
>the balkans get nothing


never laughed at a t. post before

I wonder if Putin's net worth is ACTUALLY 100 billion. I wonder why he wouldn't flaunt it.

not much to show for when your country is less then half as rich as it was only 3 years ago. Besides everyone there already is a show off. In fact most of them Russians drive around in luxury Black Mercedes, Audis and BMWs but live in 2 sq foot shitholes with no hot water most of the day and also wear the same tracksuits to work.

>Higla Sophia exists on this map
>Rome nowhere to be found

>>Rome nowhere to be found

this edit is probably years old by now but i just realized i've never seen the original

I guess challenging dominant global system through military ways can be dangerous. Look what happened to Germany. It may be more reasonable to challenge it through economic ways, like China do, for instance.


>Higla Sophia

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Why do Americans always seem to constantly start trouble throughout history?

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Please don't use Zdzisław Beksiński's art for shitposting purposes.

The dude did marvelous work.

Unavoidable decentralization from its massive size that leads to technological and economic stagnation

you need to understand how states have interests and theres no good or bad in this playfield

The fact that you actually believe this means Western propaganda is simply the best, even with a free press we can still out-propaganda Russians or Chinese.

How do they start trouble? They seem to be the only ones getting invaded because it's such a backwards shithole

I wonder if he influenced From software


What are the Opium Wars and colonization


What are the invasions of Vietnam


What was the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere


What were the Italo-Ethiopian wars


Not a great power.

>great power

You misspelled France.

he doesn't really believe it though

its a shitposting thread

Shill tire post, my frien.

Canadian here.
Canada stronk!

Spreading russian culture and language and wanting to feel like big guy?

Oh and have an incompetent list of wars that russia started, someone else can post more...the list of wars that russia has been in is huge. Sorry for mistakes, I made it in hurry.

Russo-Persian War (1804–1813)
Finnish War ( 21 February 1808 – 17 September 1809)
Russo-Turkish War (1828–29)
Crimean War(1853-1856)
Russo-Turkish War (1877-1878)

Lithuanian–Soviet War(1918–1919)
Invasion of Azerbaijan(1920)
Invasion of Georgia(1921)
Polish–Soviet War

World War II
(1939–1945) Including the following
Winter War (1939–1940)
Invasion of Poland
Occupation of the Baltic states

Invasion of Czechoslovakia (1968)
Soviet-Afghan War(1979–1989)
War in Abkhazia (1991-1993)
First Chechen War(1994–1996)
War of Dagestan(1999)
Second Chechen War(1999–2009)
Russo-Georgian War(2008)
Annexation of Crimea(2014)
War in Donbass(2014–)

Plus pulling all sort of stuff that could be called crime against humanity. Yeah, it seems a bit troublemaking.


t. Chomsky

> leaving out the non eu countries
Because it's a map of the eu with the great nothing of Russia shooped on?
Like seriously, fuck.

Turkey, the poo-coloured country.

Why does the US not have this problem?