I can't believe that there was *Second* Mexican Empire. What are some other countries that you hard pressed to believe?

I can't believe that there was *Second* Mexican Empire. What are some other countries that you hard pressed to believe?

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The US should have just annexed Mexico what a stupid state to exist.

>You will never live in a world where the Mexican empire exists
Why even live?

Even if we are used to it, a Stalinist monarchy in the north half of Korea.





They no longer even pretend to be in any way Marxist.


Anyone who knows whenever the Spaniards had a better time under the empire or Republic?



Couto Misto was a microstate between Spain and Portugal that existed for nearly 1000 years as a sovereign nation.


I checked wiki to be sure that it was real.

You are an ignorant retard.

Why, senpai?

I'm Spanish and I had no idea about this.
>Portugal cedió el Coto Mixto a cambio de la soberanía sobre los «pueblos promiscuos"
WTF are the promiscuous towns?

The worst part is the context in which it happened
Napoleon's nephew literally just woke up one day and decided to make some Austrian friend of his Emperor of Mexico because reasons

The Republic of China isn't China.

"pueblos" also means peoples, I don't know what he's referring to though

Late Empire they got their shit pushed by the Dutch and France.

Republic had the bloodiest civil war history has ever known.

Neither were particularly comfy.

The towns of Cambedo, Lama de Arcos and another one I can't remember (a bunch of small villages on the border). Look up the Tratado de Lisboa

I live in Arizona and have been to New Mexico often.

You don't want more of us.

The Serbian Empire

The remarkable thing is how fast all those nations managed to rise to power as Byzantium declined and then quickly collapse when the T*rks appeared.


Odd to think that there was a french imperial presence directly south of the Confederate states during the civil war.

Something about how the way things were taught in American public schools about American history makes it seem that American history was completely separate from the rest of the world.



Well, I know the Basques consider the roman empire a relatively prosperous and independant period, compared to later spanish oppression. I dont think they were part of the roman republic tho.

Im not sure about how Hispania felt about the republic. They had only just been under the domination of the carthaginians. Wasnt Hispania a key place of several battles between Caesar and others, that ended with the founding of the empire?

>bloodiest civil war

Probably not even in the top 5

Honestly, Portugal's existence itself is an enigma. It should have been absorbed into an Iberian nation, but somehow it survived way past the unification of Spain.

This hurts to look at.
Stupid face/not face.

god bless

no your an retard

>post this;
>counter-post this;

Because Mexico didn't pay debnts. So he decided to maje a new better Mexico to pay said debnts back to France.
If US didn'n interveine, a joint British-German assault would have made better Venezuela because pay debnts.
All american countries, USA included, are absolutely terrible borrowers.

>it's not communism unless I like it


They literally aren't though, they claim to follow marxist practices but are far closer to a fascist state.

>They no longer even pretend to be in any way Marxist.
>they claim to follow marxist practices




At least it was mexican
Lithuana, and only because Tree of Savior is (loosely) based on lithuanan folklore


The Mexica, aka the Aztecs, no longer existed by the 19th century.
This agglomeration which was called and which still calls itself the United States of Mexico is neither United, nor had States, nor Mexican.

It was, they didn't regain independence until the late 1600's


It does, the more I seem to dig into Mexico, the more it seems their history is far more interesting than the US.

Greco-Bactrian Kingdom desu

>emperor was Franz Joseph brother, an Austrian

more like they claim to follow Juche while following Marxist practices




Its easier to comprehend Grand Lithuania if it is treated (before Lublin) as just-another-Russia together with Tver, Moscow and Novgorod. It was Russian state with Baltic dynasty mostly christened into Orthodoxy and marrying Rurikid princesses.

A very successful Tang dynasty of China was founded by some Sinitic nomads from near Mongolia too, yet if treated as Chinese and not a Nomad empire, it looks totally ok.

What was the first empire?

Guess who we can blame for it?

>implying it wasn't a french puppet
>implying it was ever an empire

Esta aglomeración que se llama, y todavía se nombra a sí mismo como Estados Unidos Mexicanos, ni son Estados, ni es Unido, ni es Mexicano

Jesuit State in south america

This thing

It had an emperor, and a damm basedd o e

same here new mexico seemed pretty shit but I only went there once

Not quite, imagine Obama invading Syria because he want back all the money he burned in arming the insurrection? You think that sounds crazy? Now Imagine the US shamelessly asking Assad, right after the bloody civil war, for the money the US lend to his opposition, that's basically the little game the US and France were playing in Mexico back then, either way Mexico was fucked.

There was also a second Qing Empire for about two weeks(where Pu Yi was restored to the throne). Yuan Shikai also had himself declared emperor(the Hongxian Emperor).

The second french empire was pretty ridiculous.

I can't be the only one who likes those undefined borders, right?

Compared to the first one, sure
Compared to the other empires of the time, not much

I'm always stumped that Brazil used to be an Empire.

You think Latin America, you think Republics y Mierda. Kinda wish Brazil remained a constitutional monarchy just for the flavor.

The soldiers saw the mexican people adn told the goverment not to annex them. kek.

What the fuck were you going to do with them? Mexico at that time was more than 1/3 indigenous.

There is not enough fucking reservations to house them in and that doesn't even count the mestizos that are buddies with the Indios.

>What are some other countries that you hard pressed to believe?

Not a country per se, but I can't believe that Portugal was ruled as an overseas territory from Brazil for a while, after their king ran from Lisbon all the way to Rio de Janeiro while escaping from Napoleon.
That's like something out of a shitty alternate history novel.

That really was some bizarro move. Lisbon was well protected behind the natural defenses of the Torres Vedras line and never really in danger of falling to the French, and maritime communications were secure all the time, as the french navy after the revolution was beyond pathetic (and completely destroyed by the time of the invasion of Portugal).

10/10 cuck king

I doubt you'll find a Mexican who thinks otherwise.

Guadalajara is like a pocket United States, for example.

Mexico City is like a pocket Tokyo, except bigger.

Eastern Michoacan is like a pocket Somalia, except a lot bigger.

The top 20 are pan-Chinese.

The top 100 occurred within single Chinese provinces.