Jesus fucking Christ Hannibal. And I thought Napoleon was good.




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Austerlitz and Marengo were just as good as anything Hannibal did.

He had an uncanny ability to win many battles but lose the war.

Part of it had to do with facing numbskull generals before Scipio came on the scene.

Goood vids.


So what should have the Gauls done? A number of feigned attacks to keep the Romans in constant readiness followed by a strong night attack when the Romans were getting tired of readiness?

Should have immediately surrendered.


Was getting surrounded part of his plan?

Well, congratulations! You got yourself caught! Now what's the next step in your master plan?

uhhhhh, tendies?

that, or vercingetorix's cousin should have redirected some troops from the breach after the romans managed to plug it and instead harass them elsewhere

that way the roman cavalry couldn't have broken through and caused the gaul army to panic, so eventually caesar's forces would just wear out and lose by being spread too thin

ganging up on the breach meant that the gauls were forfeiting their advantage in numbers and what's more, committing to a course of attack when they really didn't need to. if they didn't commit, caesar would have had a much harder time retaliating because the gauls could just change their approach whenever they wanted

He knew how to win, but he didn't know how to use a victory


He won some battles but in the end that amounted to nothing.


nice videos.

were archers irrelevant?

To the Romans yes, probably not so much in the late empire.
To the Carthaginians I don't know. I guess they weren't since in the vids Hannibal didn't used them.

Makes a big difference when your own people are actively sabotaging your efforts.

The Carthaginian government had a tendency to shoot themselves in the foot.
>this general lost a battle
>crucify the fucker

Exactly. Hannibal was doing everything right and if the Carthaginian elders weren't such cowards and short-sighted fools, he would've had the reinforcements, material aid, and manpower to fully siege and subdue Rome.

yeah but you can hardly blame him, his senate refused to sent him troops, his compatriots were useless and his family members who weren't unfortunately died

yeah probably, Romans rarely used the, IIRC at that area, Hannibal might have had a few mercenaries who knows, probably unlikely


Their pettiness never ceases to amaze me