Is Japan the bastard son of China with the West?

Is Japan the bastard son of China with the West?

I can see numerous similitarities and influences from China and Western Europe/United States in Japanese culture and history.

Japan is just Japan. It mirrors a lot of things from China in Japan's old times but modern day it leans more towards America and the West because we forced them to starting with Perry, and later after WW2.

So basically, Japan is just a country that likes to copy others but make it there own.

>tfw no anime about non-Japanese Asian cultures/Event
Yes I know there are some but it isn't nearly as widespread as Anime with western Influence

What are some anime with Americans in it?


>So basically, Japan is just a country that likes to copy others but make it there own.
Like any other nations? What makes it unique from other nations, aside from its historical development?

>Country right next to China and was colonized by Chinese centuries ago
>Was occupied and constitutionally modified by America for 30 years
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Anime dub is pretty decent too

It's the Britain of Asia, both compared to the rest of Asia, and down to the British influence on Meiji and Tashio era Japan, there's reasons they still drive on the left and play rugby

Superflat and Zen art are both distinctly Japanese

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Apprently they have a lock of hair from Nelson at their naval academy.

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It's Ancient Chinese traditions and language that then became independent and developed over 2000 years to where it is today

5% ancient Chinese
5% westernized culture
90% unique degenerate Japanese

Most of Japan's culture is uniquely Japanese, although much (if not most) of it has its roots in Tang China. Although China's influence over Japanese culture has been pretty much minimal since the end of the Heian period.

superflat is a postmodern movement in Japan to retain it's culture. There is a reactionary movement to stop globalism in most countries on earth.

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Heroman is set in America with American casts.

Heroman is literally funded by Stan Lee or something.
He even makes a voiced cameo.

Bumping for ones set in Japan, but with characters from the greatest country on Earth.

Angel Cop

>pre-400 BC

>400 BC - 600 AD
Tribal rice farmers gradually develop into a state, influenced by China and Korea but mostly and independent culture

>600 AD - 900 AD
Imports Chinese culture, transforms into an East Asian civilization,

>900 AD - 1600 AD
Gradually diverges from China, but not that much, and becomes feudal honorabru warrior society, Chinese influence always apparent

>1600 AD - 1869 AD
Return to Confucian Chinese social and political models, but also continued cultural divergence throughout society. Japan gradually surpasses China in prosperity and cultural achievement.

>1869 AD - Today
Japan transforms rapidly from an East Asian civilization to a Western one, retains a sort of Confucian social mentality but entirely adopts Western political, economic, and intellectual institutions

Japan hasn't been a 'unique' civilization since about 600 AD. Though they love to pretend they've always been unique and special, their society has since 600 AD basically just been a variation of a wider East Asian and then Western civilization. It's true that they diverged from China to a greater extent than Korea or Vietnam, but considering how close-knit East Asia has generally been throughout pre-modern history, that's not really saying much. There was more difference between pre-modern Iran and Egypt or between Russia and Poland than there was between Japan and China, at least until 1869. The idea that they're unique has more to do with their place in Western pop-culture as well as their own self obsession (Nihonjinron) than anything else.