What was his problem?

What was his problem?

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Honestly it was trying to run his country. He cares way to much. Should have been a figure head and let smarter men make the decisions that matter. Honestly his stupidityis one the leading causes of ww1

Indy Naidel? Probably that he's an actor rather than a historian and his researchers basically read wikipedia.

Really, Indy would make a great Willy if you'd just put a mustache on him

Having a decent German father and a shitty English mother.

colossal inferiority complex

i mean huge, HUGE complex

holy shit

Pride, stupidity and aspergers.

He had a gimp hand

After his Dad & Queen Victoria died there was nobody in the world who could tell him "No".

He was also kind of a stooge. Often easily manipulated by his Bulow and Holweg.

He was an autistic manchild

>mfw he spanked the king of Bulgaria in public

>easily manipulated by his Bulow and Holweg.

This. Clever men around him were probably a lot more responsible for his choices than he was.

I used this video yesterday in another thread but I'm using it again.
Start it at 04m02s
You can stop it at 05m46s for the purposes of Willy autism.

He wouldn't wait until the most backwards regime in Europe - Russia - would have surrounded Germany almost entirely.

He ruined everything

> Wilhelm greatly admired the success which Hitler was able to achieve in the opening months of the Second World War, and personally sent a congratulatory telegram when the Netherlands surrendered in May 1940: "My Fuhrer, I congratulate you and hope that under your marvellous leadership the German monarchy will be restored completely." Hitler was reportedly exasperated and bemused, and remarked to Linge, his valet, "What an idiot!"

>being born




He was a great ruler.
He did dismiss otto von bismarck thb.
He made alot of stupid mistakes but in the end all he wanted was peace and to rebuild

Na bud, he was a faggot

Losing the war.

Had he won, he would be praised higher than Bismarck.

Which he pretty wanted the same as him but unlike him he was succesful in war.

Question to Bismarckfags;

What if Prussia had lost the wars to Austria or France?

>Hurrrrr, what was Bismarck's problem!!!!!!1

Yes, that's a thing that happens all the time when evaluating historical figures.



>There's only Will to blame, cause Bismarck tried