So Veeky Forums, I'm curious

So Veeky Forums, I'm curious.

How many of you are university educated?

I imagine humanities is popular here (obviously), but I'd be interested to hear how many of you are autodidacts.

Currently studying Politics and History in the UK.

Pic unrelated

I'm currently studying Computer Science, feel a bit compelled to switch to Political Science though.


Studying Paleontology.
I study and read history and philosophy because I enjoy it.

Studying biochemistry, thinking about switching to medical. Jealous of you humanities students, you barely have to do any work.

double major math/comp sci

Ecology and Conservation bio

I almost went with history but chose bio instead.

Bio major. I always loved history so I study it in my spare time.

I'm a carpenter.
Steady job and house at 26.
Suck it, collegecucks.

>Jealous of you humanities students, you barely have to do any work.
And they won't have any work to do at all, when they get out of college.

Public Services. I do not know why

Currently getting my masters in East Asian History with an emphasis on Japanese History. I look forward to unemployment.

Jokes on you, already been asked to work writing for a newspaper or have the option to work for a think tank
Sounds interesting desu, really annoyed my modules don't cover Japanese history

Majored in mechanical engineering, minored in math and chemistry.

Job's not great but OK. I work from home 90% of the time, and I'm quickly saving money to travel and repay student loans.

Always loved history and the humanities though, but I'm glad I didn't go into debt to study it.

Planning on going back to grad school. Not sure for what then.

>mfw this thread

About to go to school for construction management and architecture. Want to build cool houses for people senpai

Literally just delving into history with Rome but I enjoy browsing this site for actual discussion. Like philosophy too quite a bit, though definitely not broadly educated on the subject

I'm pretty jealous.

I don't want to be attending college but I know I would regret dropping out and my family would give me a ton of shit for it.

So not only are you a filthy materialist but you aren't even living authentically.

I'm not denying it.

I'm just finishing my BSc Audio Technology. Though I studied classics and history at A level alongside audio stuff at college. Also when I was in year 10/11 I took an A level in Archaeology 2 years earlier than the college age.

I don't study history anymore outside of for my own personal enjoyment

I'm currently studying Law

currently studying translation in Australia and then France.
my grandad is an ex-sailor and whateverologist with a special love for history, paleontology, petrology, heraldry and vintage porn
he passed the love of these things to me, he even gave me dinosaur bones and other fossils which are pretty rad


I'm disabled so I read books all day

double major history / philosophy

Im a NEET master race, i havent gone outside for at least ten years.
History isnt hard, you just need a good memory

2nd year of software engineering

I come here so I don't hang myself

>this meme

Why do all other disciplines seem to think humanities students do fuck all? Writing essays is a pain in the ass.

Anyway, just finished my BA, majored in Sociology (i'm retarded I know) but did alot of stuff across the board, history, marketing, politics, communication. Have no idea what to do with my life. Been looking for office/HR jobs in my shitty home town. I really dunno what an entry level job for my skillset is.

First year History PhD here

don't . Its not what you think it is and it is not a study that wil give you any skill.

In this economy focus on getting the job first. And STEM buble is still not bursting.

Source: Same dilemma years ago

Information science reporting in

Politics and International Relations 2nd year here (degree mostly focuses on the latter)

Going to spend a year abroad studying in North America for the next school year

I know it's a meme degree but I enjoy it hugely and maybe one day I can work in the Civil Service

2nd year Information Systems/Linguistics dual major here. It's pretty fun but there's no women in computer classes (thank god for English tho)

My dream is to build a digital library of Alexandria, which seems ridiculous but I can do it!

I doubled in physics and math with a biochemistry minor. Now I do distribution analytics.

History was always my first love but money makes life easy.

Political Science and History. Thought I'd get a government job or be a teacher.

Boy how retarded I was.

Double major philosophy and psychology, PhD in psychology

I studied a lot more philosophy in undergrad than psych, but didn't really interact with the material. I passed my assignments because my markers felt I had original ideas.

When I later marked psych undergrad papers I would have failed students for turning in what I did. But this was psych, which was a bit more by the numbers.

What happened? Surely you can at least get a teaching gig with those subjects

Studied renewable energies. Feeling like going backt to uni (free here so no troubles) for either astronomy or history though, as renewables was more of an economic choice.

I thought working in an office and browsing memes all day would work. I found out after working 3 months at a court, and 4 months in an office, that it was the most depressing thing in my life and went back to being a server.

Teaching thing I got lazy and wanted to get out of uni so much that I didn't bother getting credentials and whatever during my time there.I don't have the motivation to get the credentials and the 2 years I haven't spent refreshing upon politics/history probably would make me severely unqualified anyway when I've forgotten a lot of things.

If this board existed in 2013 I might have not lost my motivation/interest. Oh well, and too much blogging.

I tick the some highschool box.

I'm studying math

Languages undergrad and business masters.

Loved languages, and definitely have the right brain for them, but kind of panicked after college as I wasn't finding work, and did a business masters.

If I had my head screwed on straight I'd either have done a masters in linguistics or converted to comp sci. May do one of those a little down the line. Linguistics is interesting as fuck, but you're basically not getting employed unless you do NLP, in which case a comp sci degree would almost be better

>are you university educated?
Yes. Not in history tho, I'm a physician.

Undergraduate in finance, minor in Classics.

Masters in International Relations.

Presently finishing a professional finance designation.

Dropped out of an English Degree because the meme got to me. I'm now working behind a bar and having a blast tbqh famalam.
Have enough spare time to read and right and work is pretty much my social life.

Of all the things to spell wrong.

Hey, me too senpai. Writing my capstone essay on the how the Iwakura Mission helped Japan modernize rapidly. Or something like that.

Going to pursue 19th century America for my PHD tho. Mainly because I want a job but don't want to learn Japanese and Chinese. And who wants to be taught east Asian history by a white guy from New England?