Was Iran-Iraq the most unfair war in all of history?

Was Iran-Iraq the most unfair war in all of history?
Iran was on every nation's shitlist (except Syria, but who gives a shit) and Iraq was given full support by the west, sovblock and arab states and even got a get out of jail card for using chemical weapons.

Do any other conflicts feature such apparent one-sideness?

Desert Storm.

The Anglo-Zanzibar War was pretty unfair.

Besides, most countries were just trying to make sure neither Iran or Iraq won, because a victory for either one would be disastrous.

My nipples get hard reading about Desert Storm sometimes

>Some guy kills an Archduke
>Suddenly the whole country has to fight for their lives against the friggin Hapsburgs

>have russia and france to back you up

Achaean War

Corinth dindunuffin. They was good boys. Most important city starting with a c to be destroyed that year.

It's unfair that it started in the first place. The demands placed upon the Serbs were recognized by everyone to be intentionally unfair and impossible to meet.

Serbs all deserve to be exterminated anyway tbqh

I feel like everyone bullies Iran just because they're Shia and they haven't picked a side. Other than the Shah's regime being a bit repressive, what have the Persians done to the Arabs to make them so salty?

im pretty sure they hate each other for the same reason that france and germany hate each other. its just natures way

>most unfair war in all of history?
>Do any other conflicts feature such apparent one-sideness?

What goes around comes around I guess

I like the complete U-turn NATO made.
You want to invade Iran? Here's some money

Arabs and Persians view each other to be heretics

you know how holy wars go

Makes you wonder what Saddam was even thinking.

He was probably thinking the West wouldn't rape him over his invasion of Kuwait. But you don't fuck with Uncle Sam's wallet and get away with it.

It's truly amazing how many countries have gotten raped because they thought the US wouldn't care.

6 day war

Prior to 1979, Iran and Saudi Arabia got along pretty well. The reason the countries don't like each other is because the Saudis got scared and thought a revolution was going to happen in their own country. So they shit their pants and started hating in Iran.

hi I'm Saddam Hussein and this is Jackass!

I get erections thinking about the sheer assrape the US unleashed on the Iraqis.



I wish Pavelić had finished the job desu.

Apparently Bush Senior had an oil company in Kuwait