Why isn't he regarded as an enormous protestant hero?

Why isn't he regarded as an enormous protestant hero?

Because he didn't free the Church from the control of corrupt officials. Instead he just put himself in the position of Pope and kept the same system while altering a few doctrines here and there. He also had Protestant reformers killed.

Is the Church of England ok in the eyes of God?

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At least he set the stage for a church that takes its clergy seriously while still letting them have normal, non repressed lives

>a church that takes its clergy seriously


>implying because it allows gay members it's not a serious organization

Do you also think the U.S. army is not a serious organization for allowing gay recruits?


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The difference is that a soldier can be openly gay and still do his job properly, a priest can't.

Henry was never a Protestant.He remained a Catholic all his life.

Studying the reformation is so frustrating.
Everybody is so nit-picky and inconsistent in their "beliefs".
Doesn't help that there seems to be an endless list of reformers, and counter-reformers, all chipping in their 5 cent.

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Henry VIII was not a Protestant.
He actually considered himself a Catholic (even while looting Churches) and burned Protestants. His fight with the Pope was because he wanted to be the Pope in England.

Is that why the Church of England and its offshoots still call themselves small "c" "catholic"?

The Statute of Praemunire was instigated by the Parliament of Richard II in 1393. So the curtailing of the Pope's jurisdiction in England was introduced by earlier, but enforced by Henry VIII.

The establishment of the Church of England was on the basis of a faith which pre-dated the arrival of Roman Catholicism, and which therefore had no need to answer to Rome.

He certainly was enormous.

That the kind of reply that I was expecting when saw the thread.

Why do protties and their pastors think it's OK to get married just because Martin Luther did? It's almost like they're following him as they would Jesus

Came here to say this

It must have been a weird time to be alive, not least because all of it made sense to the people living in it.

Catholic and Orthodox Churches are only okay.

>Implying the eternal anglo are not God's chosen people
>Implying the church of England wasn't God's intention and gift to the World
>Implying God hasn't granted Britannia with Divine Right.

>tfw you can only ever belong to a Church of England offshoot

Because his retardation led to fucking awful shit that was only corrected by Elizabeth.

Debasing the coinage? What a stupid thing to do, and then Hereford only did it more.


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I think because it's difficult for Protestants to accept that a pivotal figure/moment in the history of their faith was entirely politically motivated.

Protestants don't like to accept the common top-down understanding of the Reformation, and I do think it's problematic in a lot of ways. For a long time Protestants/Anglicans have imagined that the people simply began being "enlightened" and progressing naturally away from old-world, superstitious Catholicism toward a more individual, personal faith-based system. By this model, Henry would simply have seen an opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and use the people's preexisting inclinations to get what he wanted politically.

Others (mostly Catholic historians) like to imagine that the dickhead king started forcing Protestantism down the people's throats in an effort to get what he wanted politically. The people hated it at first but came around eventually (after a lot of back and forth of course).

Neither interpretation -- top-down or bottom-up -- seems to cast Henry in a very positive light. He's either an opportunist or a tyrant.

>By this model, Henry would simply have seen an opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and use the people's preexisting inclinations to get what he wanted politically.

There are a number of modern and contemporary historians (Concededly largely CoE members or American protestants) who make this argument.