What are some historically validated conspiracy theories?

What are some historically validated conspiracy theories?

What are some conspiracy theories that should be valid in your opinion?

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MK Ultra and the Tuskegee experiment. And the existence of the NSA.

Depends how you define "conspiracy" theory. I mean, there was a concerted conspiracy amongst Southerners to kill Lincoln. That's proven at this point. Same with Nazi scientists after the war "defecting" to America with Operation Paperclip.

But as said, the NSA is a big one. The whole of the military industrial complex is another. My only really crazy one is that UFOs are fake and pretty much the whole UFO craze is created and kept going by the government in order to conceal the real shit they do.
Honestly, there are probably more real conspiracies out there than fake ones. You only hear about the outlandish ones in the news in order to discredit questioning the government.

This. The media likes to discredit people like Alex Jones as just a looney, and while he is mostly a looney, it's hard to discredit all his theories considering America and all the other Powers' past. I don't know if it;s still considered a theory but NATO funding ISIS is pretty valid.

>My only really crazy one is that UFOs are fake and pretty much the whole UFO craze is created and kept going by the government in order to conceal the real shit they do.

I love this one. The Air Force has basically admitted to it publicly, too, but most people didn't seem to pay attention. I wish I didn't sound crazy when explaining it to people, because it's actually a pretty interesting disinformation campaign.

JFK could very well have been shot by Lee Harvey Oswald.

Area 51 is sadly not a UFO installation. Its real purpose is to make new and cooler weapons and shit.

The Soviet Union spread even more outlandish JFK assassination conspiracy theories that people accepted.

There is no Illumati, the Freemasons are just an adult version of an afterschool club, there is no NWO or lizards from the ninth dimension ruling us, Alex Jones is a cunt and david Icke is the nicest delusional man ever.

You know what I wish was true? That there are aliens out there, they are led by Xenu, and Xenu wants to destroy us all.

>I don't know if it;s still considered a theory but NATO funding ISIS is pretty valid.
We talking ISIS specifically or just "angry brown people over there"?

ISIS. Every time the US and it's allies have had the opportunity to create another vacuum in the middle east or soviet aligned areas they take it.

I can't help but notice that you haven't touched one very complicated conspiracy theory.

Also the freemasons have done a lot of things that an afterschool club would never do.

>And the existence of the NSA.

Um just go to nsa.gov

It's not a conspiracy theory.

To the best of my knowledge there is no proof that nato or the us has ever directly funded ISIS. There is obviously no doubt they contributed to their creation but thats a different thing

The only way I can see that happening is indirectly, via their allies.

I'm aware that Pakistan funded terrorist groups using US aid. Wouldn't be surprised if Saudi Arabia did the same thing too.

One of the MPs in Brazil who voted for the impeachment proceedings of Dilma dedicated his vote to "The freemasons of Brazil". I thought that was funny.

Thats is certainly possible, but doesn't really count unless it was being done on NATO/US instructions

Bilderburg Group is just for extremely powerful to get together and talk business and pleasure.

>nato or the us has ever directly funded ISIS
Turkey is part of NATO and they funded ISIS.

Pearl harbor

He is saying the existence of the NSA was a conspiracy theory that was proven true.

I think TR had a part in the murder of McKinley.

I'm part of my family and I sell drugs. Would you say that my family sells drugs ?

>the freemasons are just an afterschool club

Really? You mean after Snowden or what? Seriously I'm interested in this

>historically validated

Operation Mockingbird
Operation Northwoods, though it never got beyond the planning stage (or did it?)
Suez Crisis is one that got blown open almost immediately

>should be valid

Saudis were up to their necks in 9/11
Governments wage war for practical power-based reasons, but use media to dupe the public into thinking it's for humanitarian purposes

That sounds pretty naive. I'm sure they talk business and politics. Which is a huge fucking deal. The most depressing real conspiracy IMO is that money rules absolutely and that whoever has it will continue to skirt the rules the masses obey whilst at the same time influencing those rules and governments that we vote in.

This makes me depressed.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Alex Jones was controlled opposition to make conspiracy theorists seem kookier than they actually are. I'm sure he's said some things right here and there, but it's drowned out in all his "the government is going to construct robot armies to take your job and kill you" bullshit.

No specific theory about it needs to be recognized, all the textbooks need to say is that the facts presented by the US government don't add up.


Do you have a link to them admitting it?


god-damn it serf....the existence and more importantly the extent/power of the NSA was denied for a very long time.

That's just a coincidence though :)


of course, but the powers that be are completely aware of how it trickles down. even if they didn't create or support ISIS directly they don't care that their actions indirectly did both.

ISIS helps Israel and the Saudis our 2 closest allies in the region.

They do this because it's still better than not having the Saudis keeping a lid on things.

kinda makes sense...the old regime in Europea wasn't the nicest too them.

>NATO funding ISIS is pretty valid.
no it isn't it's fucking retarded.

MK Ultra, 9/11 being insider, Pearl Harbor, NSA, CIA distributing drugs and helping cartels

>Turkey is part of NATO and they funded ISIS.
Not really. ISIS oil was sold in Turkey but that's not at all the same thing. Practically every major faction in Syria has bought oil from ISIS at some stage, and most still do it.

Both the German Empire and Austria-Hungary were quite nice to the Jews. Some even rose to leading positions and even to the nobility in these countries, such as Walter Rathenau in Germany.

Didn't stop them from subversion though, like contemporary America, which is the best countries that Jews ever lived, and yet they want to destroy it. It's part of their nature, they can't really help no more than an animal can fight against it's biological instincts.

Pretty sure Pearl Harbor and the NSA are accepted theories.

Turkey directly funded ISIS, US funded "le moderate rebels" for years, there are none left because as soon as they got their weapons and vehicles they went to join ISIS, thus NATO (US+Turkey) is funding ISIS.

Isn't it funny that the US spent 2 years "bombing ISIS" and Russia does 100000 times for damage in only a few months.

Communist infiltration of the U.S. government in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

The opening of Soviet archives and revealing of the Venona papers have shown that McCarthy was right, and that his only error was underestimating the extent of subversion.

Im gonna need an unbiased source, Bro Chi Minh

>talk business
sure. and global politics and the future agenda for the west.

all in closed doors.

the implications on the validity of western democracy is seriously put into question when you actually start reading about these groups and meetings, like Bilderberg, CFR, G30, etc...
You really dont need to dabble into crazy theories to get really cynical about any sort of real democratic representation in the west.
The fact of the matter is that a very restricted elite pretty much defines the fundamental policies of the west, completely free from any sort of feedback from the actual mob.
Also take into account that major media CEO's and press figures oftentimes are present in these groups/think thanks/meetings. The implications there are also pretty big

ISIS fights Syria and Iran the two enemies of Turkey and Saudi Arabia who happen to be the two biggest allies to the US in the middle east..

Is really that hard to believe that the US isn't so against ISIS?

Talk pleasure... Jesus fucking stupid. Yeah these powerful people all meet up like a giant family reunion to drink beers, play cards and catch up

Don't spew that shit without a source

>What is the Bohemian Grove

It's basically a summer camp for the rich and powerful.

>Turkey directly funded ISIS,

>US funded "le moderate rebels" for years
true but I guarantee you're exaggerating the extent.

>there are none left
Are you fucking braindead?

>as soon as they got their weapons and vehicles they went to join ISIS
This happened in just a handful of cases and those groups were not US backed bar one small battalion. It's so small a number as to be insignificant.

>Isn't it funny that the US spent 2 years "bombing ISIS" and Russia does 100000 times for damage in only a few months.
I'll ask again, are you braindead? Do you even pretend to follow the conflict? This is patently false. The US has decimated ISIS. Russia has been mostly engaged elsewhere.

Where the fuck do you get your news?

The CIA funded the Laotian civil war by smuggling opium from the golden triangle and funded Nicaraguan rebels by smuggling cocaine into the US

ISIS also fights Turkish, Saudi and US proxies and allies on the ground as well as committing terrorist acts in the West, acts of genocide and boldly spitting in the face of the US. On top of this they have fucked up the US' policy regarding both Syria and Iraq.

So yes, you'd have to be a literal retard to believe that the US isn't against ISIS. You'd also have to be retarded to believe the Turkish and Saudi govts aren't against ISIS. ISIS is a spanner in everyone's works.

>being this bluepilled

Post was referring to the bilderberg meetings, not the bohemian grove


>Being this pants-on-head retarded

>>being this pants-on-head retarded
>>pants-on-head retarded
I like you

US openly funded, gave military aid and training to the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya and the "moderate Syrian rebels" who speak Arabic and carry Al Qaeda flags, in Syria. They even went so far as to try to get them a no fly zone in Syria. The military brass resisted in a historical way. They resisted because these are the same guys they were fighting in Iraq, soldiers were posting pictures on Facebook holding signs that said "we don't want to be Al Qaeda's air force.

It's all the same group, Al Qaeda. A Wahhabbist militia that serves as a proxy army for Saudi Arabia. It's absolutely naked, hell in America "National Review", a mouthpiece of the Neo-con establishment, wrote stories about how Al Qaeda is our friend and we need their help.

There haven't been any official statements made, but several people have documented disinformation activities, and a few people involved with the process have come out and talked about it. The problem with the subject, though, is that it's very fringe, and the only people who really seem to care are hardcore UFO believers. That means finding concrete, non-sketchy looking sources is kind of hard. And even what does exist tries to spin the information in weird ways; for example, a few years ago a documentary was made about the whole thing that did a very good job of presenting the entire operation and the motivations behind using UFOs to cover up experimental planes. But, the last twenty minutes of it went batshit insane and started claiming that the disinfo campaign was really a cover up of actual alien contact. It was disappointing and kind of ridiculous.

I wish some more credible sources would tackle trying to make this more public, but not being taken seriously was kind of the point in the first place.

>be NSA
>exist since 1950s
>purpose of organization is to collect signals intelligence (phone calls, radio, etc.)
>be known for illegally spying on American citizens in 1970's
>after Watergate, congress passes law against mass spying but NSA still exists
>after 9/11 Bush publicly makes speech saying they are adding section to the Patriot act that prevents NSA from mass spying on Americans
>people get upset in 2011 when they remember that the NSA exists and is doing what it always has done

blame your shitty education, not the government, honestly, its like you think news orgs act in the public interest or some shit when its been conclusively proven in political science studies that they just mirror government positions.

>US openly funded, gave military aid and training to the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya
The muslim brotherhood does not have a militia in Libya. Also the muslim brotherhood is not AQ or ISIS.

>the "moderate Syrian rebels" who speak Arabic and carry Al Qaeda flags
They speak Arabic in Syria you fool. That flag is the Shahadda and it is used by all muslims. There are shi'a Islamists fighting for Assad using the Shahadda.

>They even went so far as to try to get them a no fly zone in Syria. The military brass resisted in a historical way.
Some hawks wanted that. Obama did not. He's generally been reluctant to do anything at all. The military had nothing to do with it.

> "we don't want to be Al Qaeda's air force.
The USAF has been bombing Syria's Al Qaeda franchise, Jabhaat an Nusra, whenever they attempt to meet with Al Qaeda's international command or whenever the receive intel on JaN members with links to the Osama Bin Laden era Al Qaeda.

>It's all the same group, Al Qaeda.
There has never been a war where the sentence "It's all the same group" has applied to less than in Syria.

>A Wahhabbist militia that serves as a proxy army for Saudi Arabia.
No. AQ is at war with Saudi Arabia. KSA's pet faction is Jaysh Al Islam and members of the Islamic front coalition.

I seriously wonder where the fuck people get these ideas.

Obama made a joke about Area 51 and the CIA confirmed it's existence, saying "yeah it's a test site".


Area 51 was never a secret, though. The official story was always that it was a test site, and that's why it was so secret. People just started making things up because they assumed the military was hiding something there. There's a big difference between that an a deliberate strategy to use UFOs as a means of diverting attention away from experimental aircraft.

>Acting like thiswould be a bad thing

In my country we started getting UFO sightings during a dictatorship known for misinformation. Its common knowledge they did this on purpose, although theres no oficial sources. And they were very influenced by american inteligence and tactics.