Let's justify atrocities

ITT we justify atrocities. Post your favourite genocide, war crime, mass murder or any other thing and justify it.

>In the 13th century the Mongols conquered modern day Iraq and destroyed their irrigation system leading to great loss in productive capacity.

Iraqis had it coming and the Mongols really did them a favour, like a father disciplining a child.

The fertile cresent used to be covered in lush forests, but being irresponsible, the population destroyed the forests and desertified the land leading to a collapse, Destruction of their irrigation canals helped them adopt a more responsible mode of production.

> Genocide

Aboriginal Tasmanians

> Justification

Aboriginal people are vile

Firebombing of Dresden.

You all know why.

the actions against Hereros and Namas in Namibia 1904 were actually quite justified because the indigenous behaved like savage animals

Armenian Genocide.

Didn't even happen.


Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind?

>Persecution of Christians in ancient Rome
It's a win for everybody because the Christians get to live out their martyrdom cuckold fetish and people on earth don't have to put up with them any more.

>destruction of Tenochtitlan and of Aztec sculpture and architecture.
They were very bad and performed human sacrifices.

>obliteration of the peoples native to the caribbean islands.
It's not genocide if you exploit them so much that they die but you were not even trying.

>Atlantic trade of slaves.
If you think it through it's the niggers fault because they were the ones enslaving each other.

>Katyn massacre.

Polish officers would became the core of organized resistance in the occupied territories, resulting in prolonged rebellions both sides of Soviet-German border, compromising security of that border and leading to loss of many civilian lives. Because, if you can say something about Polish, it's that they like to rebel but they aren't very good at it, see 1794, 1830, 1863, 1944.

>They were very bad and performed human sacrifices.

They didn't perform that much human sacrifice. Spaniards emphasized it to justify their actions. The Aztecs practiced realpolitick and should have made more friends though especially Tlaxcala.

Your plan, my friend, it did not work!

You tried to sound smart but ended up sounding retarded m9


>The IJN Yuudachi abusing the white flag at the Battle of the Solomons Island, thus causing the USN to issue "no quarter" regarding shipwrecked IJN sailors and marines.


(Pic related, this is how the Japanese see the IJN Yuudachi today.)

>IJN Ikazuchi and IJN Inazuma saving all those British sailors and doi- no wait, that's not a warcrime.


You got Daniel Inoyue out of it, so shut up.

>Sook Chin- fuck it I'm not even gonna touch it



>The Holocaust
The Jews crashed Germany's economy and began to subvert German society.

Money. Literal boatloads of it

>American invasion of Afghanistan.
Killed Osama and brought candy to staving Afghan orphans

>Afganistan War
>War crime.

It's literally the most just war waged by the West since WW2.

A failed agrarian reform of the USSR that just happened to hit Ukraine the most. If successful, the reform would have raised the necessary capital for heavy industries which would have greatly benefited the farmers by providing them mechanization and greatly increasing yields, freeing up labour to produce other things that would quickly and greatly raise the living standards of the USSR.

The Crusades were an honorable retaliation effort by the European peoples after centuries of Islamic

>it's supposedly our fault that the Irish all forgot that fish exist
wew lad

Yes, those peasants in mudhuts were surely an threat to the US. Or was it vengeane against Saudis for---wait what?

Brits blocked off Americans from sending food into Ireland though

>9/11 attacks

After all the shit the US had done around the world they had it coming. They got a fraction of a small taste of their own medicine.

Brits forbid Turks from sending food to Ireland simply because the Turks wanted to send more food than the Brits did.
They smuggled it in anyway. Should have a smuggled a few janissary regiments and liberated Ireland while they were at it.

Jesus Christ the Brits were even more of a cunt with the Irish that I knew. That's just evil.

>Haitian Revolution


reminder thet genocide Is the bi-product of a civilized society, which realizes that exterminating the threat, to none, Is the most effective cause to further peace.

that and armenians had it coming

n the magazine History Ireland (1997, issue 5, pp. 32–36), Christine Kinealy, a Great Hunger scholar, lecturer, and Drew University professor, relates her findings: Almost 4,000 vessels carried food from Ireland to the ports of Bristol, Glasgow, Liverpool, and London during 1847, when 400,000 Irish men, women, and children died of starvation and related diseases. She also writes that Irish exports of calves, livestock (except pigs), bacon, and ham actually increased during the Famine. This food was shipped under British military guard from the most famine-stricken parts of Ireland; Ballina, Ballyshannon, Bantry, Dingle, Killala, Kilrush, Limerick, Sligo, Tralee, and Westport. A wide variety of commodities left Ireland during 1847, including peas, beans, onions, rabbits, salmon, oysters, herring, lard, honey, tongues, animal skins, rags, shoes, soap, glue, and seed. The most shocking export figures concern butter. Butter was shipped in firkins, each one holding 9 imperial gallons; 41 litres. In the first nine months of 1847, 56,557 firkins (509,010 imperial gallons; 2,314,000 litres) were exported from Ireland to Bristol, and 34,852 firkins (313,670 imperial gallons; 1,426,000 litres) were shipped to Liverpool, which correlates with 822,681 imperial gallons (3,739,980 litres) of butter exported to England from Ireland during nine months of the worst year of the Famine.[81] The problem in Ireland was not lack of food, which was plentiful, but the price of it, which was beyond the reach of the poor.[82

Irish coastal settlements weren't that badly affected by the famine

Though not many Irish lived in coastal villages by that stage because there was no wood to make boats out of, the British had cleared all of Ireland's forests for farmland.

Belgians literally din' du nuffin in the Congo.
It was all just Leo, dey is good boys

Technically correct.

You can't possibly pay people enough to get them to travel down a dirt road to the middle of nowhere in the South and voluntarily pick cotton in the middle of July and still be able to turn a profit unless you have them living in squalor like the sharecroppers.

Agricultural work in subtropical areas didn't become humane until harvesting was mostly mechanized and modern transportation allowed workers to travel freely and earn more money.

That's why it's so great


>leading to the loss of many Polish lives

Unlike the actual history of Soviet occupied Poland, which was a safe, happy place to be during the war.


Blah blah muh occupation.

But really, I just like the idea that you can take some steel pipe, some sugar, and some stump remover, and create a national security threat that costs literally hundreds of millions of dollars to deal with.

it really is pathetic how much israel fear these guys when their "bomb"

*with their "bomb"


So they're supposed to wait until Muslims actually get their hands on something with real destructive power? Please.

>Literally all the shit that happened to Haiti after 1800


Well, that's like the entire reason terrorism works.

Humans can't calculate risk effectively.

As long as there's a non-zero chance of something happening, and humans are aware of that risk, they'll be scared.

It's the same reason everyone loses their shit over missing kids and school shootings.

The two consecutive nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki managed to quickly end a war that would otherwise have dragged out with America conventionally bombing and killing an incredibly higher amount of Japanese innoncents before the Japanese government would surrender. It was a well known fact that bravery in battle and complete unwillingness to surrender were traits deeply ingrained into Japanese culture and the American government knew that it would require an incredible show of force to convince the Japanese government that they were fighting a hopeless battle that by all quantifiable manners, they were.

The Cold War that would be initiated by America's initial use of nuclear arms was definitely a contentious period that could have sparked the bloodiest of wars, but nuclear deterrent proved to work in deterring major powers from fighting eachother in open combat.

The best part is I'm not memeing about this for the thread, these things are completely true. If anyone complains Hiroshima and Nagasaki being immoral, remind them that Japan was responsible for the death and rape of far more Chinese innocents than what Japan suffered and then ask them if it was moral for the allies to bomb Germany and kill far more German innocents than Japan would ever suffer.

Literally no one believes the nukes were bad except for Japanese historical revisionists and selfhating leftists, even vatniks like watching Japan immolated

Serbs are violent pests

Nazis think they can conquer the world.
Invading armies rape all their daughters and little sisters while Nazi leaders blow their own brains out.

If you're going to try and conquer the world don't blow it or all your daughters and little sisters are going to get gang raped to remind you not to try it again.

Jews just fucking deserved it let's be honest man

>Native American "GENOCIDE"
Never happened

You'd be surprised. Nobody is ever too outspoken about it, but most people tend to see it as some sort of black mark on American history when, ironically, it was one of the most humane and ethical decisions made during WW2 (at least when compared to the alternatives.)

Does anyone have the picture of Wikipedia saying "This list of genocides is incomplete. You can help by expanding it."?

Americans liberated the land from the natives

>most people
you mean "most bleeding heart millennial historical revisionist university Marxists"

Nah, I've run into plenty of folks who don't understand that the alternative would have involved the deaths of millions of Japanese and about a million americans.

Honestly as an American, I can see why you think this. Our reckless foreign policy created a lot of unnecessary enemies despite coming out on top of the USSR.



OP did nothing wrong.

Some historians say that the report claiming the us would lose more than one million soldiers in a classic war was mostly fake, and that the bombings were mostly a display of power and a real scale scientific test.

Two different technologies were used in the bombs, and a high scale scientific research on radiation effects was done on the survivors of the bombings without any will to heal or assist them. People burnt or just irradiated would be brought to american researchers just so they could take note of it.

It is still the longest and most extensive research on the effects of radiation on the human body up to this day.

Militarily speaking, I do not contest the decision though, but claiming it to be humane is pushing the limit

Butthurt thirdworlder detected.

>some historians
with names that end in -ichi or -awa

This but unironically.

True. Jews are like a white version of Americans.

Germans are grateful, so the Anglo must have done something right.

Except half the crusades were against fellow Christians or Europeans.

It's the dumbest shit. We could have literally stopped world hunger with the money that is spent stopping terrorism. Terrorism kills less than 1% of the people who die of hunger.

Albegensian Crusade is the only one that fits that description. The Northern Crusades were against pagans and the Christian Polish who'd rather have pagans and remain independent.

Say my name

Srebrenica. Bosniaks, man, woman and children were mass murdered by Serbs in a UN declared safe zone, guarded by Dutch.

Bosniaks had it coming because never trust your life to a weed smoking Dutch.

feeding thec mudniggers sausages best day of my life

Hitlers only mistake was losing the war before he could stamp out the Gypsies.

>dat VOC-mentaliteit
>tfw you will never be so rich that you accidentally into a global empire while your rubber-stamp home "government" gives no fucks and just lets you keep it

They already do, its their faith derived from Quran. Destroy and undermine their faith and they are no longer a threat.


>211 years later
Did Christendom need prep time before doing literally no damage to the Muslim world?

Hitler originally wanted to send the jews to madagascar.
>tropical island>>>>>>>>shitty desert nation surounded by butthurt arabs

Unit 731 was just doing what no one else had the guts to do.
>Somewhat true


It was just a testing of the waters for the post 19th century anal ravaging we were planning ;)

>testing water 7 centuries beforehand

If you plan something good, take your time to perfect the plan.

The ME is gonna be a warfilled shithole until either they run out of people (good luck, their population doubled in 30 ish years) or they unfuck their religious-political system (see first example for this solution)

During the famine Ireland was still producing literal tons of food.
It's just that the British were exporting the food back into England for sale, mainly meats.

what atrocity?

It was literally the only good thing enver had done and it can be argued whether it was enver who had thought of this.

so it goes

Frankly, Rwanda has too many people. The only problem with the genocide was that they did not go far enough.

>massive sadistic rapes of German women in the closing stages of WW2
That's what you get for your men being awful thousands of kilometers away without your knowledge.



I'd say the UN respobse to the Korean War is more just.

Another few months of conventional bombing would have made Japan surrender.

>no one else


>Some historians say that the report claiming the us would lose more than one million soldiers in a classic war was mostly fake
Some historians are full of shit, the casualty estimates made were reasonable

The Devil?

Black people are not a homogenous group.

Jeju Island Massacre and other removals of commie in South Korea before and during the war.

Because you can't deny the south was crawling with commies who had a very real plan to invade and destroy SK, armed and taking orders from the north and who actually did participate in guerrilla and terrorist actions constantly up until the war, while the remaining ones were happy to join the North Korean army when it rolled south. Result of commie removal: modern South Korea, 1st world and awesome, if they hadn't done it they could end up all being juchedrones.

Go take a look at the thread title, jackass.

Your other option was letting the Red Army shoulder the invasion of the Japanese Home Islands and dealing with Stalin at the negotiation table.


You mean
"Those Injuns could never hold off the might of the most warlike tribes, let's relocate them to somewhere safer... WITH DEATH."

>Singapore alledgedly selling domestic machineguns to the Serbians

"Nothing personal, kid. Atrocities are big busin- those machineguns never entered our ports."

The entire IRA bombing and shooting campaigns in mainland Britain gave the British people a taste of the suffering, and terrorism, the British Empire and governments inflicted on many other countries throughout the centuries.

>Everything that the US did to the Native Americans.

They were in the way of Manifest Destiny and they refused to assimilate to the superior and more advanced society. The only ones I feel bad for are the Cherokee, they were so civilized they had cotton plantations and used blacks as slaves. Jackson should've reconsidered them.