Post your favourite Habsburgs

Post your favourite Habsburgs

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>William Murderface was part of the Habsburg dynasty
huh, never knew that

Lol the Hapsburgs are a family of goons

thats what centuries of inbreeding going to do you

Their inbredness problems only happened much later than at the time of Albrecht II and Phillip II.

Unlike popular perception, Charles V was not particularly inbreed, for example.

Cleopatra seemed quite competent.

Her two brother-husbands were absolute write-offs though.

The two daughters of Karl von Habsburg are pretty cute.



>Unlike popular perception, Charles V was not particularly inbreed, for example.

Charles suffered from an enlarged lower jaw, a deformity that became considerably worse in later Habsburg generations, giving rise to the term Habsburg jaw. This deformity was caused by the family's long history of inbreeding, which was commonly practiced in royal families of that era to maintain dynastic control of territory. He struggled to chew his food properly and consequently experienced bad digestion for much of his life. As a result, he usually ate alone.[42] He suffered from epilepsy[43] and was seriously afflicted with gout, presumably caused by a diet consisting mainly of red meat.[44] As he aged, his gout progressed from painful to crippling. In his retirement, he was carried around the monastery of St. Yuste in a sedan chair. A ramp was specially constructed to allow him easy access to his rooms.[42]

What, compared to, say, Charles II of Spain or something

Look at his ancestors. There are not many repeated names.

The Spanish Habsburg problem with inbreeding happened only later, when they figured out the only families good enough to marry in their main line were the Austrian Habsburgs and the Capets.


His mother was from the House of Spain, his Grandmother was from the House of Burgundy, his Greatgrandmother was from the House of Portugal, his greatgreatgrandmother was from the House of Piast, his greatgreatgreatgrandmother was from the House of Visconti, His greatgreatgreatgrandmother was from the house of Pfirt?, his greatgreatgreatgreatgrandmother was from the House of Carinthia.

I refuse to believe when they did this portrait and Albrecht looked at it he said "Yes! that's exactly how I look!"

It's actually pretty flattering for him

>He is best remembered for his one coherent command, to his cook when told he could not have apricot dumplings (Marillenknödel) because apricots were out of season. He said "I am the Emperor, and I want dumplings!"

>As the revolutionaries of 1848 were marching on the palace, he is supposed to have asked Metternich for an explanation. When Metternich answered that they were making a revolution, Ferdinand is supposed to have said “But are they allowed to do that?”

i like the fellow who wasn't inbred

oh my god what is wrong with your faaaaaaaace: the political dynasty

>mfw imagining all of medieval christendom just grinning and bearing it thinking "eh thats the best they can do, so..." because thats apparently as far as their art could go until the renaissance

The one and only.

Holy shit he is real.

what a mighty dragon

That was a Habsburg dragon.

He was half-portuguese. That saved him.

The more I learn about him, the more I think Charlie V was legitimately trying to be a good, proactive ruler.
I think in different circumstances him and Luther would have been buddies.

His son also was half-portuguese and was a inbred freak.

The Great Charles II Diamond

The problem with Charles V is that he was too damn powerful for his own good.

He was the Duke of Austria, King of Castille, King of Aragon, Duke of Burgundy, King of the two Sicilies. Each of those titles by itself would already make him one of the leading monarchs in Europe. He had all of them.
His brother was King of Bohemia and King of Hungary. And again, each of those titles would make him a leading monarch in Europe.

Along with his title of Holy Roman Emperor, having all those realms together must be extremely stressful.

Yeah, I definitely don't envy him the pressure he was under keeping all these different areas happy and relatively unified.
And he did send out Magellan which is cool.

The problem is that he didn't service the interests of any of those countries but came up with some sort of dynastic policy about serving some sort of 'universal monarchy system' over Europe in which he, along the Pope, would be the enablers and the arbiters. And the cost of running this policy, both economically and politically, and defending the system against the contesters (France, the protestant revolt, the Ottomans) was to fall over the shoulders of Spain, mostly over Castille.

Especially with all Italian shenanigans and raging reformation.
Also, thats why Charles V divided his realm between his son and his brother, respectively Spanish and Austrian branch.

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Ay but she thicc tho

That chin is a waterfall of meat.

No shit, bitch had sixteen pregnancies.

>mfw a nobleman believes he's powerful near me


Do you know Coudenhove-Kalergi? He was closely blood-related to Otto von Habsberger. RIP in Pieces.

Żywiec Habserbergs were supposed to rule restituted Kingdom of Poland, up until Regency Council took over.

The EU lover?

Superior half-Portuguese Habsburg coming through

But how did the other monarchies stave off inbreeding then?


Belarus is ruled by a Hapsburg. That explains so much.



To be fair the guy wasn't as retarded as he is made out to be; he had seizures every ten minutes and had a speech disorder, but if you look at his diaries he seems pretty coherent, and also spoke a number of languages. I would accredit both of those quotes to a general plush aristocratic lifestyle, noble affluenza if you will, rather than any form of retardation.

>that jaw
Is he a Habsburg?

He has not "that jaw" he has a prominent chin, which is different.

>apricot dumplings


This so much. Mah man right there.