Was William II really that incompetent at Waterloo?

Was William II really that incompetent at Waterloo?

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Here's forty shillings on the drum...

For those who volunteer to come....

To 'list and fight the foe today....


Over the Hills and far away!

O'er the hills and o'er the main

through flanders portugal and spain, king george commands and we obey...

If I should fall to rise no more

Over the hills and far away
When duty calls me I must go

>"A monumental blunder was perpetrated by the Prince of Orange. Whilst Wellington was absent over on the eastern flank of the Allied line, Picton had formed four newly arrived regiments into square formation. The Prince then appeared and countermanded Picton's orders. He ordered four British regiments to reform into line. Moments later French heavy cavalry under the command of General Kellerman struck. The 69th Regiment were badly cut up and their King's colour captured, the first time a battalion under Wellington's direct command had ever lost its colours in battle. Their Regimental colour was saved thanks to the bravery of Christopher Clarke, a gentleman volunteer, who killed three cuirassiers and received 22 sabre wounds in the process. Clarke was later rewarded for his bravery with a commission in the Black Watch. The 33rd and the 73rd were also assailed but they fled to the safety of the Bossu Wood where they quickly rallied. The French cavalry pressed on to the Quatre Bras crossroads, but then came under close range artillery and musket fire and were forced to retreat."

Just to prove this was no fluke he did it again two days later...

>"Meanwhile a massive French attack surged around La Haie Sainte - the centre of the Allied line. The French had smashed down the door, inside the garrisoned troops had run out of ammunition and a desperate hand-to-hand fight ensued. Seeing the situation, the Prince of Orange decided to lend a hand. He formed two battalions into line which were caught by a body of French cavalry; one was ridden down and destroyed the other managed to form square in time. For the third time in as many days, the young prince had sacrificed a battalion to no purpose."

>its a hippie dude sings his dumb song scene


i didnt even intend on the thread being Sharpe bait.

it's a great show about the Peninsular War though.

so he was a fucking idiot.

jesus christ

fuck it

Who was a more interesting character?

Hagman or Fredrickson?

>The Dutch Royal family turns out to be retarded
Gee who could have guessed


British inbreeding did that to both William II and George III

>it's a great show about the Peninsular War though.

It's not accurate though
It's more like a bunch of Rambo moves set in the Peninsular War

I liked Fredrickson more just because the man is basically a walking mutilated corpse but keeps fighting.

Hagman's death was the worst thing ever though.

Any other shows like Sharpe? Historical enough but mostly fun.

Hornblower? ANZACS? What else?


>Implying that's a bad thing

The Last Kingdom, it's based on Cornwell's saxon series.

Not really. Post Napoleon had a reason to bash the Belgians and Dutch despite wellingtons army only being 25% English and the whole thing called Quatre Bras.

Its ok to cry user

I fucking did, son of a bitch Frenchies

I like in the novels Sharpe basically becomes a French minor noble

And its shit (the tv show, not the books so much)


it's damn fun though

i was kind of sad Fredrickson didnt end up marrying Lucille, and he ended up getting posted to Canada for the war of 1812.

Hagman and harris's deaths were just plain sad, man.