Most depressing moments in history

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The Great Leap Forward provokes a famine that kills more than 30 million people.
The party has a reunion about how well the Great Leap Forward is working and the elite of the party bitches up and licks Mao's balls.

Why did he have to die, Veeky Forums? ;_;

They could have done if if not for the rain.

That sly russian, you can never know what he's up to...

Ah yes, the nation that got fucked so hard by Russia they stole half the country, and ended up using their resources not for war but for building up the nation and create a modern welfare-state, going from (per capita) one of the poorest nations in Europe to one of the richest. What a horrible way to go.

Honestly, Sweden getting the D where they poop from was the best thing that could ever happen to that country.

The Great War.

B-baka! Sweden never lost the Great Northern War, Kalle is just making a tactical retreat, he will return! Kalle will return in triumph to defeat Muscow, 297 years after they thought they were safe from Kalle's superior Swedish maneuvers!

This is not WW1.

18th century battles always seem so fucking retarded

I know the tactics reasons behind them but you always see these guys staying there like faggots waiting to get shot without moving a finger

SPD voting for war credits during the First World War

The Swedish battle plan for Poltava tried to actively avoid this. Dragoons were supposed to knock out the Russian redoubts in an easterly flanking sweep.

If successful, the Russians would have had no defense against gå-på (fire at will) since most battalions were too far away to assemble an opposing line of fire.

Unfortunately, the reality was the two dragoon detatchments got lost in a nearvy forest on the moonless night, with no reliable maps. By the time they'd assembled, the Russians had woken up and begun to launch a much stronger counter attack. One dragoon, hoping to alert the Swedish that they were going for 'Plan B', shot into the air to warn Genral Lewenhaupt, causing every enemy redoubt to figure out what was happening too.

What's depressing about a bit of belated patriotism?

Arrant betrayal of the working class and a surrender to imperialism.

Great European war was bound to happen, ancient reactionary empires outlived its era, romantization of war and concept of glory were still flowing through minds, small kick was needed to shatter outdated ideals.
Great war was waking call to Europe or at least it should have been..
But World War 2 was completely avoidable, shortsightedness of men who were supposed ensure peace made "armistice for 20 years", destroyed nearly every part of continent and ended golden age of european history.

"One day President Roosevelt told me that he was asking publicly for suggestions about what the war should be called. I said at once, "The Unnecessary War." There never was a war more easy to stop than that which has just wrecked what was left of the world from the previous struggle"

To be honest family.

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I love the ETW Darthmod intro tho. So badass.

The end of WW2: Rise of Communism, End of the British empire, cold war, pointles ventures in south east asia, rise of the left, collapse of the Reich, death of Hitler, basically 1949-1970s, although the USSR lasted longer than that, just everything from that period must have felt bitter and pointless in Europe

Everyone was actually super happy when the war ended.

I doubt in Eastern Europe

How could anyone do this

everywhere, it was occupation but 4 brutal years of worst war in history made any kind of peace welcome

I didn't mean that, that was the worst time in history, just I doubt it was very good

I feel like Baltic Germans and the Japanese citizens of Sakhalin were the ones most negatively affected by the end of the war itself.

Germany suffered famine condition after the war. Millions of POWs slowly died off in Gulags. Finland paid $300million reparations to her enemy.

The death of Archduke Ferdinand was actually pretty sad, even if it hadn't led to the most pointless war in history
His last words:
>"Sopherl! Sopherl! Sterbe nicht! Bleib' am Leben für unsere Kinder! Es ist gar nichts... es ist gar nichts..."
>("Sophie! Sophie! Don't die! Live for our children! It is nothing. It is nothing. It is nothing...")




>most pointless war
i want this meme to die

>four empires reduced to ashes
>millions dead
>millions scarred
>trillions of pounds lost
>the victors are still weakened to the point of eventual disintegration
>all that was accomplished was to lay the seeds for the next war
It was a waste.

That's really more the fault of Daladier and Chamberlain.

Britain and France's generals had bought her the most decisive military result in Europe since Waterloo.

The weakness of civilian policy makers threw it away.

>The weakness of civilian policy makers threw it away.
True, but that means that the overall grand strategy of France and Britain was flawed, or at least miscommunicated. If the generals and politicians had been aligned, they could have made all the bloodshed worth something.

Actually, i've found a long conferency of a french historian, he explain that WW1 was caused because of internal difficulty and the responsability of the war is up to the French and Russian militarist.

But the war was pointless and is a crime.

Jesus Christ what an enormous waste of lives.

>All those dead young men
>Over pointless politics

i recomand you many films which show the horror of the war.
Path of glory (a classical)
Joyeux noel
un long dimanche de fiancialles
capitaine conan
a l'ouest rien de nouveau


Me being born.

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This fellow knows whats up.

this desu senpai

And I'll add the assassination of Jaurès if we're talking ww1 era western european themed socialist depression.

Nearly 600 years and I still haven't gotten over it.

wait a minute ottoman cannons cant melt the byzantine walls


fall of the Second Republic desu

>The Great War

Not as bad as people here make it out to be.

I'm a bit obsessed with this, here's a link from my bookmarks

The Great Depression

Somebody get a load of this schmuck here.

Interesting, thanks.

Ww1 and ww2 were necassary for the cold war and ensuing peace

War before mutual gdp damage was inevitable, now it isnt.

This x1000

maybe watch the great war series
because you are incorrect.

If that is the crucifixion of Christ (Ren painters were so dumb with their costume design), then so that He would be glorified by His resurrection.

That's Charles the Bold.

>necessary so the thing that is a direct result of that thing could happen

I get Balthasar's political/religious motivation, but Phillip II was a complete dick.

I seriously recommend all of you watch this. I know extra history can be a bit shit at times, but this series is probably one of their best done in my opinion.

>maybe watch the great war series
>because you are incorrect.

WW1 had a steep learning curve and, as a result, a horrible price in blood, but in the end between 70-90% of all casualties were the result of artillery [1], a weapon whose full potential would not be seen until WW2 when advances in technology and munitions, HE/AP shells, proximity fuses, and accompanying doctrine such as time-on-target would increase its lethality exponentially.

Gas and chemical warfare is surely frightening but deaths attributed to it are negligible. The British list 6,000 total dead from gas during the entirety of the war, or less than a third of British fatalities suffered on just the first day of the Battle of the Somme [2]. "Gas was banned because it was a terrible inhumane weapon!" is untrue. It was an ineffective weapon liable to do more damage to your own troops than the enemies. Gas grenades were even worse.

I see it often argued here that the conditions of trench warfare were a catalyst to an otherwise never-before-seen mental anguish, as if trench warfare hadn't been practiced since the sieges of ancient warfare. This is usually accompanied by cherry-picked clips from 'War Neurosis' of shell-shocked men break dancing set to some 2spooky music, when a 5 minute google search will tell you that the scenes that weren't completely staged were re-enacted with extreme exaggeration [3], and that the doctor (and coincidentally film director) was discredited by all other medical professionals who dealt with shell shock. Watch the full thing sometime, he claims to cure his patients in days, sometimes hours, it's dumb.

1. Helmets and Body Armor in Modern Warfare, Bashford Dean, 1920
2. How deadly was the poison gas of WW1? - BBC Magazine
3. On Flinching: Theatricality and Scientific Looking from Darwin to Shell Shock, Tiffany Watt Smith, 2014

I don't think the biggest reason the great war is considered a tragedy is because of the conditions for soldiers, though that is a big part, but rather the effect it had on the histories of Europe, and by extension, the world. It more or less directly led to WW2, which led to the cold war. It definitively ended European hegemony at its peak, brought about an end to Monarchy (mostly), and was the first large scale European war since essentially Napoleon.

It wasn't to defeat an obviously bad regime like the Nazis, it wasn't to free anyone, it wasn't for any good cause. Hell, it was barely even for a cause, none of the nations that participated /really/ wanted the war to happen, but because it did, everything changed in such a tragic way.

>'War Neurosis'

17:49 - le floppy floor man
18:54 - almost completely cured in one hour!

14:10 - constipated crutches guy
14:33 - "four months later" background is exactly the same as first scene, down to the bystanders

Atleast for me.

I'll give you that there was an awful lot of naivete going into it, especially when it had to be sold as some knightly noble war here in the states and ended up killing off the American socialist movement.

I don't think it made WW2 inevitable though, plenty of inter-war diplomacy fuck ups also deserving of blame.

Worst thing about the Trail of Tears is seeing those gravestones in what seem like totally random places. One nearby me right next to a McDonalds parking lot. Is the perfect way to display the deprecation of an entire people/culture.

>Oh brave noble spirits of the CostCo strip mall parking long, we honor you.

*parking lot

At least they didn't build over it.

Damn, feels from unexpected places right there


Don't think so user.
>Though I love you all, I can not embrace you all

Fuck. That hit harder than I expected.


That this guy died too early. He could have unified the north under Swedish supremacy. He also wanted to make my home city the capital.
Rest in peace

>tfw Sophie's family was too insignificant to marry Franz Ferdinand
>they opposed their marriage with everything they cold, but Franz Ferdinand refused to marry anyone else
>it was a huge scandal
>Franz Ferdinand eventually signed a document that would deprive their children of the right to rule just so he could be with her

It was true love, guys, and it ended up like that. Why.

"La mort n'est rien, mais vivre vaincu et sans gloire, c'est mourir tous les jours."

(death is nothing, but to live beaten and without glory is dying everyday)

Is this a clone army?

You know too much

>Britain and France's generals had bought her the most decisive military result in Europe since Waterloo.

They manage to sell their populations' faith in their army/armed forces one retarded "attack" at fortified guns at a time. At least for the UK I know it has never really returned.

This desu, fucking love that song.


>Reading Napoleon by Frank mclynn
>At the start a Typhus epidemic hits the army
>logistics can't keep up with army
>battles don't go to well
>Retreat from Moscow after countless are burned in the fires
>Hundreds die a night from freezing to death
>If you fall behind the serfs will torture you to death
>Nothing to eat because your army already came this way
>600miles from allies



>That black janissary

Seriously, I know father winter is a bit of meme but the old guy is still a bastard to those invading Russia.

But that is bullshit. Napoleon's engineers build bridges for crossing Berezina. That means river was not covered by ice. And engineers worked in the water. It's just not possible with minus temperature.


But you should stop lying about harsh Russian winter, it was quite normal in that year.

Allright the pic he posted is in french so I can't really blame you, but -30°C is marked days after the passing.

Even then, on the map it clearly says "The Cossaks are crossing the frozen Niemen" on the bottom left, at the start of the graph. Meaning it was pretty fucking cold already

>The Great War.
Overrated. Yeah, it was pretty great, but calling it "the" great war? Nah.

>Swedecucks btfo
They played the game and they lost

time to chum the waters

t. Nikos Papadopolous

Charles was a soldier... he fought... hrrrmmmmm... and he lost

Irish laments can be pretty depressing, especially from the wars. Straight off the boat into battle.

Here I sit on Buttermilk Hill
Who can blame me, cryin' my fill
And ev'ry tear would turn a mill,
Johnny has gone for a soldier.

Me, oh my, I loved him so,
Broke my heart to see him go,
And only time will heal my woe,
Johnny has gone for a soldier.

I'll sell my rod, I'll sell my reel,
Likewise I'll sell my spinning wheel,
And buy my love a sword of steel,
Johnny has gone for a soldier.

I'll dye my dress, I'll dye it red,
And through the streets I'll beg for bread,
For the lad that I love from me has fled,
Johnny has gone for a soldier.

I'm sure that's what happened to most of them. You're not going to build a cemetery around a single or handful of graves. is surely the exception.