No sugar

>no sugar
>no calories
>no artificial sweeteners

where do these things get their flavor from?

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ball sweat




From essence, dumbass.

I like the lemon or lime mixed with bourbon.

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Step aside.

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After all, what is flavor? Just an idea. And if you already have that idea, what need is there for tawdry ingredients to remind you of it? The flavor is there, within you. We provide the vessel. It is up to you to embody it.

I hate the misleading labels on "natural flavor." Fun fact about "artificial flavor" vs "natural flavor." Artificial is pretty self-explanatory, someone created a chemical that tastes like a desired flavor; vanillin is probably the best known of them, and arguably truffle oil could go here.

"Natural flavor," though, doesn't mean that they get the flavor compounds from the actual ingredient, just that the flavor compounds come from a "natural" or "organic" source (organic in the chemical sense, not the grocery store sense). Let's say, for example, that someone somehow found out that beaver assholes taste faintly like strawberry. If you could find a way to isolate the strawberry flavor of beaver asshole, you could use it in place in real strawberry, because strawberries are fucking expensive. Obviously, you're not going to put "beaver asshole extract" in your ingredients list, so you can put the far nicer sounding "natural flavor." Now, instead of imagining this scenario as purely hypothetical, know that this is a real thing, because that's basically what Castoreum is.


same question

the homeopathy of carbonated beverages


is that banned now, for conservation reasons? it's also used in perfumery and like other animal products used in fragrances (civet, ambergris, musk, etc.), it's all synthetic now

Make way for the real flavored sparkling drink.

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The vodka

that thing is like 46 grams of sugar

this is retarded. stop it.

So what? It tastes like something at the least.

Is it really? That's like twice the amount of sugar as a can of Coke.

>what is fruit juice


Nobody said or implied that juice is low in sugar.

Going to add "huh?" to my filter list now. Thanks anons

how do you get over the bitterness of carbonated water
it's awful

this niggerspeak meme

People on ck r so manly they think its too sweet

>in a paperbox
Could that be more wasteful?


Yes. At least cardboard decomposes and doesn't strangle animals.

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That fucking breaks my heart and I'm a hardcore meat eater.

Cut those rings you lazy fucks.

What would that accomplish at this point? Kill the fucking thing, Frank-n-stein


i have came to edumacate you fucks, so get ready to learn some shit

>since 1989, six-pack rings in the US have been manufactured to be 100 percent photo-degradable, so the plastic will begin to disintegrate in just a few weeks, allowing animals to easily free themselves from the brittle and crumbling rings

thats how evolution starts

That's good. But cardboard is still better. It decompose to microparticles and turn the ocean into a lifeless swamp.

Veeky Forums is basically just Reddit now, user. This faggotry is just part and parcel now.


>beaver asshole extract

I think the coconut one must have a little bit of this

Haha thanks!

there are countless cases of clone threads being posted on both Veeky Forums and reddit that include the same replies and everything
>reddit even added greentext to make the threads seem more similiar


I meant cut it BEFORE that happens.

It doesn't matter if an animal gets caught before those six weeks. Just break the rings as you drink them, it takes no effort. Furthermore, not all of them are made or sold in the US.

Yep. Whether it was bots posting fake threads, or somebody just copypasting entire threads back and forth just for shits. Who knows.
>my conspiracy theory is they used the same servers for both sites just to fuck with people and end the reddit/Veeky Forums meme war


no its not

animals are tasty, but hard to eat when they are alive. kill 'em all i say

so nobody can actually answer the question. great thanks huh.

The whole topic was retarded in the first place, who gives a shit

Who doesn't like to crack open a few Croix with the boix?


La Croix: The Official Drink of the LGBTQBRAPPFT Community

it's esters, faggo

what's that

they suck the flavor chemicals out of a fruit or berry or whatever and add it into the water

>Victorian turtle

I invite you to buy club soda, squeeze the juice from1 lime in it w/ some ice; best drink there is.

this but also add rum, mint leaves, and sugar

>Jew-loving Amerimutts feel the need to buy a pre-packaged drink with "no sugar, calories, or artificial sweeteners" inatead of just having a glass of fucking water
Has it seriously become this bad in Anglo countries?

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>he doesn't find joy in flavored, carbonated beverages
Let's see that water drinking license, Mohammad

I'm drinking the orange one just now and it only has 28.7g of sugars.

I've literally never seen or heard a black person use the word specific. how is this niggerspeak specifically?

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>How dare you consume anything for taste or pleasure?!

I don't get whatever point you're trying to make.

t. Trivia website circa 2006

They probably pronounced it like "pacific" and you were too retarded to realize they weren't conversing about oceanic geography

you left out cum, dipshit.
kill yourself.

One of the current popular artificial sweeteners, I forget which one, was accidentally discovered when someone licked their fingers to turn some pages. The papers had been contaminated with by-products of an aluminum smelting process.

Your generation calls it an artificial sweetener. My generation called it industrial waste.

plastic decomposes dumbass.

>being a homophobe

>doubting nature

bacteria will eat literally fucking anything. the most neat part? animal digestion is facilitated heavily by gut flora aka bacteria, meaning meaning that animals capable of digesting plastic could theoretically exist in the near future.

I prefer xylitol myself, tastes exactly like sugar. shame it kills the fuck out of dogs and cats

yeah, but it takes at least a decade for it to start to decompose, more to break down further

tastes just like sprite to me. then again i am a supertaster

Nowhere, they taste like sewage.



the essence. it's the fruit oils that carries the aroma

t. lamark

They look like they should be alcoholic