What does durian smell like?

What does durian smell like?

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Citrus, a chemical accident and rotten onions.


My gf's family is Chinese and she's eaten those things. She says they're actually nowhere as stinky as people say.

It's a strange, sweet odor. Mix together equal parts of sweaty BO, onions, and strong cheese.

the sweet sickly smell of wet dumpster trash

I'm from where it grows naturally and I think it's smelly.



t. hawai’ian

no idea
But I've had durian pastries in a Chinese dim sum fare

They were sticky and sweet but they had this smell of a rubbish bag once it gets on your tongue

If asians think something stinks so bad that it's illegal to eat it in public, you know it fucking stinks.

These gooks will walk around town with a bag of fish heads for tonights soup

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Wet garbage and rotting onion

what does pussy smell like?

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Wet garbage and rotting onion

You'll never know

When I tried it, I found it reminded me a lot of garlic-mango

moldy rice and armpit

sadly this.

Some combination of piss and saliva

30% mango, 70% ungodly sulfur fart.

t. Ordered a durian smoothie at a vietnamese restaurant, and every sip I took tasted and smelled like that. Would not get again.

She's actually a huge fan of exotic European cheeses so maybe she's biased. She said it smelled like a strong cheese but nothing so bad as "durian challenge" Youtube videos.

he's a mole-person, what do you not get?

I don't know what kinds of exotic cheeses your gf likes but I love blue cheese even the strong ones and hate durians.
Durian's smell and taste is really something unique which is why you always get different answers when you ask people. Just look at this thread.

Pineapple and onions

I didn't know it grew in hawaii. I'll have to buy one next time I'm there


Ever smelled a gas leak?

No fine, huh?

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It smells like a fucking durian. Stop making these threads and visit an Asian market ffs - we're not Google.

piss and BO

Sort of, more like odorized natural gas mixed with ripe banana.
Depending on the variety, it's not. And stop being a sexual tourist and embrace her culture, faggot.

They don't fuck around in Singapore, that's why they don't tolerate niggers.

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>What does durian smell like?

Black people BO. Very distinct smell.