What are the conditions that must be met for industrial revolution to happen?

What are the conditions that must be met for industrial revolution to happen?
How comes it happend in Britain in 18th century

>surplus population
>proximity to deposits of coal and iron
>high IQ

There you go, OP.

(relatively) expensive labor made it worth to invest a lot of capital in labor saving machines instead of simply hiring more labor to achieve a higher production. On top of that a lot of capital is needed to build certain types of machinery, coal is also quite good to have.

All in all i'd say it's typically just the maturation and growth of pre-industrial economy.

Britain has relatively little natural resources

they simply had to invent efficient ways of using what they have

>high IQ

You need to have an agricultural revolution before you can have an industrial one.

Enough surplus grain to feed make a profit and invest into industry.

>Britain has relatively little natural resources

>they simply had to invent efficient ways of using what they have

If Britain is poor in resources, then continental Europe must be the fucking Gobi Desert.

Got to enclose them commons to industrialize farming and get enough labour to the urban centers to man (and child) the factories.

You also want that capital and those resources from the colonies and the triangular trade.

Couple that all with the right historical moment and a shitload of coal and bam.

Good location too.

Absolutely. There's always something to be said for a natural barrier that keeps you out of the worst of Europe's shit and fosters a gigantic shipping industry.

You can see the same dynamic writ large when the US really starts to gear up industrially. They just didn't need such a wide-ranging colonial empire to do it because NA is so goddamn big.

access to natural resources (coal, iron)
concentration of capital (trade, colonial exploitation)
political stability (not getting invaded every decade like countries in continental Europe)

The legal situation in Britain was pretty good for industrial growth.

The two biggest enemies to growth in Europe were arbitrary taxation and poor intellectual property rights.

Why build shit if some guy can just take all of it.

The establishment of a Parliament with real political power made it much safer for traders and businesses to invest in their enterprises, and form large companies.

The Parliament passed patent laws. Previously, the incentive had been to hoard technology, because if anyone else figured out how to do it, your own value would drop. Throughout most of history, anyone who invented a new technology did their best to prevent it from passing outside of a given family, guild, or business.

With patents, the first person to put a technology on public record could prevent anyone else from using it for 20 years, which meant a massive amount of money. The incentive suddenly switched to a need to publish your technology as quickly as possible before somebody beat you to the punch.

Expensive labour costs
Incredibly cheap coal

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>What are the conditions that must be met for industrial revolution to happen?
I'm not entirely sure, except for the fact that any explanation that does not revolve heavily around technology with only a splash of economics is just a meme.

>How comes it happend in Britain in 18th century
The splash of economics is why Britain in particular, Britain was at the heart of the trade network in northern europe which had access to mediterranean trade during the 15th century when things started to heat up and was also part of this area of agriculturally productive land. Plenty of science and technology came from outside of Britain before the industrial revolution, plenty of science and technology came from outside of Europe before the renaissance, they were a little ahead of the curve due to good economic positioning.

This explanation should BTFO both reddit and /pol/ so you can be sure it is acceptable.

While britain was more developed than other regions in europe economically, their peasants enjoyed a more healthy died in which meat was normal to have from pigs in forests on acorns or sheep for example, they also were enclosing land and the black death made laborers more competitive and shifted people to towns.

Those towns with excess labor would become the hotbed needed to run factories, but Britain required their takeover of the Slave Trade to generate a bustling economy which needed more production. By controlling the african slave trade, british shipping companies gained an absolute advantage over their dutch neighbors who were shafting them, out competeting them prior in trade.

high manual labor costs gives increased incentive to devise methods of reducing the need for large amounts of manual labor, like increasingly large and complex pieces of machinery

also apparently there was some happy incidence where flooded english coal deposits could be dredged with coal-powered engines which allows them to fuel more dredging engines with more coal available from those dredged mines in like some kind of positive feedback loop

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Add in
>large markets with few barriers
>scientific-utilitarian mindset
>developed state machinery