I work for an awful pizza chain

I work for an awful pizza chain
>main keyholder
>night shift 40+hrs

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Why do you think anyone would care about your boring life?

do you have a penis

How often do your delivery drivers get held up and robbed?

Do you like pizza? I like pizza: still, despite having worked at varied pizza establishments for close to 20 years all together. Been out of the pie game for over 3 years now. But I still like pizza.

AMA’s are all over this site. As a particular type of wage cuck that works for an especially poor chain, I have many stories to share, and can give insight to many debates such as tipping, customer service, messing with food, immigrant workers, ghetto customers, etc.
You’re welcome, faggot.

>AMA's[sic] are all over this site.
Sorry buddy, you seem to be confused. This isn't reddit.

One time a driver had the hand held debit taken and we had to call police. Same customer grabbed another female driver by the wrist and tried to get her inside. Most people are decent around here. Smaller city.

Sometimes, if I make it myself. Sometimes if it’s from a higher quality place.

/adv/, /qa/, misc /soc/, /b/, /r9k/, etc threads... Veeky Forums has them all the time. Where are you, new friend?

I'm considering moving into an apartment that's directly above a Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar. It's ceiling will be my floor.

My question is should I?

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Sometimes, if my partner is into it.

Veeky Forums has them occasionally, and they're always retarded. /adv/ /qa/ and /r9k/ are for autists and /soc/ and /b/ are for normies, so I don't know why anyone would ever use any of those shit boards.

They really should have gotten someone for that photo who doesn't look like he's being held at gunpoint and trying not to diarrhea his pants.

That depends on business hours and your schedule. The average pizza joint runs 11- late (some 3am).
Bonus? Always smelling Italian food.

Then why even view the thread? Are you a masochist? Naughty...

I'm going to derail it by posting pictures of pizza, like I did with that autistic German's thread recently.

Oh please just fucking do it! Right in my face, big boy! I want it!

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Are you ready?

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Pepperoni and beef

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To be desu that's my problem. I go to bed at 4am and wake up at noon, but it's a very busy shopping district so I'd be contantly woken up. Plus there's a bakery next door and they'd probably start work when I go to bed. It will be noise 24/7.

None of this means anything to you, of course. I'm just thinking out loud and I guess I just made my decision. Nope.

Thanx! You helped me that decision which means that you've had a positive impct on the course of my life.
Thanx again.

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Diced ronis, or sliced ronis? I like the diced, personally.

cheeze pissa

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Mmm, the most popular of toppings. Slice and walk in special! Only 9.99 leaf bucks for an extra large one topping!

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Post feet plz

No prob, bob. But hey, 4 am may work for you if they close at midnight, like many do, it may work. Alas, a busy shopping district would mean 8 am noise...
I’m glad if that helps!

My fave slice. Simple.

marie's homemade italian pizza from italy

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Cheers, and checked.
Plus there's not really enough room to swing a cat. I'll keep looking.

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pepperoni (curly edition)

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chocolate pizza

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That is of a higher quality than pizza pizza. We feed on Ontario works and odsp. Did you know we have a hassle free guarantee, and a 40 mins or free policy? Please, take advantage! You’ll never get a pizza like this!!

bad tomato bread

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We offer this at pizza pizza. It’s called “well done”, and we burn the bottom, free of charge!

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Fancy times. This can not be equated into our budget.

Fungus and ham

scat autotune pizza

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“Pizza pizza “
A slogan, or free advertising? Fuck your hot and ready. My 6.99 leaf buck one topping is hot and fresh.

oblong pizza sport


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This looks like a shit “Hawaii “ pizza, but it must be a facade as the name insinuates something grand... perhaps some remastered jazz?? Aw yeah...

Wifey material! That bitch better make this for the next game, eh?

at first i thought the slice was levitating but then i noticed the really thin stalks (made to look like cheese) holding it up.
that's pretty clever.

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There is clearly a knife or whatnot there... are you high?

uhh no, the tomato is wearing a Holy Mountain hat

I have stared at the tomatoes, yet the only hat I see is perhaps a beanie on right tomato, because of the garlic behind? I want to be in your world...

Get a white noise machine. There is a major road only about 70 feet away from my bedroom window, plus my 2 year old and three yapping dogs. I don't get woken up by any outside noise thanks to that marvrlous little box. Best $40 I've ever spent.

The white Holy Mountain hat on the far right extremist tomato.

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>that list

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Don’t lie, friend, you know you frequent some along with /mlp/, /pol/, and /d/...

It's the "I'm a stupid normie who pretends to care about autists but really treats them as a freakshow to laugh at" starter pack. The autistic should be hated and laughed at, don't get me wrong, but don't act like you view them as people(which they aren't) when you don't.

I thought white noise was how we communicate with the dead, but I'll look into it. Many (apprehensive) thanx in advance.

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you mean the spatula is the hat? i am so confuse.

The segregated tomato to the extreme right? I see no hat, but am appreciative of your insights lol

I am not opposed to peas on my peazza

with training you will see

that cow on the left has a sexy look in her eye. i think she's flirting with me.

T. Psych major with a dark sense of humour.



I considered majoring in psychology, but I decided to major in dropping out instead.

Wise. Without a masters degree or higher you’re worthless. That costs money, dedication, and time.

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I had two of the three, and I could have been a doctor or a lawyer or whatever if I had the dedication, but it turns out that dedication is just about the most important key to success. Thus, I'm a failure who has been using Veeky Forums for 12 of his 24 years of life and psychoanalyzes people based on what boards they frequent.

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cow spelled backwards is a japanese cooking utensil but spelled wong

Well hello friend of mutual past. I was on the money lacking part of the three that made me give up and go back to wagecuck. I went to school with many of you, and got better grades, yet you have the opportunity... refocus, user. Address your own mental health and do what I can’t...


Oh you're right.

I was that asshole who waited until the last minute to do everything and still got A's until I stopped showing up to class. I wish I had some pizza.

They are sheep.

You're a sheep.

Oh hey, I was also that asshole! But, I had pizza because had to work managing a papa John’s between classes to pay for everything. Perhaps that’s why I’m bitter that I still make pizza and can’t work in my desired field...

No, I mean I wish I had pizza right now.


Don’t we all? Did you know pizza pizza is open for delivery until 2am?

Chain pizza is garbage.

beef is goat meat

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rude and unnecessary. i demand an apology!

Agreed. How hungry are you for pizza, and what are your options?

i worked at pizza hut for a bit and my first boss got fired bc corporate came and did inventory and we were out like $3000. is that a lot?

my boss was enormous and he lived with a comanager who was also enormous just shorter. every shift he'd leave with at least two pizzas, and he never said no if we asked him to make stuff for ourselves or friends. Then he got fired and I went to college and now I own multiple bitcoins.

I tell you this OP bc you should realize the class of people to which you belong. I may have an eating disorder and a porn addiction, but at least I can buy cool stuff to distract me with until I die. Can you say the same?

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What did you go to college for?

I got my Pizza HD in Italian Studies.

Yes, to most things. 1 That’s a fuckton, 2 I understand myself and my associates (and myself through association), but, yes also to being able to afford basic distractions. The pizza managing gig pays close to a factory wage, under the table. Please be assured that I’m educated, yet very comfortably distracted despite my wage cuck status. Distraction is what quells the thirst for achievement, my friend.

nah wasn't memeing i just fucked up
What did you go to college for? Seriously, I'm trying to go back before it's too late but I don't know what to study. I'm a lot of my friends are finding out their degrees are useless I don't want to be that.

Op, here. Major psychology, tried to dual with neuroscience but my uni dropped it (shit campus). Minor, sociology (with contempt)
Only an undergrad. I have many a due to pay.

>nah wasn't memeing

How do yo see your next 5 years? Do you have a career plan? how are things working for you now?

>t. bagel bites CEO

I wish.

How much for a qtr?

I’ve just put my resume and cover letter in for a local center that works with autistic kids. It’s less pay but good for my level, as it’s an ssw-ish job. This board is great experience.

About 50 leaf bucks. Various strains.

>manager at shitty pizza joint
>already reached the pinnacle of his career
>probably can’t afford a mortgage
>probably can’t cook
>thinks anyone gives a fuck about anything he/she could possibly say
Kill yourself

fifty bucks for a qtr oz? Right on.

>hasn’t read whole thread

What percentage of people working in your store smoke pot?