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is that like...a lasagna pizza?

it’s a ‘go ‘za

Your cheesecake looks nice but what's the white stuff in the strawberry topping?

Also, rate my vanilla icecream with caramel sauce.

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You can tell that this is a shitty Giordano's stuffed pizza and not the superior deep dish because of the top layer of crust under the sauce. Stuffed pizza is trash; go to Lou's instead.

so what kinda faggot shit is that?

its sad how often deep dish is judged off giordanos shit product and not on malnatis. its a great pizza to get as a treat occasionally

so this... is the power of american cuisine

Needs more cheese

This but unironically

>ITT salty jew york niggers who think all Chicagoans eat is stuffed pizza

Chicago thin crust sliced in squares is the comfiest dish you can find. Stuffed pizza is also great but one slice is a meal. 9/10 haters would love it if they came to Gino's east and got the stuffed supreme by the slice with hot giardiniera. God damn I miss Chicago

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Nope it's the best meal God ever created

its basically a casserole at this point

That's a savoury tart, not a pizza.

How so? Their crust is usually very crispy and capable of supporting it. The cheese and sauce aren't that thick. Are you upset that there's a variety of toppings and not just plain pepperoni?

no, im just saying that that looks like a casserole

>he zooms in so far you can barely make out a single topping
>expects people to know what that picture even is
>he has the small brain in the thread

First off, you need to google casserole.

Secondly, that camera shot is ridiculous. You can't even tell what style pizza that is because it's 3 inches away from it.


Stop brushing on a phone. Onions, Mushrooms, Black Olives, Green Bell Peppers, Pepperoni.

>being unable to visually identify olives, mushrooms, pepperoni, onions and green peppers
>posts on a food and cooking board

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::audibly gags::

Who cares what it's called if it's delicious

looks like a shark bit into the fat of a whale

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Looks greasy, but good.

I love tomato and cheese quiche!

That one slice is about 1100 calories in cheese

is this what they call savory cheesecake?

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Its not faggot and its not shit though

both of those look like hot garbage, just unique variants of garbage

you are wrong but i bet this isn't your first time.

I like both.
Huh? U mad?

They are both shit.

Lou's also has god-tier thin crust, fuck is it delicious

fixed back to its original state

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"Goza", portuguese conjugation of the verb "To cum"
i.e. He cums. || Ele Goza

>some angry kike edited out the J and replaced it with an N

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It's both, faggot.

>12oz can of coke because High capacity sodas are banned.


>it's another shitposting thread for flyovers to vent their misplaced frustrations in episode

Imagine if you slack-jawed troglodytes put this much effort into getting an education so you could get a non-shit job and live somewhere relevant.

Lmfao. Keep it up retards.

Why would I order from a shit hole and not buy the same pizza with better quality at NYC?

I'll have two slices of plastic joke vomit, thanks

Reported every time you try to avatarfag

did you get this one ?


Chicago fagoot reporting in. Lou's is the only pizza. Giordanos is a sliop of shot

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its voila you retard

>announcing reports

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Ur mums a savory tart.

If you don’t know how to use the filters you probably are a bit of a retard, user.

She makes a good pizza though