My International Cooking final is coming up on the 1st of May. The final is a written paper on the spice, herb...

My International Cooking final is coming up on the 1st of May. The final is a written paper on the spice, herb, or seasoning assigned to you. The cooking portion is a 3 course meal using said ingredient. The starter, entrée, and dessert must have an element of ginger. The entrée must have a starch, a vegetable, and a protein. At least one part must have a ginger aspect.

Okay... Thank you for reading this far. I'm trying to come up with an idea for and entrée that is NOT at all Asian.

The starter is probably going to be something like a ginger-pumpkin bisque. Any ideas?

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make a gingerbread dessert?

wow I sat thinking so long I forgot you specified the entre. why do you want to not be at all asian? ginger's native to asia, it's far more common in asian cuisine.

>that is NOT at all Asian.
your life is gonna suck for the next month or so

try to make something ostensibly Asian but claim that it isn't Asian, because it's acktchually Asian-American fusion and so it isn't real Asian food.

is the "no asian" thing an actual rule or are you just trying to do something different?

hey OP,
that's cool you're taking time to step up to this challenge.
While I do not have any particular suggestions for you, maybe something you could do is think of a bunch of different world cuisines, and type into google "Ginger in _______ cuisine"

like "ginger in cuisine" or something?

anyway, i hope things work out for you. god speed.

>1st of May.
The entire point of labour day is that no one works not even teachers

Why do you need to come up with dishes if all youre gonna do is flip burgers or cook someone elses menu?

How about a candied ginger pumpkin seed brittle for dessert?
Bring in your own candied ginger chop it, toast the pumpkin seeds, make a brittle, bring the entire sticky mess together and let cool.

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I don't want to make an Asian dish because it is the obvious and easy choice. I know I'm just making it difficult for myself, but I feel like it would be a good move with our specific instructor.

Thanks for the advice!

Ooooo that's fucking pretty! I'll add that to my list of contenders!

>I know I'm just making it difficult for myself, but I feel like it would be a good move with our specific instructor.
You are making it difficult. Asian food is a pretty big swath, not only chinese and japanese cuisine, but indian and south asian use it plenty too. maybe look into middle-eastern dishes, if any of them have indian influences they may have some ginger recipes. Also maybe look into german/austrian and possibly scandanavian dishes? I'm not really versed in categorizations of international cuisine myself, but that's where I think when I think of things like gingerbread and ginger beer. If anything else came from similar roots you might be able to work with it.

Serve some ginger tea with the entree

make indian food!

Desert :
Hot "ginger ale" with tapioca ball and diced bread.

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make ginger beer and use it to braise/glaze pork shanks, serve with a gingerbread crusted brawn fritter and a couple of different textures of cabbage

Second this. Some old medieval recipes use Ginger (Poudre Fort / Poudre Douce)


I make a lemon and ginger reduction, mix it with honey, and baste my chicken with it sometimes. It’s pretty fucking delicious. Lemon and ginger definitely isn’t Asian, and it would go nicely with pork as well as poultry

Forgot garlic. Lemon, ginger, and garlic.

>The final is a written paper on the spice, herb, or seasoning assigned to you.

Isn't a written final kind of redundant?
Like, you're cooking.
You wouldn't be assigned a written final exam in an illustrating class or a woodworking shop- they'd grade your portfolio or have you make uhh... A nice chair or something.

Or am I just missing something here?

Starting with pumpkin makes me think you should continue with something hearty. Perhaps mashed sweet potatoes with ginger paired with chicken breast with some lemon and rosemary. Ginger is evocative of health and i think it does well in comfort food.

For entree, do carrot and ginger puree with scallops. Dollop of puree with one scallop on it.

Carrot doubles as your starch and vegetable and scallops da protein. Also tastes amazing.

trade schools need to make sure their students don't come out totally illiterate, I guess.

ok listen up pork belly with dried ginger is goat. give it a try and serve some nice brown beans and potato with it

Possible courses

1: carrot purée soup with ginger whipped cream (grate ginger and whisk it in along with white pepper and maybe a half spoon of horseradish) serve with crispy fried julienne carrots
Salad with arugula, candied ginger, roasted seeds (pepitas, sunflower seeds, pine nuts)

2: braised anything. Ginger seems like it would be cool as an subtle way to suggest Asian themes. Airline breast and thigh served over bok choy with a few drops of sesame oil and maybe even potatoes to fill out the meal

3: candied ginger is such a common thing. So don't do that. I could see a fresh ginger and black garlic (because of the mild sweet flavor)eggy tarte. Even a crème brulée with those flavors so you can put a big slice of ginger on it and char it

>Lemon poppy and ginger sweet roll

> Do like a Greek inspired lamb dish. Something like roasted lamb with a lemon, ginger, mint and pepper crust. Serve it with a salad, ginger tziki sauce and idk pita maybe. Couscous?

> Maybe your starter should be a nice Greek salad with ginger tziki dressing and pieces of candied ginger?

No one is going to talk about OP's picture, or "an infernal take on the french souffle classic"?